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Swedish company Home Energy recently revealed an innovative wind turbine that spins in a spherical formation.
Most modern wind turbines utilize a flat three-blade design, wherein the head of the windmill is directed into drafts by a computer. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
What I would like to know is how does this help the birds that fly over or around the turbines, it is of greatest concern that thousands of birds die daily because of them. They started advertising these (with a full scale demo unit) at Lowes in Bellevue, WA recently. Nobody, however, seems to be concerned with the visual polution that bright and white objects make in the visual environment, especially the natural environment. I was looking at the design and thinking the same thing, and also that it would wear more evenly if there were supports on both sides. According to the schematic on their website, they tie to the power with an inverter, just like a solar array.
If you check the design of the blades, they are NOT symmetrical, so it has a definite orientation requirement. My guess is they studied many blade designs and picked that one as most efficient given a mount that allowed the turbine to swing. This is one of the reasons that I am a fan of solar -- no moving parts = fewer parts to break, vibrate, etc.
I am looking for a wind turbine that can generate 1 kw to 10 Kw per hour and will start turning its blade at a very low windspeed of 2 kilometers per hour.
Solar CalculatorFind out how much Solar Power will cost to setup and how much you can save! Depending on their distance from the equator solar panels should have a different tilt to maximise their production. As someone who has an extremely valuable solar system sitting on my roof I do find the idea of not owning your system rather odd.
People get very excited by the beautiful crash in solar module prices, but the market place lives and dies by the install price. The 3.3 kW system on my roof cost me over ?12k back in 2011, today you can get a similar system for half the price. Depending on where you live in the world their may be tax credits or other subsidies that reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. The more that you pay for electricity the more you’ll save when you use your own solar energy instead.
People often sneer at Chinese panels, but the truth is these days they make a lot of very good panels at an incredibly low prices.
When you do get a quote make sure you check if the assumptions about how much you’ll use are sensible. If you are going solar to reduce emissions then the result really depends on where you live. My main problem with the “energy collective” is that they censor my best-founded comments away before they appear (they call it moderation) or delay publication for days if the argument is less well-founded! They have an official neutral policy, but banned me completely when I came up with better founded arguments against nuclear….
Their censors, such as Jesse Jenkins, are pro-nuclear fanatics who try to appear being neutral.
It’s amazing that Siemens, who moved out of nuclear, sponsors such sneaky fanatic pro-nuclear site. The Scottish Government has backed a plan to build 10 one-megawatt tidal power turbines in a strait between the small islands of Islay (pronounced ''Isla'') and Jura off the West coast of Scotland.
Scotland is regarded by energy experts as having the best tidal power resource anywhere in the world, and after a long search, the Islay sea bed was chosen as being the foremost site for a pilot project. The project will use HS1000 tidal turbines developed by Norwegian company Hammerfest StrA?m AS. The Scottish Government wants to increase its use of renewables, with a commitment to generate 80% of Scotland's power by alternative energy by 2020, and the Islay Tidal Project is the first of a number of important schemes which are in development. One of the first beneficiaries of the scheme will be the whisky industry, as a contract is already in place to provide power to eight distilleries and maltings from the tidal station.
This project, when completed, will mean that the UK in general and Scotland in particular will be at the forefront of tidal technology, although the US and Canada are advancing in this sector too. The knowledge gained will be of massive benefit to the understanding of how tides can be used to provide clean low-carbon renewable energy for the future.
We have the chance to counter new viral and ancient parasitic disease with rapid diagnostic technologies.
When a great, immoveable pollution source is faced by an increasingly smaller butterfly population, what is going to happen? The Australian spiders seem as distinct as the rest of their flora and fauna, with colour the distinguishing mark in this case. When dolphins are 'rescued' in various countries, the car given seems to be ill-considered. ElectrIQ Power is a Palo Alto, California–based company offering a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a charger, battery management, a DC to AC inverter, and a smart DC-DC converter in one system. Our inverter is also a remarkably smart inverter designed specifically to our specifications.

We are currently refining and defining our warranty program and anticipate this being closer to a 10 year warranty. The battery management system ?knows important status on the batteries and communicates the information to the smart hybrid inverter and battery charging system to keep the batteries safe and prolong their life.
Keep up to date with all the hottest cleantech news by subscribing to our (free) cleantech newsletter, or keep an eye on sector-specific news by getting our (also free) solar energy newsletter, electric vehicle newsletter, or wind energy newsletter. Since no roundtrip efficiency was stated, I am assuming that it is on the low end, around 80% efficiency, lower than that of Tesla’s powerwall, otherwise, they would have already stated and bragged about it. I encourage you all to let the implications of rebates and subsidies on batteries and inverters sink in, because it turns all previous calculations on their head. I fail to see how a battery system qualifies; could you please clarify why you think it does? I also found nothing to support your claim that the FTC has been modified to include storage. A battery like this unit should be judged first by its warranty and the likelihood of warranty support. More than likely with a decent amount of use you’d be under the warrantied efficiency by 9 years, then you get the power pack portion replaced, and by then with battery tech it may last 12 years, so you could easily get 21 years out of such a product with tractical degradation monitoring. If you ask me that’s a huge win as long as the company still exists to cover the warranty. I honestly don’t think the PW would last 10 year of full daily utilization with going under their efficiency. Most products have a warranty they plan to exceed, solar is this way, most hit 80% after over 30 years minimum.
Yes, but in the same breath, if at 9 years it’s replaced to work for 9 more is that not better than a more costly 15 which craps out at 16? You see warranties as a point of longevity determination, I see them as a point of possible replacement under failure(as long as the company still exists).
I do like the inverter being specifically paired though in one housing in this case, I have no intentions to grid tie my system. Eschewing traditional rotors for a sleek orb structure, this beautiful rethinking of conventional wind turbine design utilizes the Venturi principle, which funnels wind within the turbine’s blades. Home Energy primarily designs small-scale energy solutions for homes, communities, businesses and public facilities. I can understand using a clear plastic dome with breather holes in the plastic and around the ball shape turbine but without protection, how does this save our air species? Made things need to blend in order not to further reduce our aesthetic experiences with the Earth. There is too much wind, and the excessive wind speeds can be harmful to the integrity of the machine, especially a horizontal wind turbine. But rather than write a giant piece full of wordiness I’m going to try to do a punchy graphical summary of some questions you should ask yourself before going solar.
This will be the world's largest tidal power station - which resembles a wind farm, only underwater! A 300 kilowatt prototype model has been generating electricity in Norway waters for over six years, so it is seen as one of the worldA’s most advanced tidal turbine designs. ScottishPower Renewables expects to start the project next year and deploy the ten turbines as early as is feasible between 2013-2015. LetA’s grab the chance to win this battle against disease, even when we lose against the latest mutations of the deadly viruses. Despite their tiny size, these males manage to get noticed by the girls with their fabulous blue scales which amplify reflected light and never fade!
The warranty is 2 years with a 10 ­year option… what does the option include, and what is the cost?
Given the simplicity of our design, savvy homeowners with good mechanical and electrical skills could also easily perform this installation with training. We are partnering with world­ class organizations on our components, both of which are extremely concerned with ensuring safety for our consumers.
Some of the parameters it monitors are battery state of charge, state of health, cell to cell balance, temperature, capacity and internal resistance to name a few.
What is the learning curve for a consumer who is interested in solar power and wants to know more about energy storage… how long does it take a new customer to learn to operate your system? Our system also has high level functions for someone who is not familiar with solar power or energy storage. You say your system can be used to charge a battery when electricity rates are low, to avoid paying for it when rates are high. By using a battery system to store electricity to use when rates are high, would a customer expect to save a little money each month, and if so, how much? When taking these factors into consideration a customer would expect to save a little money each month.
They all talk about how great the product is on the company site, but there is no ability to actually purchase them. Suffice to say that a storage product that has an all-in package that can be straightforwardly installed – would appeal to other broader markets than US only, if packaged affordably.
Suffice to the point that US market has constant supply of various option of generating and using the electrical power.
Therefore, my POCO gives me 2 cents per kWh generated, while charging me 18 cents per kWh consumed.

This is where storage economics are completely altered by tax rebates and state incentives. But battery storage I think is a game of realizing declining prices and having a huge warranty to win you a customer base.
But ask a typical homeowner how the PV panels on top of their roof works and I’m sure you would hear some even goofier explanations. The resulting spherical wind turbine features increased efficiency and lower noise levels – making it ideal for small scale energy needs such as personal home use. By contrast, the Energy Ball is designed to take advantage of the the Venturi effect, which was originally a measurement of pressure created by channeling an incompressible liquid through a restricted section of pipe. In my opinion they should also be designing for amusement parks: perhaps these fun pinwheels could help offset the carbon impact of all those funnel cakes. Moe, would you kindly specify the ratings of this wind turbine and its availability please? Since I really don't read Swedish, I don't know if the turbine outputs AC or DC, so I wouldn't know the actual type of inverter needed. I want to know if a 600wat mini turbine would serve a small apartment with 6 energy saving bulbs, three wall fans and one 32″ LCD Television.
If you’re an American and would like a good objective comparison of different ownership models check out the calculator at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance.
A stable Feed In Tariff climate. As a potential solar owner you really want to understand if you will be eligible for a feed in tariff and if so for how long? This is what can be called the performance ratio (graphed above), which essentially tells you if you are getting what is says on the tin based on the excellent independent Californian laboratory testing of panels. Top quality inverters include SMA, PowerOne and Xantrex while good quality budget options come from Sungrow and Growatt.
The ground-breaking - or perhaps sea-bed breaking - project, from ScottishPower Renewables, was also carefully investigated from the environmental point of view, and deemed not to be a threat to the area's outstanding wildlife.
They could even end up in commercial aquarium shows, but they certainly rarely make it back to the sea. To be usable in one’s home, an inverter is used to convert this electricity to an Alternating Current (AC). Because it is “bi­directional,” it is capable of taking energy from the grid and charging the lithium ­ion batteries. The special features of this inverter know, for example, the battery state of charge, state of health, cell to cell balance, temperature, etc.
After California state incentives and Federal tax credits, the price will drop to approximately $3,000. Tesla is the best­ known in residential, but they are currently providing only a battery which needs to be paired with an inverter.
Does the system do this for you, or do you manually charge it when you know there is less demand, like late at night? This could be anywhere from a few dollars to several hundred dollars every month depending on how the system is set up, size of solar installation and energy usage. When net metering starts to become unpalatable in 2019 and then declines after that, one has to compute the economics of this. The exact efficiency is 97.8% It would hardly make sense for us to raise VC money only to come to market with current technology! Calculators need to be pulled out, that is a staggering difference in the LCOE (levelized cost of electricity). If the inverter life and warranty are over 20 years, its much better for costs, and the solar system lifetime is over 20 years. This spherical Energy Ball takes those principles and uses them to channel air through its six blades and around its generator.
But as in any home power project, you would need an inverter to get a real usable power output anyways.
There are some other players that have entered the space, most recently Sunverge (but without a software management system), JuiceBox (but without an inverter), and JLM Energy (batteries and inverter are in separate boxes). Some of the other operating modes are Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), Grid Zero and Mini­Grid. Until a bottom line of about 5 cents kwh for battery storage, after rebates and subsidies is reached, there won’t be much interest from people who are math literate.
I wonder if all in one system would create more problems for installing a new inverter every 12 years. It is a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) converter to maximize the energy output from the solar panels to the energy storage system’s internal DC buss.
The second converter is used to charge the lithium-­ion batteries (sometimes just called a battery charger).
That is actually possible with the right rebates and subsidies, but that is where the price has to go.
But there needs to be way more verifiable details to tell which is best on a case by case basis.

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