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All data is provided for entertainment purposes only, is subject to change without notice and is provided without warranty of any kind. The Vehicle Emission Control Information (VECI) label is located on the underside of the hood on Accord and Prelude models. Another important emissions related notice is located directly below the VECI specifications. This notice pertains to the emissions test procedures that can be performed safely to the vehicle.

An example of this might be a change in the recommended spark plug and spark plug gap or ignition timing and valve adjustment specifications.The label also reflects the emissions group that is installed on the vehicle. Many states now perform a dynamic emissions inspection where the drive wheels are placed on a set of rollers. There are 3 possible emission groups and as a result the emissions equipment installed on the vehicle and the related maintenance specification could differ. The emissions can be tested and a load applied to the driven wheels to simulate actual driving conditions.If your vehicle is involved in a front end collision and the hood is replaced, make sure the repair shop either transfers or replaces the labels with the correct ones.

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