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It is recharged through the built-in solar power, the hand-crank dynamo generator, or the DC6V jack which accepts power from USB, wall, or car charger. Receives all 7 channels of the NOAA Weather Band Radio Alert System which automatically alerts you when a weather emergency is in your area! The built in cell phone charger powers communication with loved ones during an emergency using exclusive new technology.
Cranking the charging handle for 1 minute at 2 turns per second provides 20 minutes of usage.. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Northern Tool + Equipment, Generators, pressure washers, air compressors, power tools, trailers, heaters, stoves, food processing, go karts, and more! Voltaic System’s battery packs will take charge from solar panels, AC adapters, USB ports, even other battery packs. A dynamo is an electric generator made from coils of wires that are made to turn in a permanent magnetic field by way of a commutator.
This is a bit tricky; you’ll get different results depending on which way you turn the motor shaft. I received permission from Harv to post his design for a homemade washing machine.  Looks like a simple easy to make design that will get the job done. This entry was posted in Clothing, Sanitation and tagged Home Made Washing Machine, Howard. For a wringer I screwed a hinged pair of polyurethaned pieces of plywood to a windowsill over the sink, and used a c-clamp to hold it closed after I put a corner of the item wanting wringing between the pieces. What I was really after for wringing was to build a pedal powered centrifugal force tub-now that really gets the clothes wrung! We picked up a stainless steel James clothes washer at a antique store for $75 and a clothes wringer that is used at car washes for $15 so these are available at reasonable prices you just have to look around. This comment is old however I wanted to add that some of us CHOOSE not to use modern appliances in our homes. To answer Stan, yes that’s just a angle iron frame and the agitator is hinged to lift out.
I was unemployed for nearly a year and saved a lot of money washing clothes in the bathtub, too. Hey if it doesn’t prove out to wash clothes, you can try to make it the biggest ice cream freezer around. My friend,s child turned out to have sleep apnea so the minutes he really slept between breaths were VERY DEEP.
I am SO excited to try this idea out but I want to add to it with a wringer tub next to it ?? Has anyone looked into adding a drain plug to the bottom?? The only improvements I might suggest would be to add a drain composed of a rubber pipe in order to easily drain the water, and to replace the blades with something that is not so easily rotted.
As an engineer I would say that there is much hand and shoulder work involved in doing any quantity of clothes; very labor intensive in the long run.
I didn’t see any instructions for this and I am not handy enough to figure it out by the picture. Unfortunately, the pictures are all I ever received from the gentleman who build the washer.

Yes, I can see how two dough rolling pins fastened together somehow would be ideal for wringing your clothes. Very innovative and interesting idea to save the electricity, design is perfect and to rotate the use of handle is good.
This may have been mentioned as a solution for wringing the clothes out already, my phone signal is spotty so load time is too long to check.
I like your washing machine , I am moving back to Arizona to the back country and I need some new ideals to deal with limited power in the area . They also have a stand-alone gear generator that will export formats such as SketchUP, DXF, CSV, PDF and BMP. You can also charge them from kinetic power sources like hand-cranked or bike driven dynamos. The reason for the gearing ratio is so that we don’t have to crank the motor at 3000 revolutions per minute (RPM) to generate the power we need.
Measure the voltage across the terminals while turning the motor in the desired direction (I chose clockwise because it’s like winding up a fishing reel).
We modified one of the spare micro USB cables to connect from the dynamo and used a breadboard to make our connections easy (but not permanent). If we do the math, 350mA into a 3000mAh battery will take about 10 hours of hand cranking to fully charge. Regarding the centrifugal force concept for wringing, the old school potters wheels used a kick fly wheel which was easy to operate even for kids. Every time we go out of town we try to visit the local resale and antique stores for bargins.
The whole PURPOSE of a contraption like this is to wash your clothes when the power is out or you are off grid. I’ve been through hurricanes that knocked the power out for weeks at a time and being able to have clean clothes made a huge difference in how my family coped with the rest of the disaster. I dont think pattern gone work perfectly the thing you can do is use some Motor to rotate it. Anyway, I have found that using the mop wringer that you can purchase with a mop bucket combo works well if you are unable to locate an antique wringer. I am going with the idea that you use a water hose to fill it, but how do you empty it without lifting a large container full of water?
Rather than applying current to the motor to cause it to spin, you can turn the shaft of the motor and generate a current. Label the terminals of the battery positive and negative and mark which direction you turned the shaft (CW or CCW). The positive output of the motor (red wire) connects to the positive lead on the modified cable (again the red wire).
It may also very well help others in foreign nations, where some of this low tech is used for missionary work, rescue efforts etc. I live among neighbors who get suspicious when things are quiet because they think somethings wrong.
Me, the trusty plunger in the bathtub then wringing with my hinged plates saved the days for my family. While the photos are awesome, is there anyway that you can give instructions and maybe a materials list for building this?

Hook the washer up to the rocker, grab your knitting and laundry day is looking better and better. Insert the second tub over the clothes you just washed, drop the drain hose into a place to receive the dirty water and push the second tub down.
Don't have false security and rely on flashlights and radios that need batteries to operate. Wooden hand high five all around for a tool that helps you create the gears and the templates to crank those creations.
Whether you're powering the TV to watch the big game at the campsite or the boom box at the company picnic, this power inverter is a great portable power source. If you’re trying to charge your own battery, connect the diode in series from the positive terminal of the motor to the lead that will connect to the positive terminal of your battery. Since many potters prefer the electric type now, they are probably really cheap to get on a craigs list or from a school art dept. Put the clothes, water and detergent in the bucket with the plunger, install the lid on and plunge the clothes clean. I also liked knowing how to get the clothes clean for the price of hauling some buckets of water up from the creek-made me feel great. The Gear template generator from woodgears.ca is a magical web-based tool (probably) using little wooden mathematical gears on the back end to output a 2D downloadable file, that you can also print, slap on a piece of cardboard, plywood, acrylic or other material and cut out. It’s definitely a lot of work, but hey, when the sun is tucked away behind the clouds, the V15 battery can be charged from a dynamo, perhaps one that you’ve attached to your bike, or an elaborate system of gears and pedals hidden under your desk at work, maybe even attached to some fan blades and driven by the wind? A new idea that was recently posted on another site is to get a broom or some other screw on type handle that is longer and you won’t have to bend over to plunge. My wife and I are getting up in years and won’t be able to survive long term without some of the necessities.
You do not need to fully awaken, just enough to get there, do it & get back to bed safely.
I have one of the very expensive, high efficiency, all the bells and whistles electric washers that I absolutely DESPISE!! I suppose you could stand in the tub to force more water out and drain the water outside to water plants or whatever. When used as a dynamo, we can expect to generate something close to 1W when turning the motor at 100RPM.
We recommend the use of schottky diodes because the lower feed-forward voltage adds just a touch to the overall efficiency.
It’s a lot harder to turn that you’d think; you might have to rig up a geared crank system! Just by trying to make something you need or want is going boost your self esteem and develope new skills. Basically, a motor rated for 60-120 RPM at your desired output voltage is good for hand cranked applications, higher RPM ratings are good for use in bike driven applications.
Connect the negative terminal of the motor to the lead that will connect to the negative or ground terminal of the battery.

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