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Crafting, Building, and Upgrading require resources which you must obtain from visiting and exploring various planets. Once you land on the Planet Aagtdorphol, open up the StarShip's inventory then select the Empty slot to open the crafting menu where you see which all items you can build on current progress, the resources required and so on. Every Component in the list you see requires certain Recipe and once you learn it you'll always have it. Multi-Tools are the tools that you need to work on first and use it to fire beam to break the items likes Plants, animals, and rocks into elements. The player is free to explore the 18 quintillion planets whenever he wants and search for various resources and wildlife. The Game doesn't tell you all the information about upgrades so we decided to brief you with all the simple patterns and menus you must try to dig and understand.

For example, we decide to build a Wrap Cell which requires 100x Thamium9 and 1 Antimatter, if you already have gathered the resources then a green tick can be seen right next to the requirement.
Crafting and Building in No Man's Sky are what the player should focus on when it comes to upgrading the Ships and Weapons. Resources are equally part of your survival so better start harvesting for the right elements making sure the Sentinels are not harmed. This was all about the resources, do check our No Man's Sky Wiki Guide to know more about the game.

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