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PARIS — Israel Weapon Industries showed off its new 40mm grenade launcher here at Eurosatory 12.
As with most of IWI’s products, the GL 40 was developed with the Israel Defense Forces feedback.  The single-shot launcher weighs about 3 pounds and is made of a reenforced polymer. The FN40GL (MK 13) grenade launcher in use by SOCOM already is; breech forward, swing out.
Does the fact that the M203 and the M320 share the same numbers in their model designations have any significance? On the M320 swing out barrel, the direct ancestor of the M203 (XM-142 or XM-148, don’t remember which) actually had a swing out barrel. As for bullet grains, I would rather not disclose that information; but you can probably guess roughly by the barrel twist. Just want to add that, other than being a lot heavier than the M203, the M320 is not a bad grenade launcher, and it gives you stand alone capability (even if while in stand alone mode it weighs about as much as an M4).
The Russian Defense Ministry is holding a contest for a new machine for the armed forces, which will replace the latest model of AK-74.

The Kalashnikov gun was adopted by the Soviet Army in 1949 and quickly spread to the allied countries of the USSR.
IWI officials had the GL 40 mounted onto versions of the Tavor assault rifle, but it can be mounted on most weapons that are equipped with a rail system.
According to the arms company, AK-74M continue to sell small lots to various special forces and abroad.
In this photo the North Vietnamese soldiers are depicted at the presidential palace in Saigon in 1975.
Until recently, the Kalashnikov can be easily purchased at any of the four open markets in Somali capital.
In 1999 he was promoted to lieutenant general, and in 2002 he personally came to the arms factory in Izhevsk, on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of his creation. But once the  barrel is pushed forward, the breech swings out to the left side to accommodate longer 40mm rounds.
To have a weapon system based on an existing design and improved upon immensley, I think IWI takes it on this one.

Plus it’s more simple to just push up, drop the spent shell then reload and pull it down again.
Now in the world, according to various estimates, from 70 to 105 million units a Kalashnikov in different modifications numbers. Same as looking at a watch, it’s quicker then wasting time whiping out a phone to check the time. With the M320 you got to press stuff and do other things that takes more time from actually reloading, and why do we need stand alone vesions again?

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