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Kashmiri youths should have books in hands, and not stones: Rajnath SinghNine gold medals out of nine! The water in the pool has changed colour because of a problem with filters that are not functioning properly on Tuesday, organisers said, adding that it was still unclear when the problem would be fixed.
The directory of people and organizations engaged in on the ground climate change adaptation. Is there an organization that you think CAKE should include in the directory?  If so, fill out this form with your recommendations. The design even lets you enjoy TV on your Italian leather couch, while the large awning and kitchen glide out for easy access.

CONAGUA administers national waters, manages and controls the country's hydrological system, and promotes social development. Vision of the National Water Commission, Mexico is to be an authority in technical terms and also to promote the participation of society and the three tiers of government in the integrated management of water resources and their inherent public goods. CAKE thrives on the contributions of its users: recommend resources, give feedback, and ask questions. Well today we’ve got a great way of doing exactly that, with the Lotus Off Grid Caravan.
The design even features dual 95 liter water tanks, a hot water system , pump, and solar panel fully equipped with a battery system for your off the grid experience.

This unique, effective, durable and rather brilliant design offers the best of both worlds; letting enjoy the outdoors, while offering up the creature comforts we all love so much. Check out the durable and effective design in the images below and speak your mind on it after the jump. The caravan features a steel chassis with an independent suspension system and 17 inch wheels with mud tires; letting you go anywhere, anytime.

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