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If u guys are gonna bitch about these maybe that just shows u have nothing intresting enough in ur lives to keep u busy. Greetings liberated thrall of socialism, rejoice for the planet Kerbin is now free of free leftists handouts. Crowning himself King of Kosmos, JKM, simply known as the Kurwin, sets out to bring Libertarianism and Monarchism to all reaches of the cosmos and remove all leftist from premises via the means of massacre.
Ulminati - because Kurwin liberated the nordics from socialism and annexed them into his capitalist kingdom, also because Ulm's GF killed a kerbal named after me all those months ago. This time around I'll try to be very brief with screenshots, though do expect this to be abandoned as soon as I realize I have better things to do than a LP. Screenshots and first update coming sometime today (yeah, I know, cocktease, didn't have the time to update the client and play yesterday).
Enjoy the even better second spectacle that is a a second Multiplayer game of Alpha Centauri between esteemed Codex Gentlemen - Now with six gentlemen each sporting their own monocle and Planetbusters pet AI dog Morgan (dead) .
But wouldn't the followers of Lord Athe be considered leftists by The Kurwin and thus removed from premises by way of massacre? Not sure what agency mindset is exactly, though I know it's related to the organizations that can give you contracts (missions). No orbit but that doesn't matter, now to do some science and try to recover as much of the Patriarchat-1 as possible. Now, I left a tiny bit of fuel in the tanks to slow down the landing more than just by using the parachute. Of course it tipped and the capsule fell off, but no part blew up or sank so I can still recover everything. New contracts, these ones are fully procedural, including the briefing text (ain't it obvious?). Also these are pretty shitty reward-wise (the one shown has the best reward, the worst one of the 3 gives only 126 funds!), but they're also piss easy and I can do all three in the next launch. Meanwhile, Lenmark Spehss Inc uses patented "Explosive Decoupling" to launch a rocket into heavan!
Texturereplacer was playing silly buggers with me and insisted on using the female kerbal skin for the first Kerbal.
Using tweakables, the SRBs were scaled back for lower thrust but longer burns to prevent the rocket from burning up during ascent due to Deadly Reentry. Rocket reached a maximum height of 300 kilometers, blowing all previous records out of the water.
Once again, Lenmark Engineers installed a thrust limiter in the SRBs much to Hellraisers dismay. The new an dimproved Universal Storage allows goo experiments to not stick out from the rocket and potentially burst into flames during reentry! Hellraiser completed multiple orbits, making sure to get EVA time over as many biomes as possible for increased science gains.

Solid Fuel Booster Ribbon Class II -- for launching a vessel where SRBs mad eup at least 20% of the mass. They should make parts exploding due to overheating truly explode, with explosive force kicking your ship into spins and damaging parts in a AOE. Although the vibration of the engines caused it to completely break apart on it’s second flight.
This one almost slipped under the cracks, but I rediscovered it the other day, and it's tons of fun to fly. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Until your account has "passed" your posts will only be visible to yourself (and moderators) until they are approved.
Rockets parts are no longer handed out freely completely (budgets just got added, as well as missions), Kerbal youths are no longer the green negroes of Keuropa due to the tyranny of minimum wage.
Luckily you no longer need to dig into the persistent save file itself but use the debug menu.
Either it's the type of contracts agencies generate (bias to generate certain types of missions over others) or your individual reputation with specific companies. These ones are the basic tutorial ones, after I'm done with these the game generates contracts procedurally and partially randomly, based on your reputation, where you managed to fly and what tech you have. Named so because it's phallic shape will force feminists into submission and allows easy penetration of the heavens. As you can see I have over 36,5k funds so there's more than enough room for error for newbies starting career mode.
Recovering vessels landed on Kerbin now grants you some of the money back, depending how close to the Kerbal Space Center you land and what you land.
Kerbal Alarm Clock (they need to make this stock, having contract expiration notification would be great) and Atronomer's Pack which adds clouds and some other eyecandy on the various planets and moons.
Hopefully this means nothing will blow up and I can recover the entire rocket for more judengeld.
Now the science summary you should be familiar with if you played version 0.22 or seen my LP of it. This also means that launching ships with less than full tanks is slightly cheaper as resources inside tanks have their own cost. I figure that in the future this screen will also show any experience or stat gains kerbals will get after missions, as the devs have confirmed recently that they will do something about the non-functional gameplay-wise stats Kerbals have now.
Still, considering that I have not gotten into orbit yet which leaves me with one tutorial contract left, the game is unlikely to generate anything ambitious at the moment. Now I have radial parachutes, landing legs, decouplers, medium SRBs, mystery goo containers and basically nearly everything needed to land on the Mun let alone get into orbit.
You can click that to change the flag of the individual missions to an emblem of your liking.

Staging when the previous booster had ~20% fuel left was just enough to make it overheat when it ran out of fuel. It's determined from the first letter in their name (so Hellraiser would always be female). They insisted that this would actually make his rocket fly farther, since it would be wasting less energy combating drag from the atmosphere.
I make a lot of ice cream, host a podcast called The Orbital Mechanics, and I'm married to Analiese.
I get a cash advance for taking them, but as you can see failing them end up with a net loss of money (though it is impossible to fail the tutorial contracts as there is no time limit).
I would rather have a completely different image with some transparency be used for the emblem rather than the same as the flag. Hopefully it will allow you to recruit better kebonauts in the future or some other fun things as well. Normally you get a second altitude record contract (I think it's 25km), but the game knew I had already broken that record. Despite the stabilizing fins, the rocket insisted on veering a bit off-course during ascent. I used to work at a shipper and had a few friends in logistics, they constantly joked about some of the crazy routes packages would take because it saved the company money. Once you have passed the moderation period (think of it as a test), you will be able to post normally, just like all the other retards. See, it started as a X-37b replica, but once I had built the tiny orbiter, I though it would be fun to use the then-new Mk2 fuselages to offset the lifting values on the orbiter on top and not "cheat" with hidden control surfaces or the like.
But I do have a few packs that can potentially make the game easier (or harder) like Kethane, Universal Storage and DMagic Science Instruments. Well, midway through the build, I realized I had built an awesome Soyuz-like launcher, so I went with the full 1.5 stages things (no fuel lines!).
So there: much bigger than it probably needs to be (some tanks actually start empty), but it is awesome to launch. And along the way I realized I had invented engine cowlings for on-the-pad inspection, just for the kicks of it.As to use, well, it has quite the respectable payload capacity. That means pretty much the whole kerbin system, or in other words every satellite contract you might choose to pick. Anyhow, check the imgur album for a complete mission, and tell me what you think of this: a waste of funds, or something nice to try out for a change of pace?Javascript is disabled.

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