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I'm a thirty something, lover of coffee, (one day to be) medical librarian, wife and mother of four beautiful little girls. She has many projects to complete this year (yay third grade) but the biography poster project is by far the favorite. I have created a .pdf available on my Google Drive with the guidelines for this biography project. These facts could consist of: problem faced and solution, major contribution, education and death.
I am doing it with my 2nd grade students for their famous American biography research projects.
Crafting, spending time in my kitchen, exploring nature with my children and a good book fill up my days. I ask you to be considerate and do not take content or photographs to use on your own blog, website, or other publication without my permission. Please check your address is valid and re-enter.Please choose a password Keep me signed inLogin Forgot your password? Sure the research part must be completed as in any project but the glue and yarn that's fun.

The unique aspect of this project is that each child chooses how to present the required information on the poster.
I found a few that were more informational based biographies as well as a good picture book.
They also have to present this poster to the class telling everyone why this person is so important. Once Olivia read her books to get the basic understanding of who Eleanor Roosevelt was and why she was such an important American we were ready to write.
In addition to the general who, what, when, where type questions Olivia was required to find out about personal things such as hobbies and other likes. Diving in deep about the person helps you understand them, see them as a person with feelings and preferences. All she wanted to do was create Eleanor Roosevelt on the poster but I wanted her to do the research part first.
I wanted her to think about Eleanor as a person so that she could visualize what stage of life person most people remember her.
Having Olivia research first made her realize that most people remember Eleanor from her later years and all the work she began during FDR's terms and how she continued on with her humanitarian work with NATO.

I'm very glad Olivia chose Eleanor Roosevelt because I think she is an important American to learn about. Although Eleanor Roosevelt was many things I think the most difficult part to explain to an eight year old was the extent of Mrs.
An explanation of the complex nature of the world's inequalities can't be easily broken down to a third grader's understanding of history. If anything this project made us as parents realize that our kids need to have more encompassing understanding of world history. Supplementing is very much on my mind because I think that we too soon forget how hard people worked to make the world a more accepting and (generally) safer place to live in.

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