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The Honda CRV is a family-friendly four-wheel drive vehicle that can be described as a compact SUV or 'crossover SUV' in US terminology. The 2013 variant of the 4x4 Honda CRV is arguably the best four wheel drive model Honda have produced. In terms of gadgets and gizmos, this compact SUV doesn't have too many features included as standard, however if you upgrade to the next trim level up, the 'SE' trim, then you'll get quite a few more gadgets to keep you happy.
The SUV offers reasonable levels of power at 148bhp for the 2.2l engine variant, however it is nothing special. I'd like to receive useful tips, tools and resources via email from Kelley Blue Book and affiliates.
With added third row seating, the wheelbase of the 2017 CR-V is expected to grow by 80 mm.Though the silhouette looks similar to the current fourth-generation CR-V, the taillight design is now of an L-shape, and the taillights themselves are connected via a chrome strip. It actually has a long history of manufacturing, with the first model being introduced in 1995. The 'SE' trim for example includes parking sensors, automatic wipers and Bluetooth capability. What defines the 'best' however is subjective - in terms of a family car type of four wheel drive then it is definitely one of the top models.

The diesel engine offers much better fuel economy than the petrol equivalent, and also delivers a bit of extra grunt that you would want from a four-wheel drive. Since its introduction, the 4x4 has gone through various design revisions and model upgrades that have seen advancements in both design and functionality. The highest level of trim includes even more, such as a top notch satellite navigation system, full leather seats a panoramic roof and a modern DAB radio.
The CRV features what is called 'Real Time' 4WD, meaning that the four wheel drive kicks in automatically when it senses adverse weather conditions, detected by insufficient traction being detected by the rear wheels. Unless you opt for the pricey top of the range trim model you'll get a sensible amount of features to keep you happy. The latest fourth generation CR-V is a much more refined looking SUV, and has sleek, elegant looks. Whilst the Honda has a rear differential, unlike more dedicated 4x4 vehicles it doesn't have the benefit of a low-range gearbox, meaning that it is really only suited to on-road conditions. The diesel variant is still impressive though, and achieves around 50mpg - quite surprising for a 2.2litre engine. A recent report stated that the wheelbase of the SUV will grow by 80 mm to accommodate a third row of seats, a first on the CR-V.

These looks might suggest this is more of an on-road than off-road vehicle, and you would be right. The part time four wheel drive system makes sense, as it maximises fuel efficiency and takes the thought and skill out of transferring from 2 to 4-wheel drive. Whilst it has 4x4 capabilities, it performs best on tarmac, and the 4 wheel drive facility should be used to give you confidence when travelling in adverse conditions, rather than being used for fully-fledged off-roading. In the UK the fourth generation 2013 Honda CR-V can be purchased from around ?21,000 up to approximately ?31,000 for the top of the range model.
A report states that Honda Cars India will increase localization levels on the CR-V by up to 65 percent, indicating that prices would be competitive.
A diesel option can’t be ruled out for the Indian market either despite the negative diesel sentiment in the country.Next-gen Honda CR-V – Image Gallery Next would you like to read more about the Honda CR-V or more about Honda, Renderings?

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