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An engine mounting plate that allows the engine to be moved back and forth to remove the slack from the chain is needed.
When you do have the rear drive assembled, install the engine and clutch and inspect for mounting position (Fig.
So no matter if your small engine is being mounted on a machine, fire pump, mini bike or running a big widow maker fire wood saw there are some hints here you may find hand to mount you small petrol motor. First of we show you the way we have found that mounting an engine to a go kart that gets raced around over bumps and uneven surfaces.
This style of mounting is fine for stationary mounted motors but, one thing to consider is the flex of a chassis is added strain and stress is added to the block  with the pto of the crankshaft spinning and at the same time the engine block is also twisting in the other direction things can sometimes go wrong. This mount is produced for a go kart manufacturer that does not require adjustment from left to right.
Engine Mounting BlocksEngine mounting blocks for use on fixed frame type mounting or with an engine base plate for go karts. This is how not to mount your engine, as the chassis twists and flexes through corners there is a chance your engine block will also eventually leading to engine failure. We Reply To Emails, Check Your Junk Folder For Our Reply, Or Send Us A Message On Facebook.If possible please include your phone number.
Trust when shopping online is important, we do not share your information and our company is not run by accountants or a computer company but hands on engine people who know parts, engines and how important customer service is. We have been involved in most forms of motorsport as either a competitor, sponsor or supporter, We Have been selling online for over 10 years, We have been the Automotive Industry for over 30 years, items shipped include tracking, We are a registered Australian Company, We offer shipping Worldwide at affordable costs.
92mm Chassis mount Blocks Subaru Go kartEngine mounting blocks these fit go kart chassis with a 92mm rail spacing, can be used on 28.6mm, 30mm or 32mm chassis rails. 92mm Chassis Engine Mount Kit Subaru Go kartMounting your engine to your go kart is made easy with our engine mount kit, it fits go kart chassis with a 92mm rail spacing, can be used on 28.6mm, 30mm or 32mm chassis rails.
Subaru EX13, EX17, EX21, KX21 valve spring kitIf you are removing the governor from your Subaru or Robin engine and thinking about revving it harder you need to increase the valve spring tension, this kit includes 2x valve springs, 2 valve spring retainers, 2 valve spring shims and 4 valve locks. Below are Drawings 16 and 17 in the set of 21 for this wooden go-kart powered with a small lawnmower engine. The first step here should be to attach the small V-Belt Pulley wheel to the Engine's output shaft. The pulley wheel cannot simply be bolted to the output shaft, as this will be insufficient to stop the pulley wheel from spinning.

Once the pulley wheel is attached to the engine, the engine needs to be lined up correctly, such that the pulley wheel on the engine and the rear axle line up as much as possible. Once the engine is lined up, insert a number of wood screws fixing the engine mount board to the chassis.
We have seen many people spend a lot of money on there go kart engine with modified camshafts, big valve heads, stroker cranks and billet conrods only to go and use a cheap poor quality engine mount to mount there engine to there go kart. Pictured above is a rear axle and in the top of the photo is an aluminum engine mounting block. With the AS0253 engine mount upper chassis clamps sitting in position the AS0233 or AS0234 engine base plate can be bolted in position. Aussiespeed engine base plate engine mount kits fit 92mm rail spacings and can be used on all small block style engines on rookie , fullsize adult and single and dual engine endurance go karts. With the engine block mounted directly to the upper chassis clamps there is still nothing but the engine block to stop the engine from twisting. The Aussiespeed engine mount kit is supplied with bolts, washers and spring washers as well as the upper and lower chassis clamps and bolts.
The Aussiespeed engine mount plate can be mounted to 2 stroke engine mounts, It is critical that when drilling the base mount that the engine plate is square so it mounts straight with the chassis rails. Though the drive wheel can be adjusted slightly with bushings, you want to make sure the drive assembly will all line up.
Incorrect mounting can cause many problems from chain and or drive to not be aligned, with belts and couplers running to the side and causing express wear, mechanical seals in pumps used to shift fluid and liquid to leak. When the engine is mounted to two blocks as many go kart builders do the engine block is only supported by the two ends.
This mount is to suit the later OHV Briggs Racing engines & can be mounted on top of 2 stroke cast alloy engine mounts or straight to the chassis for a lower engine mount using Aussiespeed AS0253 engine mount clamp set.
This is only part of the range of fast moving replacement parts that can be purchased by customers worldwide.
Listed below are things we hope will put you at easy and know understand the company you are dealing with. The top mounting holes are tapped with a M8 thread and lower clamps use m10 counter sunk bolts 2 lower clamps also supplied.The mounting blocks are designed to be used with a 4 stroke mounting engine plate or can be adapted to suit any commercial or industrial engine with the correct mounting plate. The top mounting holes are tapped with a M8 thread and lower clamps use m10 counter sunk bolts 2 lower clamps also supplied.The CNC machined mounting plate is drilled to suit ex13 to ex21 and kx21 4 stroke Subaru engines.

Some people say that drive belts for go-karts are useless, and that that break, slip or come off altogether!
Again by using screws this will allow the engine to be moved and its position tweaked later as necessary.
As a go kart goes around the track the chassis will flex and as you may have seen on fatigued older chassis and endurance go karts are a prime example cracks can appear around the engine mount and axle bearing area. We have used these engine mounts on high out put 4 stroke modified engines pushing 25+ horsepower. These mounts have been designed and used on high out put engines and will help eliminate engine block twist. Our main store is stocked with a massive inventory standard replacement and performance parts like cylinder heads, valve springs, race type flywheels, conrods, performance header pipes and mufflers. These can be used to bolt direct to your Subaru EX13,EX17, EX21 or KX21 engine but a plate system reduces engine block twist.
Make sure to leave at least 100mm between the engine and the back piece of the chassis to allow for fitting the belt tensioner (as will be covered later). The small pulley wheel needs to be fixed securely to the engines output shaft, and must not slip! The engine and output shaft shown in this drawing is a Briggs and Stratton type lawnmower engine. A correctly machined engine mount assembly fitted with a snug bolt will lessen some of the problems that go with a cheap inferior engine mount that is made to look nice with there anodised or powder coated finish. The V-Belt must be loose so the engines output shaft can rotate without gripping the v-belt.
A good quality engine mount system can make making your engine and rear sprocket alignment much easier.
As we all know a poorly mounted engine can lead to clutch bush wear, sprocket wear, chains falling of and engines being pulled of centre as your engine drives.

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