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Pros: Affordable price, free shipping, durable material, realistic look and feel, better than a standard heavy bag, stands tough and doesn’t move when the base is properly filled. A part of me wishes I went with this but in the extra large size so that there was more hitting and kicking room. BOB provides an excellent aerobic workout as well as a healthy release of pent-up energy or aggression, imho.

BUT - waiting for a better weather to get it out of the house as I can clearly smell vinyl. She is taking defense classes because of some bullying at Jr high and the school is taking a wait and see attitude. Aligning the screws with the holes may take a little effort as you may need to slightly adjust the plastisol "skin" for the six screws to properly fit.
We put a school sweat shirt on BOB and I used a sharpie and gave him eyes, and brows and a little shadow on his mean mouth so you can see it better and we are knocking him some good ones.

You also need to periodically check the screws to make sure they haven't backed out during a workout (loctite may help).
Thank you for such a great product he is height adjustable and very real looking and the feel of the body is so real.

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