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Your best bet when dealing with security salespeople is to ask for identification and then take a few minutes to look up the company on the web. Keeping your home safe may not seem like a full-time job, but without a reliable alarm system, your property, your family, and your own personal safety are all at risk.
The biggest source of alarm system scams come in the form of unsuspecting students working at summer jobs that have them going door-to-door selling home security systems. Another reason these alarm scams are so consistently successful is that the representatives selling the package often believe in what theya€™re selling. Unfortunately, once the homeowner agrees to the switch, the new equipment is often faulty, improperly installed, or, in the worst of the home alarm scams, simply doesna€™t work. As with most tricks and cons, alarm system scams rely on the customer making quick decisions based on impulse and emotion, rather than fact.
Networks, Protect America, Protection1 and their representatives may contact you at the email address and phone number provided. Most of us are aware of the occasional Internet scam asking you to invest a fortune in an obscure cause.
The most noticeable quality about these people is that they’re well-dressed, well-spoken, and extremely eager to help. Frontpoint Security has a reputation of supplying families with one of the best do it yourself security systems, which come with cameras and monitoring…if you want those additional security products added on. Frontpoint offers 100% wireless home security solutions which are safer than wired systems. I find it interesting that the do it yourself system from Frontpoint has many useful features which you won’t find on other systems. The Frontpoint system can be hooked up with a Wireless Indoor Camera or an outdoor camera system. They are giving away free smart phone apps that allow you arm or disarm your security system from anywhere in the world. I’ve heard a few people complaining about how it long it took for them to get the system delivered to their home.
If you interested in getting a quality DIY security system that is affordable, I would recommend looking into Frontpoint. The rankings and ratings expressed on this site are the opinion of DIYHomeSecuritySystems.ca and are subject to change. In this modern society today, home security is very important, we live in a time where anything can happen and people just don’t seem to care about others anymore. So if you plan to install the home security system on your own home with minimal monthly monitoring, then buy Simplisafe2 is a wise option. Simplisafe2 craigslist will likewise not hold you to any agreement in the event that you move. They will deal with all the modifying and permit you to spare some cash by introducing your security framework yourself, and after that letting the home office screen it for you. There are no hard-sell salesmen or anyone who comes and making pressuring people to sign the contract with scare tactics.
Simlisafe2 offer framework is an individually deals framework, so you can undoubtedly pick and pick what characteristics you need and overhaul later all from the solace of your own workstation. This best wireless home security system is available on the market, the installation is easy for everyone and fully protect your home in just 15 minutes. Simplisafe2 doesn’t require the sale man, expensive long-term contracts or hidden fees, they just bring you a home security system and easy self-install. There is no doubt that Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System has full abilities to offer formidable home security.
Attempt Simplisafe in the event that you need home security without being bolted into 3 years of month to month charges that regularly aggregate up to $1547 (or more!).

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Many scammers dress up professionally and use door-to-door tactics to trick consumers into investing in substandard systems that perform nothing like they should. Among their tricks is the old “limited-time offer” that they employ in an effort to force you into acting now. A scammer might try to exaggerate the incidence of crime in your neighborhood to get you to sign up for a security system.
They see the decal on your lawn and then show up pretending to be a representative from a company that just bought out your current company. There are actually many reputable security companies that still engage in door-to-door sales.
Unfortunately, alarm system scams are one of the major contributors to homes that are left vulnerable, and too many homeowners buy into a solution they believe is keeping them safe, only to fall victim of burglary, home invasion, or other violent crime. The premise of these alarm system scams are simple: the representative pays a visit to the homeowner, attempting to lure him away from his current alarm system provider. Most of the door-to-door representatives are college students looking for summer income, or recent high school graduates getting their feet wet in the workforce. Some companies will raise their low monthly monitoring fees immediately after a customer signs the paperwork, hoping the customer wona€™t notice the much-higher monthly charge for awhile. If something sounds too good to be true, or even like an amazingly great deal, make sure you check out both the company and the representative before making a commitment. Even if youa€™re not unwittingly signing up for alarm system scams, you may be choosing a package that offers you far less protection than you need. If an offer appeals to you, simply taking that night to think about it and do some research on the Internet may be all you need to help you make an informed, clear-headed decision. If you’re smart, you send that email right to your spam folder and go about the rest of your day. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
I like this company because of their good customer service and all the positive reviews they get on the internet. All these goodies can be added to your house for a surprisingly affordable price and the fact that these things are all easy to install makes Frontpoint a rather attractive option. These same apps also have the capability of letting you watch live video so you can easily track who’s going in and out of your home at any time. In all fairness, I wouldn’t really blame Frontpoint for that because they generally send your system out to your home quickly, but once in while the post office screws things up. This SimpliSafe2 has much more feature than the original one to bring fully home security abilities for your home.
SimpliSafe’s landline is free while most other home security systems require additional costs. And this smart system comes with cheap price, effective customer service, pricing transparency and quality of the product, outdoes many of its peers. So how do you go about confirming that the company is a legitimate entity and not just some sham? This gives you the time you need to check references, review licenses, read testimonials and do any other necessary homework.
In order to ensure the homeownera€™s interest is piqued, these alarm companies typically offer extremely low monthly monitoring fees, and may even be willing to install new monitoring equipment for free. They dona€™t have any idea theya€™re enabling alarm system scams, but actually believe theya€™re marketing a quality product that helps protect homeowners. The alarm system scam is so successful because, unfortunately, it works, and many homeowners are at risk without even realizing it.

Most know that if the homeowner has time to really think about the proposal, or to investigate the company, hea€™ll no longer be interested.
Take the time to go through all the options that are out there, and remember that, while a big-name company may charge more, it is also likely to respond more quickly in case of emergency.
Their sales pitch is fast and high pressure and they’ll do their best to get you to sign the paperwork without revealing the name of their company, which is usually just one or two letters different from your real home security monitoring company. And, also the fact that you don’t need a phone line to install this system in home is a good thing to. Take a look at our #1 company and read the Frontpoint alarm reviews to make the best decision for yourself. The reason the alarm system scams work is that they dona€™t sound too good to be true, they simply seem like a better deal than the one the homeowner is currently getting. Be especially wary about representatives who tell you an offer is good for that day only, or the price will go up tomorrow, in an effort to get you to sign. This is how it works: somebody, dressed in an official-looking uniform, comes to your door and says they work for the company that monitors your home security system. The first thing to do when somebody comes to your door with a similar sales pitch is to ask for an ID and license.
A real specialist is interested in developing a meaningful and long-term relationship with you, the consumer. You might even consider calling your current security company and handing the phone over to the pesky scammer.
They then tell you that your home security system needs to be significantly upgraded in order to meet their new compatibility requirements.
If you don’t trust the situation, always call your home security company to find out if a check-up was scheduled for your address. Next, they ask you to sign a form, turn off your home security system and immediately install a new one that’s inferior to the old one. Do it without understanding their pricing model, nothing is hidden anyone’s help to spare hundreds on establishment and thousands with no agreement alert screening arrangements. Home security systems are complex and expensive solutions, and anybody trying to sell you one should know that it would be foolhardy for you to make an impulse decision about such an important purchase. However, the homeowners who have been unfortunate enough to fall for this scam found themselves with two home security systems that don’t work, bills from both companies, and a lot of stress to try to remedy the situation. It’s your right to carefully read anything before signing it, and if you have questions, make sure you get a satisfactory answer. Others simply make your turn off the system, tell you it doesn’t work anymore, and say they’ll return the next day to install your new system. And of course, you should never let anybody in your house or give them access to your home security system unless you are a hundred percent sure it’s safe.
This leaves you and your home unprotected, and an easy target for them to return later and rob your house. It’s essential to remember that if your home security system needs to be upgraded, your home security monitoring company will contact you in writing to notify you and schedule time for the work to be done.
In the event that you aren’t 100% pleased, call us inside 60 days for a FULL REFUND and let us pay for return shipping. If you encounter scam artists like these, notify your home security company, as well as your local police department, immediately.

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