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The ARMA 100 Bean Bag Gun is the safest legal self defense product available for those who value the security of self and family.
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This bean bag gun is designed for those who value the safety and security of their home, self and family yet are uncomfortable with owning a gun or looking for an alternative.

Department of Justices BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Division), it was determined that the ARMA 100, when used as a non-lethal weapon for use by the general public would not be regulated. Law enforcement approved, the ARMA 100 stops assailants up to 20 feet away and is safer to use than electric shock devices. Use of, brandishing or displaying the ARMA 100 against law enforcement may be considered a threat.
While many self defense products such as tasers, mace and pepper spray require close proximity to an attacker, the ARMA 100 allows people to keep a safe distance and is still supremely effective.
It doesn’t require any type of licenses or background checks and is extremely effective, even up to twenty feet away from the target. This is after it had been designed to assist police and emergency personnel, which continue to use this highly commended product. Simply load the assembled cartridges in the ARMA’s quick release, then pull back cocking mechanism to lock in place.

Due to its ease of use, anyone can learn how to manage it as it gives an additional peace of mind that there is protection available in the event of an attack, home invasion or other unfortunate crime where self production is demanded. With a simple switch with your thumb unlock the mechanism to shoot your bean bag payload at 135 feet per second through its 37mm rifle barrel.
Misuse or modification of the ARMA-100 can cause serious injury and is not to be done for any reason. It uses nitrogen (or CO2 for training purposes) to launch payloads with no significant recoil.
The frame and grip is made from aircraft composites and finished graphite for an intimidating appearance that may deter attackers from advancing forward.

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