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I'm sorry, but it is illegal to ship this item to MA, CA, NY, MI, IL, DC or outside of the United States.
When holding this cat self defense keychain, your two fingers will be placed in the eyes of the cat and the face of the cat will rest securely in the palm of your hand. An IDF infantry soldier armed with an Israeli-made Tavor rifle takes part in an urban warfare drill.
The IDF is phasing out its American-made M-16 assault rifles and replacing them with its Israeli-made Tavor assault rifles, according to a report on Maariv’s website NRG. As the NRG report noted, there are now a large number of soldiers in the reserves who did not use the American assault rifle during their compulsory military service. You hereby accept The Times of Israel Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and you agree to receive the latest news & offers from The Times of Israel and its partners or ad sponsors. In the 1934 film “It Happened One Night,” fictional slime ball “King” Westley shows off by floating to a landing on the lawn of his fiancee’s daddy’s estate in a newfangled autogiro – an airplane with a rotor to enable short take offs and landings.
Helicopters can take off and land most anywhere and hover, but the aerodynamics of rotors mean they don’t fly very fast.
The Army and other services hope to breed new and phenomenally agile and speedy aircraft through the $350 million Joint Multirole (JMR) program, a technology demonstration under the Pentagon’s Future Vertical Lift (FVL) initiative. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), meanwhile, is pursuing a far narrower but even bolder attempt to make a great aeronautical leap forward. The candidate designs, offered by some of the best rotorcraft producers and most inventive aeronautical engineers around, include new types of tiltrotors, compound helicopters with innovative mechanisms for vertical and horizontal thrust, and exotic technologies such as “distributed electric propulsion,” in which a conventional gas turbine engine produces electricity to run fans powerful enough to propel a vehicle through the air. The difference between JMR and VTOL X-Plane, said Michael Hirschberg, executive director of American Helicopter Society International, is like the difference in football between a short yardage pass and a Hail Mary. For JMR, the Army is seeking attack and utility versions of an aircraft weighing about 30,000 pounds at takeoff that can fly faster than 230 knots (about 265 miles per hour) – better than 100 miles per hour faster than most military helicopters cruise. The VTOL X-Plane must also fly with about half as much aerodynamic drag as standard helicopters do and hover at a “figure of merit,” an engineering term, of at least 75 percent rather than the more typical 60 percent of thrust a rotor could theoretically achieve from available engine power – a common measure of hover efficiency. Karem Aircraft’s TR36XP, a tiltrotor using company owner Abraham Karem’s patented Optimum Speed Tiltrotor (OSTR) technology, which reduces the revolutions per minute of a rotor in forward flight and certain other conditions to get greater fuel efficiency and less drag. Boeing Co.’s Phantom Swift, a monoplane that has tilting ducted fans on its wingtips, where the rotors are on the V-22 Osprey, and ducted lift fans in the fuselage, akin to the mid-fuselage lift fan in the F-35B, the vertical takeoff version of the Joint Strike Fighter built by Lockheed Martin.
Sikorsky and Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works, offering a “tail sitter” aircraft not yet fully described but called the Unmanned Rotor Blown Wing Concept. Aurora Flight Sciences Corp., founded and run by award-winning aeronautical engineer and human-powered flight promoter John S. First the RAF has retired all it’s HarriersSecond Harriers can only land in selective environments as there Rolls Royce Merlin engines can touch off Fires and melt asphalt.
Third There Avionics are antiquated and the Harrier controls are complicated The Pilot does not fly the plane so much as try and beat the plane into submission well the plane beats the air into submission. It’s just more military industrial complex theft by politicians that own stocks in the war mongering game.
These corporate pigs in Washington need to stop wasting my tax money on these terrorist weapons. While many will appreciate the science and engineering, this program has the emerging acrid stench of someone’s hobbyhorse. Black Talon ammo… (Being a hollow-point round it is designed to specifically damage as much tissue and organs as possible, yet remain inside the target.
That is, what is our legitimately anticipated problem and what is the most practical and effective solution.Tough Questions: What is the Threat?
This keychain is made for striking at the eyes of your attacker or attacking any fleshy part of the body.

To standardize the weaponry for reservists, the report said, senior infantry commanders have decided to completely phase out the M-16s in favor of the Tavor. Today, two Defense Department programs are striving to meet the same aeronautical challenge that inspired the autogiro: How to design an aircraft that can do “substantially everything that a bird can do in the air,” as 1930s aeronautical engineer Alexander Klemin described the ideal flying machine.
The FVL, a soaringly ambitious project, aims to give birth over the next few decades to Kleminesque aircraft for the four services in four different sizes: light, medium, heavy and ultra-heavy. The utility version must be able to carry 12 troops about 230 miles, loiter half an hour, then return to base without refueling. DARPA wants a technology demonstrator that will fly at “sustained speeds” of 300 to 400 knots – 345 to 460 miles an hour. In a selection scheduled for next October, DARPA will choose one company to build the VTOL X-Plane and flight test it in 2017-18. Karem, who inaugurated the age of endurance unmanned aerial vehicles by inventing a series of drones culminating in the unarmed version of the Predator, is developing a range of OSTR tiltrotors in various sizes for both military and civilian purposes.
Boeing has built and flown a scale model 17 percent the planned size of the Phantom Swift’s wingspan of 50 feet and fuselage length of 44 feet nose to tail. Manned tail sitters attempted in the 1950s to meet the VTOL challenge failed, partly because it was difficult for pilots to take off lying on their backs and land looking over their shoulders as if parallel parking.
Bell Helicopter Textron Inc., which builds the V-22 in partnership with Boeing, is offering a clean sheet design tiltrotor it calls the V-280 Valor. And if a program gets to the Big Metal Benders, it is all over for the Warfighters and the Taxpayers. Why the need for these new designs, especially with 4 different versions for the 4 different services, 5 if you count what DARPA wants for what ever use? This is why hollow-points are popular for self-defense purposes for civilians and law enforcement. First and foremost, when you consider protecting your home, what is the anticipated threat? They are now made of an ultra-tough plastic material that is very hard to break, which is exactly what you need should you ever have to use this device. Designing a machine that can launch and return without a runway, fly fast and hover with ease proved impossible in powered flight’s first century, but the military wants its next generation of troop and cargo transports and gunships to do all of those things. But if VTOL X-Plane produces technologies that can improve whatever JMR comes up with, the Army-led JMR could certainly make use of such innovations. The craft also must be able to hover at 6,000 feet above sea level in air as hot as 95 degrees – a standard rotorcraft metric — and be shipboard compatible in Navy and Marine Corps versions. The VTOL X-Plane must weigh only 10,000 to 12,000 pounds, with at least 40 percent of that weight “useful load,” meaning what the plane can lift and carry beyond itself. All the contenders are offering unmanned aircraft, which are easier to build because they require no cockpit, and in theory can substitute fuel or payload for cockpit and crew weight. The Aurora design is still under wraps, but according to a company news release will employ distributed electric propulsion, “high-power and torque-density permanent magnet synchronous motors,” and autonomous flight control systems.
Sikorsky and Boeing have teamed to offer a compound helicopter with a coaxial rotor – two counter-rotating blades positioned one over the other — and a pusher propeller to overcome speed-sapping rotor aerodynamics.
I suppose the sharks are circling in order to get the money while they can, before it either runs out or the U.S.
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The tiltrotor V-22 Osprey, which tilts two large wingtip rotors upward to fly like a helicopter and forward to fly like an airplane, is the only operational aircraft that comes close. At least 12.5 percent of the plane’s total weight must be payload, meaning everything beyond the aircraft, its crew and fuel.

But give it a decade or two and another $50-100 billion to play out, why dont’cha, eh? A UH-60M Black Hawk, for comparison, has a gross weight of 19,382 pounds and carries a useful load of 6,882 pounds, or 35 percent, according to manufacturer Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. The most dangerous threat is what we’ll call the “home invasion”.One, two, three or more armed vermin force their way into an occupied home intent on robbery, rape, and potentially murder. A level 1 felon when confronted with an armed and determined defender will surrender or seek to escape. Most criminals don’t want to lose their lives in order to steal your TV or wallet.The Level 2 felon will not cease or desist in their behavior until they experience some type of physical damage.
Their injuries may or may not be life threatening, but the fact that they have been injured causes them to flee or surrender.The final classification, Level 3, is the most dangerous.
These attackers will not stop until they have sustained enough physical damage that their body will no longer obey their brain’s commands to keep going. While level 3 is the smallest percentage of bad guys they are obviously the most dangerous to the citizen.
If you are familiar with the FBI Miami Shootout, both felons in that case were 3’s.Hardware Choices Given the previous information regarding potential attackers, we must consider the following.
No handgun, regardless of caliber or configuration, can produce the same effect as a centerfire rifle.This is not opinion, this is physics. Many years ago an instructor friend of mine offered that “a handgun is simply a rifle waiting to grow up”.Also, it cannot be denied that a long gun (rifle or shotgun) as a tool is much easier to aim and index on a target than a handgun. By comparison, a handgun has only two points of contact, the left and right hand, and a short sight radius. Rifles are infinitely more forgiving of slight errors in sight alignment and body movement than are handguns.As a practical matter, during the panic and adrenaline dump of a life threatening attack, the rifle will be inherently easier to index on target and as an added benefit transition to additional targets more quickly than will any pistol, regardless of make, model, or caliber. While you might desire to argue this point, your energy might be better served elsewhere.Here is a quick number crunch for the doubting Thomases in the audience.
The Hornady .44 Magnum 180grain FTX load generates 610 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle.
BTHP bullet produced 1588 FPE.Caliber Choices Regarding the modern AR-15 and its many clones, numerous caliber choices abound.
Both loads have shown tremendous promise and excellent real-world results in combat.While the two previous loads have military designations, equivalent civilian loads are available from all the big ammo makers such as Black Hills, CorBon, Federal, and Hornady. I would deliberately stay away from varmint or prairie dog loads with light-weight projectiles in the 30-40 grain range. The author, Paul Markel, training with the black rifle at Gunsite Academy.If there is no anticipated threat we carry a handgun. Don’t you want them to have the most effective tools available to defend their lives?The choice is up to you. His teaching career began in 1990 while a member of the Sixth Marine Regiment and has continued throughout having taught thousands of military, law enforcement and citizen students.Mr.
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