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Like the barrel, the receiver is also coated with a layer of waterproof Teflon for superior weatherproofing, waterproof protection, even in harsh salt water environments. Available in a black or camo finish with a blade front sight and an adjustable rear sight, you can learn more about the Henry U.S. As the below video will demonstrate, assembly is fast and easy and doesn’t require any tools. James lives in California, but grew up on the East Coast where he received a BS and an MBA with specialization in Financial Management. The traditional 20? octagonal barrel is outfitted with a classic fully adjustable semi-buckhorn rear sight with a reversible white diamond insert and a brass beaded front sight.
Both the straight-grip stock and forearm are crafted of select American walnut accented with a brass barrel band and Henry’s recognizable brass receiver.

When broken down, all the pieces are self-contained inside the impact-resistant, waterproof stock, which will float should you ever find yourself floating downstream. Survival AR-7 comes standard with a sturdy steel barrel covered in tough ABS plastic and then coated with Teflon for complete protection against corrosion. Plus, the updated receiver is grooved making it easy to top it off with your favorite optics.
Prior to joining GeekAlerts, he worked as a financial manager for a high-end estate planning firm. All have that crisp, smooth action that sets an authentic American-made Henry apart from other lever action rifles on the range and in the woods today. Plus, it’s engineered for perfect balance and the ability to maintain its tack-driving accuracy, even after thousands of rounds.

Survival AR-7 is made up of three separate parts. When disassembled, all the pieces fit inside the impact-resistant, waterproof stock, and no worries should it take a trip overboard… cuz it FLOATS!
It’s so awesomely portable that I am thinking of getting one just to have as a backup in my survival kit. When it comes to a portable gun that is useful for hunting small game or fending off bad guys in the Post-Apocalypse.

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