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In this extract from A Brief History of Crisps, authors Steve Berry and Phil Norman trace the origins of the many crisp flavours available in the UK. Where Golden Wonder did excel was in the savoury snack category, a fact even arch-rivals Smiths had to accept begrudgingly in the face of Wotsits’ domination. Kung Fuey’s yellow-packed, inauthentically flavoured original was joined later by a black-clad cheese and ham variety, though this was greeted less enthusiastically and, like Bruce Lee before them, the snack went the way of the dragon.
Extract taken from A Brief History of Crisps, by Steve Berry and Phil Norman, the e-book is available from Amazon. The opinions expressed are those of the author and are not held by Saga unless specifically stated. The material is for general information only and does not constitute investment, tax, legal, medical or other form of advice. Our main entrance is on Cromwell Road, just five minutes' walk from South Kensington Tube station. Casts of the reconstructed skull, hand and jaw of Homo naledi will be on show in the new gallery. Spanning seven million years of evolution, highlights will include the first adult female Neanderthal cranium ever discovered and a replica 'Peking Man' skull, which represents some of the oldest evidence of human habitation in China. The gallery will feature original skulls, teeth and jawbones, full casts of skeletons and the stone tools that reveal clues on how humans interacted with their surroundings. Prof Stringer adds: 'A new ancient relative of ours was discovered only two years ago in the Rising Star Cave in South Africa, adding a new branch to our family tree.

The gallery will explore what a hominin is, the complex family tree of humans, changes in teeth, diet and lifestyles and how species of the past and changing environments have shaped todaya€™s modern human.
The Natural History Museum welcomes more than five million visitors a year and is a world-leading science research centre.
Press passes: If you are reviewing an exhibition or an event we can put aside a press ticket for you in advance.
Though they did not know it, both companies had fired the first rounds in a battle that would become a two-decade-long flavour war. Non-potato vegetable proteins were cheaper and more plentiful, plus they could be aerated (thus filling a packet for less) and they suited the more esoteric flavours better than their subterranean counterparts. Smiths’ much imitated Chipsticks took a patriotic approach, with packet design and TV advertising that riffed on saucy seaside postcard humour (initially aimed at an adult audience with lashings of innuendo but soon softened to kid-friendly Punch and Judy show standards). Free UK next-day delivery when you spend A?50 on the Museum collection, plus new international delivery rates.
The recently discovered new human species will join some of the most important specimens from the Museuma€™s unique collection, alongside the latest research evidence. They will be accompanied by the most scientifically accurate life-size Neanderthal and early Homo sapiens models ever made. Also on display will be fossils of animals that shared the same environments as different human species.
Ground-breaking discoveries such as these show just how crucial human origins research is for understanding our place in the natural world.

Our latest scientific research includes new archaeological findings, advanced DNA analysis and the direct dating of bones and teeth. Through its unique collection and unrivalled expertise it is tackling the biggest challenges facing the world today. An unlikely commentator on the common ‘tater, possibly, but an earnest one nonetheless. Tudor, for one, started to treat their consumers like some unofficial focus group, as they searched for new natural and artificial flavours to help widen market penetration. Now TV ad breaks were filled with Chinese stereotypes doing the same in the name of snack food. More successful was a branded Oxo flavour (though that too quickly faced opposition from Smiths’ Bovril flavour).
When your snack product cannot be enjoyed without calling upon the assistance of another sense organ, you know it’s in trouble. It is studying the diversity of life and the delicate balance of ecosystems to ensure the survival of our planet. Later that year, the British Society of Flavourists formed, uniting food technologists and commercial enterprise in a common interest: giving every child in Britain really stinky breath.

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