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For many stay-at-home moms, making extra money simply isn’t an option, your time is spent changing diapers, entertaining the kids, cooking food and cleaning up. A great way to make a little extra cash is to to partake in surveys, businesses always want to know what customers want the most and very often hire third party websites to ask people a series of questions. This may seem a little foreign to you but there are hundreds of people out there who are making a living from gambling online and there is no reason that you can’t get a piece of the action. Whether you regard yourself as tech savvy or not, there are plenty of opportunities out there for you to take on some freelance work.
Enter your email address to subscribe and get a cute lovely notification of new posts by email. There are several lists with “ways to make money with a website” on the Internet, but none of them seem to be complete.
John Chow is best known for showing the income power of blogging by taking my blog from zero to over $40,000 per month in two years. AskMen's Dating & Top 10 channel offers you invaluable relationship and romance advice in a top 10 format to help you get your priorities straight. Early on in our marriage, we went through some lean times and ran up quite the credit card bill.
As I mentioned earlier, I also like using my credit card for online purchases because it’s easier to get your money back if something goes wrong.
Another option and one we use quite a bit right now is to use a card that gives you points for your purchases. The Hillbilly Housewife NewsletterEach week I publish a magazine style newsletter full of frugal tips, ideas and of course recipes.
In the article How I Bought my First Rental Property, I talked about how my wife and I embarked into owning a rental property 18 months ago. This is a nicely written article that explains how owning rental property can save you money, even if you aren’t physically pocketing money every month. In the business world Real Estate is not the only item that is depreciated when it comes to taxes. Subscribe to Untrained Housewife's Newsletter for your free copy of The Seven Principles of Intentional and Self-Sufficient Living book.
November 17, 2014 By Jordan Walker When you have successfully established your own small flock of chickens in your backyard, you will have covered all the basics, from feeding and watering, to housing space, to predator and weather protection. Whether you have a job and are just looking to supplement your income, or are perhaps a student or housewife that wants to make a few extra bucks, there are a lot of part time jobs and things you can do that will probably fit into your schedule! 50 Super Creative Date Ideas You Have Probably Never TriedDinner and a movie can not only be expensive, but can also get incredibly boring!
12 Crucial Decorating Tips That Will Make Any Room BetterDecorating your home can be overwhelming, especially if you don't have some sort of inspiration or starting point. Cable plans are known for being expensive (and many of us actually don’t always use them anyway). There’s a lot of money to be saved with some smart couponing, knowing how to stock up on food and use your pantry to the max. Planning and having a clear goal are key to the success of pretty much anything you try to achieve, so why should it be any different with money?
I’m not a housewife (far from it) and some of these things are a bit stereotypical, but they are certainly ways to save money.
This is a Personal Finance blog, with articles about running a home based business, saving money and being financially responsible.
It has never been easier to make money online, dreams of being the next internet mogul may need to take a backseat but you can be sure that with just a little research you can be making some money online, and from the comfort of your armchair, before you know it. Have a good search on Google and you’ll be making some extra change in no time, beware of scams and never pay for anything up front. The world of gambling has changed dramatically in recent years and now the competition is so high amongst gambling sites that the offers available for new customers are fantastic.
In a world with websites such as eBay and Amazon amongst several other websites that will buy your old goods for cash now is the perfect time to have a good clear out and sell your unwanted items. Despite the hectic lifestyle that you have, there is always time to make a little extra cash on the side despite whatever maternity plan that you are on.
All you need to do to make some extra cash is to sign up to these websites, take the surveys that are on offer and receive some money for taking the time out to answer the questions. If you are unfamiliar with online gambling then you should do your research online before you get started, there’s plenty of professional gamblers online who are sharing their techniques and strategies that you can learn from. The internet has brought about thousands of people looking to grow online businesses and they prefer to pay people per job as opposed to hiring another person in their team, This is where you can come in by signing up to websites that connect employers with prospective employees.
Through some extra work, cutting back to the bare essentials and living as frugally as we possibly could, we were able to pay all that debt off in less than a year.
Be sure to read all the fine print to make sure there are no annual fees that will eat up your cash back reward. If you get the most rewards from grocery purchases, start putting that on your credit card.

Ours gives us points for anything we put on the credit card and provided we pay the balance in time, we get the points. If you get a little creative, you can come up with all sorts of other little ways to make or save a little money here and here by using a credit card.
Douglas Clinton figured out a way to pay for his Netflix account and even make a little extra each month by strategically using a Credit Card. Untrained Housewife grants non-exclusive use of one photo and up to 50 words quote from any post with attribution and link back to the original post on this site.
Now, your original flock has grown from 3 to 20, and your home has more eggs than it can handle in a week.
Some of them you can even do from home like blogging or pet sitting, so even if you don’t have transportation or have little ones at home that keep you from being able to leave the house, you can still rake in a little extra cash. This is the place where I find, feature, make pretty pictures, and share some of the best and most interesting web content. Keeping track of the expenses for few days at least will allow you to understand your spending routine and what can be improved, while the budget will help you and your family minimize spending and still enjoy life. Sure, it’s a huge change, but this might actually save you more every month, depending on the deals you can find.
Same goes for cell phone plans, which sometimes cost too much, while we barely use them anyway. From few tens of bucks each month, to few hundred, the savings will count towards your goal.
Instead of aimlessly cooking (and buying ingredients which then will spoil), you plan your meals around what’s already available at home and also on the discounted ingredients at the stores.
If you are implementing at least few of them you’d be able to save hundreds of dollars each month, or even more. Nothing fancy, but you can again score few hundred bucks easily (or even discover you have a knack for business and go serious about it). When she's not working with her web design clients or her students, you'll find her playing with her 2 year old daughter. Meal planning has been incredibly effective for me, as well as using items until they are no longer usable. Well fear not, it is possible to make some extra cash whether it is for one of the aforementioned luxuries or simply just to pay the bills. Thousands of people boost their monthly income with online work and here are some great ways that you can too. You can quite easily make money on sports betting, no deposit bingo sites and online casinos. I’d recommend that you be ruthless when clearing out, ask yourself if you really need to keep hold of the item in question. The surveys may not pay a great deal but if you spend around 20 minutes per day answering such surveys, you will see at the end of the month that it soon adds up. When you start gambling it is advisable that you use casino bonus offers and deals that are available to you as this can give you the opportunity to learn about the trade whilst gambling with free money, the most risk-free way that you can learn. Tasks usually include things like virtual assistant work, email handling, content and blog writing, web design, graphic design and a whole host of other jobs that businesses are looking for. As a result, most of our purchases are made with the card, from groceries and gas to utility bills and the likes. You can sometimes get a better deal on a service or product if you put it on autobill with your card.
If you find something you like, just follow the links within the paragraph in each feature to see the full article. If you’re not renting (or not willing to move out), how about getting some tenants instead?  Maybe a spare room or the space above the garage?
If you love fresh ingredients and having the total control over what you eat, cooking at home makes a lot of sense. I have 6 pairs of shoes (including sandals and the home slippers), 5 pairs of jeans and 15 t-shirts. The majority of them offer free money as a welcome bonus so that you are essentially gambling free from risk. Get yourself signed up, list your skills and start applying for jobs, before you know it you’ll be working with great employers and earning extra wages on your own terms, working when you want and how you want. Even a little slip here and there that causes you to carry a balance will eat up all the money you’re making in the form of interest (and then some).
I get groceries at Walmart and the Home Depot ones are used for projects to do around the house.
It wouldn’t take long to implement and for us having Netflix makes it easy to live without Cable TV. This can save you few hundred bucks, not bad, when you need to save 20 thousand.Got any cool Personal Finance articles? If you’re also careful to use some of our best tips for saving money when buying groceries, you might save hundreds of dollars each month.

Remember that profit is not guaranteed and you should set rules for yourself on how often you gamble and with how much, once you’ve set the rules make sure that you stick to them. No need for them to send us a bill, which results in a little credit each month, and no need for us to mail in a check (and pay for postage). It may not seem like much, but do that with every utility bill every month and those savings will add up. By now, you know how fulfilling it is to be raising animals for food for your household with your own hands. You know there is nothing like naturally grown, organic eggs and chicken meat fresh from your own backyard in terms of taste and quality.
When I get my rent check of $819 each month from my property manager, I can pay the mortgage of $778, netting me a monthly profit, or cash flow, of $41.
This could actually be your marketing pitch when you begin making a small side business out of your chickens. When a hen comes into egg-laying maturity, you can expect her to give you 5 to 6 eggs a week until throughout her first year of egg production.
This year, I might operate at a loss only because of depreciation, bringing me a return on my personal taxes, which is also called Phantom Cash Flow.
Phantom Cash Flow If I invested no money into my property five years from now while benefiting from a positive cash flow of $100 each month, I’d still claim a loss on my taxes. If your home only needs a weekly ration of a dozen eggs, then you can sell off the remaining 9 dozen for profit. The reason for this is because, while I actually gained $1,200, depreciation would factor in a loss of $2,800.
Find Out Prevailing Egg Prices Like any entrepreneur would, you need to check out the prevailing prices for eggs in the local shops or of your neighbor, if they’re also selling.
This may sound like small potatoes, but imagine if the mortgage is paid off earlier than 30 years.  The tax savings along with the money coming in every month would allow an investor to buy another piece of property sooner, providing a better future for him and his family, which is the whole point of investing.
However, if you know your eggs’ worth, like if you can certify them organic (free of commercial feeds and antibiotics, etc.) and you know your backyard yields good-quality eggs, you might be able to command a better price. You can check out how egg suppliers get their eggs around in your locale and perhaps make use of the same means of getting your own eggs on store shelves.
Chickens do need to be provided about a bowl of fine bits of stone, like in sand and grit, to aid their digestion. In providing their grit ration, you can also mix in some amount of ground oyster shells to up their calcium intake. An important point you should know: hens taper off in egg production on their second year of egg laying. If you also need the business the eggs bring though, you will have to weigh your options on this one, especially if you have space and money constraints. If you have a rooster or two around, you can probably keep some of your hens for breeding and increasing your flock. Even then, you will have to consider selling your less productive chickens off for meat – which brings us to the next point.
Chicken Meat for Money Raising chickens is also a great way of filling the freezer with food and making some money off the extra. If you’re not overly attached to your chickens or are not seriously regarding them as your feathered companions (complete with names), then selling them for meat is another moneymaking option for you. If you’re raising hens for meat, especially after their egg-laying prime, you can feed them with higher-protein crumbles at 22% to 24% protein content, or keep them on your preferred chicken diet just with a higher protein component. Medicated feed is always optional, especially if you’re keen on keeping it all-natural and organic with your chickens.
However, if you’re doing the medicated feed option, you will need to stop giving it at least two weeks before sending your chickens to the butcher. The variable costs are the expenses you take on per bird, which will depend on each bird’s life stage, as well as on their level of health.
The fixed costs are associated with the equipment and tools that can be re-used batch after batch of chickens.
Take time to figure out how much you will have to expend for feeds to produce a typical market weight 5 lbs.
The feed conversion (or how much feed you will need to grow a chicken to a certain weight) most chicken raisers use is 5:1. Now that you know that raising chickens is a breeze, learning how to make a profit from them is but a natural next step. Whether you just intend to sell the surplus or eventually launch into a large-scale undertaking, learning the business basics will help you make a quick buck, well, quicker. He writes for Coops And Cages and other blogs where he indulges his enthusiasm for the furry and feathered kind.

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