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If water supplies become are low or unavailable during periods of crisis, constructing a hydraulic ram pump can be an effective alternative. A hydraulic ram pump can be made from readily attainable parts locally available at any hardware store.
A particularly effective no-waste system this device is 10% efficient which means that for every 100 hundred gallons of water about 10% will carry to your destination. HAHAHA are you retarded lol wtf is the point of this thing with all that garden hose you have laying around? Living in an apartment in northern NJ, you might think I am a little wacky, and honestly I currently have nowhere to park it. I need to preface, that if I were to look into purchasing one of these units that I certainly would use it for both a Bug Out Vehicle and for the camping experience that it might be able to provide. The pros to this are that camping and boondocking do not have to always happen at a campground only. Another reason, or so I thought, for looking at a small trailer option for camping and bugging out is cost.
There are a few companies to look at if you are looking at if you want to look at any of these trailers.

Wells Cargo:  Wells Cargo is a trailer manufacturer that I found online that seems to make a good trailer if all you are looking to do is haul your gear.
The most interesting thing I found, however, was a website by a gentleman named Scott Chaney. For the record, the drawings are very detailed and augmented with clear black and white images. The plans I purchased for this trailer are $29.99, and were delivered to my home in two or three days tops. My brothers both have trailers for their SUV’s and they can go almost anywhere with them.
In hind sight (five years ago) if I had given it more thought a four door pick up truck with a bed and cap might have been the better choice, both for utility and fir the concept of bugging out. I built an off-road trailer topped by a 3-person roof top tent and a lightweight 950 lbs capacity sailboat. Suite aux recents evenements sur les actes de cannibalisme, le CDC (Center for disease control and prevention) a confirme que les zombies n’existaient pas… En effet depuis les derniers actes monstrueux qui se sont deroules la semaine derniere, les mots zombie apocalypse ont ete dans les recherches les plus courantes sur Google ! They work hard to make sure the products you want are available when you want or need them for your preps.

The entire rig weighs less than 1000 lbs and is low enough to store in an underground parking garage. My sons story, There are so many out there praying for us and wishing us well, this is how you know a sight is not actually associated with a celeb, if it were the celeb would have heard about it, My sons story would have been at least read by the celeb or someone working for them they would have been provided with so much proof it would make them sick crying over it and some one would have done something by now. Gets your floor above grade to minimize dirt and rain intrusion, and gives you an area where you can set up poles at corners for a bug net if you camp in mosquito country. The SUV and Trailer is WAY more convenient, since you don’t have to haul the trailer unless you need it.
Since I’m by the coast, I carry a hand-operated water desalinator, fishing poles, as well as sleeping bags, rain gear, first aid gear, woodgas cooking stove, rechargeable lanterns, solar charger etc. Championing a special needs child Being abused while it is ignored by everyone in the state of Illinois simply because he is different and they refuse to admit that not only does it happen but that it is a frequent and growing issue across this country ??

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