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A protective, spring-loaded black plastic safety cover is attached to the upper portion of the outer casing above the actuator. Wear and water-resistant labels, individually serialized to permit easy identification, are affixed to all units. This is one of the most popular Mace brand pepper sprays, named after its triple action formula. The Kill Bed Bugs Kit (3-4 Rooms) is the perfect tool set for anyone with a bed bug infestation. In our personal testing of these products, the Kill Bed Bugs Kit (3-4 Rooms) was an absolute blessing and not only kills bed bugs, but makes sure they never come back. Share Your StoriesEmail me with any tips, tricks, techniques, or just horror stories of your own. Join Kirsten Lints CPH of Gardens ALIVE Designs for a free introductory talk on landscape design.

The Flip Top actuator assists in directional holding, aiming, and discharging of the device during all light conditions. With Triple Action you get the power of three agents in a single, superior self-defense spray: OC pepper, Tear Gas (CS) and UV Dye. It includes ALL of the chemicals you need to effectively kill bed bugs in up to 4 rooms of your home.
Every one of the included products is a breeze to use, and there is a weapon in your arsenal for killing bed bugs on every surface and piece of furniture you own, including your bed. I've always kept my home clean, checked for bugs, and washed my pets regularly, but that still didn't stop bed bugs from finding their way into my home!
The cover prevents accidental discharge of the unit and conveniently moves out of the way with the approach of the thumb or finger to permit easy access to the actuator.
The advantage of Triple Action pepper spray is that you don’t have to hit a target directly in the face, even if you hit them in the chest, the tear gas will affect them.

The Mace Triple Action Fogger model is designed to spray a cloud that will fill up an area quickly. Eaton Bed Bugs Blue, which creates a 16 week barrier stopping bed bugs from re-entering your home. The Kill Bed Bugs Kit is well worth the money and will give you peace of mind and kill bed bugs completely from your home.
This is ideal to spray into a room to incapacitate an intruder while you get out and call for help.

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