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BMI Karts & Supplies is proud to be the internet leader for factory direct go kart parts and accessories.
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Redwood Engineering have been working with schools and colleges for over the past 20 years. Helping teachers and students put technical skills into practice with an exciting motor sport project. The extensive Teacher's Resource Pack includes fully illustrated assembly and maintenance manuals, HSE guides and books, lesson plans, DVD, CD-rom with build diarys and award certificates to give to students. Please note shipping is not included in the price of products ad are charged at time of check out .

With this weld kit, you need only concentrate on your welding skills, as this kit includes all the metal go kart frame components. We also offer a full, technical advisory service with all our go kart plans, so that you can have access to our wealth of experience in go kart building. For use either at home or in school, these welding based go kart plans are aimed at the first time fabricater, with easy to follow instructions and handy tips on every page. Fully illustrated plans booklet with detailed step by step instructions on how to fabricate your own go kart frame from scratch.
Choose from a range of full kits to complete your go kart or use a combination of new & doner parts.
Many combinations of component parts are available for the F350 gokart, making it one of the most popular & versatile off road karts.

We carry a huge inventory of go kart parts and accessories, clutches, belts and repair parts. This is a proven teaching aid for advancing technical skills and is regularly voted the most popular project by students. Plus Dual position , Supa-grip pedals, heavy duty stub axles & full steering with track rods. We carry all the top manufactures (Azusa, MCP, Briggs, Dynocam, Comet) for everything a gokart needs from axles, wheel and brake assemblies.

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