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Whatever caliber to get hits on target quickly and effectively counts more than having one caliber versus another caliber. Handguns are relatively ineffective tools, but are used because we cannot carry long guns or shotguns with us at all times. If you miss all your of your shots on a .45 caliber then the bigger caliber did nothing for you. The shotgun is one of the oldest defensive and hunting arms in the world—centuries old, in fact. Technology made the double-barrel shotgun almost an anachronism in the late 18th century, when John Moses Browning developed for Winchester the Model 1893 slide-action shotgun, which was later improved as the Model 1897 and finally, in the early 20th century, as the Model 12, the most famous shotgun in American history.
It’s hard to imagine today but for over 150-years the UK firearms arsenal at Enfield armed the world. In 1954, RSAF Enfield and BSA began production of the 7.62x51mm NATO caliber L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle for the British military to replace their long-serving stocks of Short Magazine Lee Enfield Rifles, a design that had lasted the Brits for nearly 70 years. After the end of WWII Enfield had designed two new rifles for the British government, the EM-1 (Experimental Model) and EM-2.
Like the AK and many other modern assault rifles, the L85 rifle was designed to be built with a receiver made from a sheet of stamp steel reinforced with welded inserts. The gun was adopted in 1987 to replace the L1A1 and by 1994 some 350,000 had come off the lines—being the last real Enfield rifles ever made as the Royal Small Arms Factory (RSAF) at Enfield was shut down soon after. Ejected casings flew back right into the bolt carrier itself, which isn’t very good for staying free of stoppages.
In 2000, a redesigned charging handle, bolt, and extractor were produced for the gun and, once installed on some 200,000 of the already produced L85 rifles, became the L85A2.
In many cases, the legacy SUSAT sight has been replaced with a lighter and more modern ACOG.
Unlike the hundreds of thousands of older bolt-action Enfields, the prospect of any L85s being imported into the states are slim. Which isn’t surprising, heck if the Brits don’t even want the real thing, why would we want a DIY copy? Bullet proof vests dramatically increase your chances of surviving an attack involving a firearm, and yet they can only defend against certain ammunition.
The Colt Python was first made in 1955 by Colt, and is often referred to as a ‘combat magnum’. The Smith & Wesson 686 double action revolver was first introduced in 1980, and gained fame and popularity thanks to its adoption by the US Navy Special Operations. The SIG Sauer P226 follows the same basic design of the SIG Sauer P220, but was developed to use higher capacity staggered-column magazines. Constructed to be extremely modular, the FN SCAR became incredibly popular thanks to its use by the US Military. Named for the makers (Heckler & Koch), the HK416 is based on the AR-15 platform and was designed as an improvement on the M4 Carbine for the US army. A US military adaptation of the AR-15, the M16 is another incredibly famous and popular rifle.
A specific caliber is less important than an operators ability to get effective hits on target. Back in the 1870s the double-barrel shotgun was king when it came to fending off stagecoach bandits, backing down a crowd of liquored-up cowboys, defending the old homestead or bringing game to the dinner table. It is this third model that falls uniquely into personal and home defense, as a multi-purpose 12-gauge shotgun.

Their 3-band rifles were the go-to gun of the US Civil War and their Short Magazine Lee Enfield bolt guns kept London from having the street signs redone in German through two world wars.  Then in 1985, everything went pear-shaped. These guns were very well laid out, revolutionary in their design, fired an intermediate round about the same size as the Soviet 7.62x39mm AK round, and were about as British as they could be. Gas operated with a short-stroke gas piston, the inner workings of the gun resemble the 1960s era AR-18 rifle.
Keep in mind that this is roughly the same length as the 14-inch barreled M4 carbine that we know and love today—but with the carbine’s stock totally collapsed. A sad legacy to this indisputable giant in the firearms world, their final gun was something of a lemon.
The link on the trigger group worked fine in semi-auto but became the cause of almost clockwork jams when firing the rifle cyclical.  It was right-hand ejection only and could not be converted, which made it a hit with southpaw shooters. Breaking with hundreds of years of military tradition, one English-speaking ally after another went with anything but the British bullpup.
A Picatinny rail was added as were a few other minor changes and, once this was accomplished, the gun obtained a better reputation for reliability in field conditions. Similarly, they can never completely guarantee protection, and are often referred to as bullet resistant or even simply ‘Kevlar Vests’.
This revolver is popular for waterborne missions in particular because of its durability in the face of exposure to the elements, and it is easy to maintain compared to similar weapons. It was originally conceived as a replacement to the M1911A1 used by the US Army, but it was eventually beaten by the Beretta 92F. This Automatic was made famous as the rifle used by the Navy Seals to kill Osama Bin Laden.
The M16 was most famously used in Vietnam from 1963, and in 1969 the M16A1 replaced the M14 rifle to become the US military’s standard service rifle. Besides shooting things and blowing stuff up, David is a full time Father and Husband, Internet Marketer and Home Based Business owner. If you are missing a lot of shots on any caliber you aren’t neutralizing your target.
The point is many people think that they NEED to have a bigger caliber handgun to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. It proved a hard serving rifle and saw use in the Suez, Malaysia, Aden, Northern Ireland and the Falklands as well as being adopted by close allies Canada, Australia, and New Zealand among others. However due to a combination of political reasons too convoluted to revisit here, these guns were never adopted and instead Enfield was told in 1954 to start making the L1A1. To make things even shorter, a carbine variant chopped another three inches off the total length. Shockingly, the most common mechanical failure was the tip breaking off the firing pin, which had no quick and easy field repair. Australia and New Zealand replaced their aging stocks of L1A1s with a bullpup not of British origin—the F88 Austeyr a modified version of the Austrian Steyr AUG A1 starting in 1989. The fact that this work was done by BAE with HK looking over their shoulder did not escape the eyes of many HK fans though. Back in 2010, Prexis planned on selling a US made kit version with an incomplete semi-auto receiver for $2400 but it looks like this plan never left the drawing board. Bullet proof vests are tested and graded according to international standards set by the US National Institute of Justice. This revolver was originally favored by law enforcement, with different variants used for different roles.

It is also known for its compatibility with modifications, which are relatively easy to create and equip compared to other rifles. The first rifles were issued in April 2009, and given to a battalion of the US 75th Ranger Regiment. The HK416 was adopted as the standard rifle of the Norwegian Armed Forces and is in official use by countries all over the world. The AK-47 is one of the most famous weapons in the world, and there is little that can be said about it that hasn’t already been said. In 1983, the USMC adopted it as their official weapon, and three years later the US army did the same.
Whatever gun and caliber is going to be the most effective for you is the one you should use. Chiappa Triple Threat_phatchfinal_phatchjpegThe author lines up the front sight to test the Triple Threat with 00 buckshot at 50 feet.6B. For bird hunting, small game and deer, as well as for home defense, the double gun is still one of the best options. However by the late 1970s, the L1A1 was a bit long in the tooth, and well, a bit long overall (45-inchs) as well. The Brits were always fans of supplying the common soldier with optics so the L85 came equipped with the SUSAT (Sight Unit, Small Arms, Trilux), a rugged 4-x scope with an illuminated aiming reticle. To go bigger (and replace the WWII-era Bren gun in UK service) the L86 variant had a 25.4-inch heavy barrel, folding bipod and rear grip so it could fire full auto at 775-rounds per minute and for a more sustained period as a type of squad automatic weapon like the US SAW and the Soviet RPK.
The whole package was also heavier than the (reliable and longer range) L1A1 it replaced at 10.5 pounds vs. Canada, looking to its neighbor to the south, switched to the M16A2, made locally by Diemaco and dubbed the C7 rifle.
However, US Special Ops Command would later drop the SCAR-L in favor of the SCAR-H, and plan on adopting conversion kits for the MK17 SCAR-H to enable their use of 5.56mm ammo. This famous weapon uses a gas system which reduces malfunction and increases the longevity of its parts. The M16 is the most produced firearm of its 5.56mm caliber, and total worldwide production of the rifle is approximately 8 million.
Even the small island territory of Bermuda went with the Ruger Mini-14 to replace their L1A1s in the 1980s rather than pick up the last Enfield. Below are some of the most common, popular, and famous firearms, and an explanation of what is needed to protect against each. The M16 was originally designed as part of an effort to replace the M1 Garand and other similar weapons, but also as a direct US competitor to the AK-47. This led to the gun being derided both by British soldiers and others around the world.  Many British units, such as the SAS, deployed to the First Gulf War in 1991, carried M16s, Sterling SMGs, and shot-out L1A1s to stay on the safe side. The FN SCAR-L requires a Level III bullet proof vest, though only a Level IV vest can protect against the SCAR-H. No matter what caliber you have and use for self defense, be sure that you practice as much as you possibly can with it. Chiappa Triple Threat_phatchfinal_phatchjpegDSC_7267_phatchjpeg_phatchjpegThe Triple Threat can be ordered with a Picatinny rail to accommodate tactical light and laser combinations.

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