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While in one part of southern California students were recently asked to debate if the Holocaust had ever happened, in nearby Los Angeles an advocacy group for children of Holocaust survivors is trying in its own unique way to ensure that a genocide of the Jews will never again occur by training its members in the use of firearms for self-defense. The group, Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, last week hosted the gun instruction course in which they learned from a former Israel Defense Forces (IDF) officer who taught them the basics of safe firearm handling and shooting.
During the full day event, they would learn how to change a magazine, how to troubleshoot malfunctions, and how to shoot at seven and ten yards in both standing and kneeling positions.
In encouraging people to attend, the Holocaust survivor children’s group posited that an armed civilian population could have stopped historical crimes against unarmed minorities including those under Stalin, in Cambodia and European Jews. A reporter with the news service the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) attended the session at the Angeles Shooting Range and interviewed the elderly children of Holocaust survivors who said they were undergoing the firearms training in honor of their parents.
After hitting her mark, Montrose quipped, “No cattle car for me,” in reference to the transport of European Jews from their hometowns to the Nazi concentration camps. Among the eight trainees who attended the sold-out session was Lea Rosenfeld whom JTA described as “a soft-spoken, bespectacled woman who looks like a Jewish grandmother.” Rosenfeld said she attended for her parents both of whom survived the Holocaust.
Their instructor, former IDF lieutenant Itamar Gelbman, 32, is himself the grandson of Holocaust survivors.
Last year, an Israeli grandmother discovered that her late husband, a Holocaust survivor, was secretly stockpiling a variety of weapons as his way to ensure he and his family were always protected.
See the full report form JTA including photos from the day at the shooting range at this link.
Two Black Men Ask: Where Are Black Lives Matter Activists and New Black Panthers Amid Louisiana Flooding? Missouri’s concealed carry law provides recognition of concealed weapons permits from every state that issues them.
Below is a map and a list showing which states recognize Missouri and Illinois concealed-carry permits.

LDS Church Mass Resignation set for Saturday in Salt Lake City Organizers are predicting a turnout of 500 to 1,000 for Saturday's annual LDS Church Mass Resignation.
LDS Church Mass Resignation draws modest, motivated crowd to downtown Salt Lake City Tryston Kartchner decided Saturday was the day. Salt Lake City Mayor Biskupski marries Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski on Sunday married her longtime partner. Arrest made in 1970 cold-case rape, murder in Carbon County An arrest has been made in a 46-year-old rape and murder cold case in Carbon County, Utah officials announced Thursday. Developing: Hotshot firefighter killed battling blaze on Utah-Nevada border A Hotshot firefighter has been killed battling a blaze near the Utah-Nevada border.
After discovering his cache, she brought four crates worth of weapons including an Uzi machine gun, a 38 mm Colt handgun as well as numerous cartridges and flares to the local police station.
Ever fearful of another war, he had been especially afraid assailants might confiscate his possessions, thus he hoarded weapons,” his daughter told the Israeli news site Ynet.
Because of those differences, citizens who have CCW permits and are planning to carry concealed weapons while traveling in and through the states that now recognize your permits may still want to contact law enforcement authorities in those states to clarify any specific questions. State Department has approved a proposed $1.15 billion sale of tanks, weapons and other equipment to Saudi Arabia. This year at SHOT Show Troy was showcasing their M7A1 CQB Personal Defense Weapon Carbine Stock. State Department has approved a proposed $1.15 billion foreign military sale of tanks and other equipment to Saudi Arabia, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency announced Tuesday. When added to an existing rifle, an officer could achieve the incredible size reduction benefits without the NFA Tax Stamp hassle. As mentioned, Troy uses a patent-pending short buffer tube system with a tightening screw on the back side.

The bottom portion of the M7A1 Stock housing sits flush with the lower receiver to form a solid base for the moving parts.
When locked into one of its six different positions the stock is very secure with no perceivable movement or play, even when fully extended.
Each stopping point has a well-defined notch that mates up with a locking block inside the stock housing. When fully collapsed the patent-pending short buffer tube actually slides partially into the open-ended face of the butt stock, allowing for the butt stock to rest almost flush with the back of the lower receiver. The open-ended face of the butt stock allows the M7A1 an almost complete collapsing feature. To manipulate the CQB Stock for desired length, there is a release lever located on the bottom side of the stock housing that is attached to the receivers. This bar extends the width of the stock with two prong-style locking lugs extending upward into the stock housing along the tubes for the sliding stock bars.
By pressing the release lever forward the locking bar will lower, releasing the two sliding stock bars to move forward or backward. The underside of the M7A1 housing, providing another view of the locking bar and release lever. Pressing the middle lever forward lowers the locking bar allowing the sliding stock bars to adjust to desired length. The butt stock has a very aggressive cropped pyramid pattern that is larger than traditional AR-15 butt stocks.

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