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Floyd Mayweather could earn up to $70 million dollars for a f?ght that lasted only 36 minutes and he couldn’t be happier. Mayweather was paid $32 million for his decision defeat over Marcos Maidana on Saturday night. Mayweather also posted a photo showing that he earned $14,815 per second, $888,889 per minute and $2,666,667 per round for the 12-round boxing match.
Although Mayweather did win on Saturday, many sports observers say the undefeated champion came closer to losing than any point in recent years.
Home General Something fishy about Floyd’s victory in the much-anticipated Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight?
The much awaited boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather ended with Floyd’s victory.
Take a look: The scores marked in red are of Mannya€™s, while the blue-marked corner is the score of Floyd. While Sourav is a pursuant of Mastera€™s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering and has a flair for writing, Oendrila happens to be pursuing MA in Mass Communication and a freelance writer.
Both Chilli and Miss Jackson are equally beautiful women,Floyd Mayweather seems like a pompous egomaniac like his homeboy,50.
IM SURPRISE THIS SITE DID’NT POST HER CROTCH PIC LIKE THAT OTHER SITE DID I LIKE HOW SHE HAD 50 BAIL HER OUT LOL. Floyd made the right decision, Chilli let it be ma, not saying that you were a wrong choice. How you going order a man a cheese cake in hotel room and have never let him bang them cakes? Life , chilli will always have a place in his heart so Floyd’s needs to stop playing his self . Hip-Hop Wired delivers daily hip-hop music news, videos and streaming tracks from your favorite rap artists, plus the latest political and fashion news—including the hottest sneakers to hit the street.
Michael Jordan may not have played in the NBA since 2003, but his earnings are championship caliber.
To put his earnings into perspective: not only did Jordan make more than any retired athlete, he also made more than any current athlete (in any sport), except for Floyd Mayweather.
Forbes attributes much of Jordan’s success (an estimated $75 million) to his relationship with Nike.
Aside from Nike, Jordan has income streams from Hanes, Gatorade, and Upper Deck, among other companies and private ventures. But there is a fine print that goes along with being rich, and some superstars just don’t seem to understand. Yes, he is the hot ticket right now, but there are already people getting sick of how he flaunts and spends his fortune. Mayweather has spent more money betting on sports than some entire sports franchises have access to. Some of us are lucky if we can throw ten bucks towards a team we love, and this dude can throw down briefcases filled with millions in cash. So at one point after one rather well publicized flight, Floyd Mayweather walked away with a lot of cash, as he is often does. We’re referring to the photos he released counting one million in cash on his private jet after a fight.
While this may seem like an odd entry amid private jets and platinum watches, it is the fine print of this that makes it so, well… damning.
Most of us would be lucky to be able to throw five dollars at someone who was even fully clothed. Repping fresh kicks has really become a social status thing, and a good pair of sneakers can really earn you some respect. Well, that is what Floyd Mayweather has: an entire closet full of the best shoes in the world. All this makes it even more depressing for those of us who blow a bill on a pair twice a year.

The problem with a private jet that most of us pedestrians don’t know about is the upkeep.
At MN Labs, we like you want to find ways to meet our goals as efficiently and as quickly as possible. Booth said that Haye would like to use his being the world heavyweight champion to clean up boxing, much in the same way that Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Negotiations are reportedly under way for Haye’s next fight; the announcement as to who his opponent will be may be made next month.
This entry was posted on June 10, 2010, 6:06 am and is filed under Drug Testing, Steroid Abuse. How can using a medicine ball in workout help me take body shots better (also more questions inside)? That could still only amount to half of Mayweather’s payday once he receives his payout from pay-per-view. But I think Floyd was looking for more the groupie type so that’s what he went and got.
Chilli seems too mature and grounded for Floyd,she deserves better.Miss Jackson and Floyd are better suited for each other. Floyd couldn’t handle Chilli and this other chick will settle for just being with him.
A comparison to the NBA’s top retail seller, LeBron James, shows just how dominant Jordan is.
His Charlotte Bobcats franchise was also valued 30% higher over the past year – turning a profit for the first time in five years. This site is NOT an official website, nor affiliate, for any universities, colleges, professional sports organizations, corporate entities, or the NCAA. We all wish we had a fleet of cars and a shoe closet, so a lot of these may stem from jealousy. He had a quarter million just to throw at people. That is mind blowing in every single way. But what about an entire closet full of the freshest kicks available in the world right now, some of which are so rare he owns the only pairs? The dude could wear a new pair of shoes every single day of the year (and he practically does). There are a number of options shared: there is Vitali or Wladimir Klitschko, as well as Nikolai Valuev.
It was a clean sweep, and when the decisions of the judges was declared, Floyd emerged victorious by unanimous decision.
We hope there is nothing fishy about this, and the judges have a perfectly logical explanation. But, they all have a common interest in varied subjects, like Sports, Literature, Arts, Computer Games, Scientific Discoveries, Social Issues: almost anything and everything on the planet. I commend you on what you want out of an individual especially when it deals with the rest of your life. It was the most in his career, topping a previous high of $80 million from his 1997-98 title season with the Chicago Bulls. The simple stress reduction about not having to worry about anything financially just makes life so much easier to live.
Yes, it may be coming in now, and coming in by the millions, but no one’s card stays hot for long. He spends upward of seven thousand dollars on underwear a year, all of which he wears only once. We can understand rich people wanting to show off in a nice car, while experiencing the benefits of how well those cars drive.
Because eventually, the river of liquid gold stops flowing. Mike Tyson had two pet tigers and a massive estate, and now he is feeding pigeons and barely getting by. World heavyweight champion David Haye, through his trainer and manager Adam Booth, has expressed his intention to make mandatory Olympic-style drug testing a staple in boxing bouts.

Haye beat Valuev in November and took the WBA belt, but Valuev has a rematch clause in his contract.
As for the baby hair she has nice curly hair and yes she can still rock it so stop hating on a sister because she for real hair and no weave and clip ins,please sister can grown hair to if they just stop $ucking wing it so much.
It seems like these athletes & rappers are going after these Kim Kardashian look a likes these days. Though most people reading this cannot relate to it, the high life must be an otherworldly experience. That is why the smartest businessmen, athletes and rappers know how to invest and keep their money growing.
And that maybe his star is starting to fall and he may want to start making some smarter investments? That is how the world goes now for people trying to make ends meet; the fact that this man owns more in watches than any of us will ever see in our lifetime is pretty unsettling. And according to a feature on the Telegraph, he has the backing of the World Boxing Association. Home Box Office is said to be pushing for a fight between Hayes and Tomasz Adamek, while Audley Harrison, former Olympic champion, is also looking to fight Haye in the ring. According to those who followed the fight, and our correspondents, Manny’s efforts were undeniable, as he made several attempts of attacks, while Floyd was seen trying to evade the attacks, wrapping his arms around Manny and locking him into a bendover to stop him, though these did not lead to any loss of points, or even any official warning.
And a man decides in a very short time if he wants to be with a woman for the rest of his life, clearly he doent want to be with this Jackson woman otherwise she would be Mrs Mayweather already.
There is nothing wrong with your list and the men who view this as crezy would never be strong enough to stand next to you. Just imagine seeing something and knowing you can have it, without it even denting your balance in your account.
But some of the less fiscally educated tend to just throw it around like it is Monopolymoney. The problem is, if he keeps spending money the way he is, he will probably be running auctions with Nic Cage in about a decade. If a friend did this you would smack them, but Floyd does it and the world thinks it’s cool. Floyd indeed fought well, but Mannya€™s efforts went almost unnoticed, not only by the commentator Jim Watt who kept saying that Manny needed to do more, but the judges too. Go on Chilli have you guideline for the man you want and continue to be selective ,color, it is your life forget these blogger , they just hatin.
But having an iPod that is covered in diamonds is when things really start crossing the line. If the color of corners were the only thing that the judges identified with in scoring then Mayweather would have lost. And when people who don’t know how to handle money get lots of money, guess what eventually happens? While David Haye has a voice in the sport and a position as world heavyweight champion, he wants to do his bit.
Clearly they were actually watching and qualified the scores based on the name set up instead of corners. Additionally, Floyd always sits in blue corners that’s part of the agreement to all his fights. Jackson is the better choice, ya’ll probably the same ones that be Captain saving hoes with ya’ll pay checks!!!! I think there was an article months back stating the eccentric conditions before a fight witj Floyd.

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