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Distracted driving is a growing threat to traveler saftey on Georgia roadways.  As devices get larger and more complex they distract more easily and contribute to more accidents each year. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration this dangerous practice kills more than 15 people and injures over 1,200 people each day. The Atlanta distracted driving accident lawyers at Chandler and Chandler Law Group will consult with you and evaluate your case for free.  If a distracted driver caused an accident that harmed you or someone you love, let us help you recover the maximum compensation you deserve.
When I first heard this term my challenge was primarily to understand what the term “carbon footprint” meant. And these are only a fraction of the many ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprints and help save the environment all at the same time!

It cost so much money, but now I found out that food waste causes the production of greenhouse gases so harmful to the environment. Next time you renew your homeowners policy, find out if you are entitled to any credit for living greener. If so, e-mail it here and our insurance professional Sherri will give you the scoop on all you need to know. Lately I am making a conscious effort to avoid intermittent acceleration coupled with excessive breaking.
Getting somewhere by train doesn’t usually occur to me, but the electric power used by trains certainly is less polluting than car or plane emissions.

I am also trying harder than ever to maintain the speed limit to avoid paying extra for the already outrageous gas prices I am paying at the pump. On my next trip, I will consider the use of a train, especially for shorter trips to Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

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