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Mom Luck: Oklahoma Mom Blogger Mom Luck is an Oklahoma Mom Blogger, Brand Ambassador and Vlogger who specializes in family lifestyle content, travel, cars, parenting and reviews. July 13, 2015 by Mellisa Swigart Leave a Comment I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Sprint.
The LG G4 has a lot of amazing features but since my favorite is the camera so I wanted to share with you guys what just why I love it so much. This phone is the first smartphone from Sprint that has a total of 24 megapixels., one of the largest organizations for young people and social change, and Sprint are taking a unique approach to prevent young people from texting and driving through a campaign called Thumb Wars.
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In planning the wireless network, we will have to determine which wireless network architecture to adopt in the network environment. By using ad hoc mode, all devices in the wireless network are directly communicating with each other in peer to peer communication mode. For setting up ad hoc mode, we need to manually configure the wireless adaptors of all devices to be at ad hoc mode instead of infrastructure mode, and all adaptors must use the same channel name and same SSID for making the connection active.
Ad hoc mode is most suitable for small group of devices and all of these devices must be physically present in close proximity with each other. An ad hoc mode uses the integrated functionality of each adaptor to enable wireless services and security authentication. The infrastructure mode provides improved security, ease of management, and much more scalability and stability.
The controller is able to monitor and control the wireless network by automatically reconfiguring the access point parameters in order to maintain the health of the network.
The wireless network can be easily expanded or reduced by adding or removing access points and the network can be reconfigured by the controller based on the changes in RF footprint. Tasks such as user authentication, fault tolerance, control of configuration, policy enforcement and expansion of network are done by the wireless network controller.
Redundant access points can be deployed in separate locations to maintain control in the event of an access point or switch failure.

How might people from diverse backgrounds profit by encountering one another’s customs and norms? The new app is best summarised as an alternative news feed, mashed together with Flipboard. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in any form without prior authorization.
Whether I’m running errands around town, going to the park with my kids, or just chatting with my husband on the back porch. Did you know that 40% of American teens report that they still text and drive.  This is such a scary number! Now in its fifth year, Thumb Wars encourages young people to use the power of their thumbs in a fun and engaging way to prevent their friends from texting and driving.
There are two architectures available, namely standalone and centrally coordinated wireless network.
This kind of deployment helps to simplify network management, and allows the facility to address operational concerns.
However, the infrastructure mode incurs extra cost in deploying access points such as routers or switches.
In many ways, it has little to do with the platform we use every day – that’s now just one content stream among many. Even if the app is eventually released over here – which I’m frankly also skeptical of, as its curation is intensive and region-specific – it will reward pages for having fans, as it will continue to surface organic content. That’s is 16MP Rear-Facing camera and an 8MP Front-Facing camera perfect for taking selfies.
Disconnections of random device may occur frequently and also, ad hoc mode can be a tough job for network administrator to manage the network. Ad hoc can be very useful as a backup option for time being if network based on centrally coordinated wireless network (infrastructure mode) and access points are malfunctioning. Wireless APs are usually routers or switches which are connected to internet by broadband modem.

And resiliency is also assured while more users can get connected to the network subsequently. This goes some way to solving the ‘uncool’ problem the social media network has been having with younger users (although this has been greatly exaggerated) by packaging up a different, more single-purpose, contemporary experience – “a better looking, more responsive” vision of what information should be. Other information sources can be added from beyond Facebook, such as news outlets or themed feeds like ‘Planet’ or ‘Cute’, to sit alongside friends content, and pages that you follow. However, with Paper at its current scale, there is probably no need to start changing our ways just yet. Sprint Drive First is a FREE app available on the phones like the Sprint LG G4 which sends calls to voicemail and silences email and text alerts when a vehicle reaches 10mph. Ad hoc mode has another limitation is that, ad hoc mode networks cannot bridge to wired local area network and also cannot access internet if without the installation of special gateways. I imagine Paper will be something of a niche app even in America, found mainly among early adopters and those who want to amalgamate their ‘internal’ and ‘external’ information streams. But I take my phone with me because you never know when the perfect photogenic moment is going to happen. This helps to keep you or your teen from getting distracted and tempted to pick up their phone.
Nonetheless, it represents an interesting bit of philosophy floating around Menlo Park, which may well prompt Twitter to double down on its deep strategic ties with media homes. With Sprint Lease, the device is $18 per month for 24 months and with a Sprint Family Share Pack plan, a family of 4 can share 20GB of data and get unlimited talk and text for only $100 per month.
The experience itself is slower paced and more ‘sticky’; and makes you speculate as to how it might be integrated with Facebook’s new Trends section. I have to have a phone that will take crisp, professional looking photos and that’s exactly what I have gotten with the Sprint LG G4.

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