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Called GM Dealer SalesAssistant, the Apple iPad and Google Android tablet application provides specific model details, offers model-specific incentives, access to the dealership’s own inventory and that of surrounding dealers, as well as information about popular vehicle accessories.
Launched in January of 2013, GM Dealer SalesAssistant marks the further digitization of the automotive sales process, allowing dealership personnel to provide all of the relevant information while standing shoulder-to-shoulder to the customer on the showroom floor in front a particular model — an experience that varies greatly from the traditional approach of sitting across the desk from the customer while staring at a computer screen.
Besides bringing you the latest GM News, GM Authority also has a great forum where you can post topics, ask and answer questions as well as discuss all things GM.

To yaba: Every dealership and brand has some good and qualified salespeople and some idiot salespeople.
Its going to take much more than an App to change many people’s perceptions about Car Dealerships and their salesmen. I can agree with both arguments on this page, there are some folks selling from whom I would not buy but in general, sales people do want to do the right thing. Great information and I would be very interested in speaking with you more about the success you have had with regard to how, this app has helped you increase your sales and improve upon the overall customer sales experience. The civil war waged last year on American soil between American bankrupt manufacturers Chrysler and GM ended. During its year of rebirth, GM rejected about 2,000 of its dealers, saying that shedding them is essential to the survival of a car maker supporting tens of thousands of families. GM brags you can notice that not only from the reduced number of GM stores across the nation, but also from the way in which the surviving ones look like.
It’s very handy for checking my inventory, looking up pricing, figuring trailer and payload ratings, determining incentives etc.

Some filed for arbitration, the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP) said it was going to investigate what had happened for real, but the fact remains that the dealership network of 2010 is not the same as the one in 2009. In September, GM announced the overhaul of the Chevrolet dealerships, and now it is showing the world how a redone Buick and GMC stores look like. As of mid-February, the app has been download 3,800 times, and can be accessed on the Apple App Store or on Google Play.
If you are trying to walk a customer around or through a vehicle, concentrating on an app or device is going to take away from reading the customer’s non-verbal indicators. Take down information FROM a customer INTO an app on a device regarding a vehicle’s problems – while accessing the VIN-specific vehicle info?

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