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As far as the compass goes ,right hand point at the sun in the morning east left hand west bringing up the rear is the south Come people you can do it your looking to the _ _ _ _ _ .Gerber good Job.
Hands down is a pretty well equipped kit, however, most of these tools can be purchased separately in bulk and comparatively at a lower price. For anyone who spends days and nights camping, hiking or climbing in the wilderness, this survival kits is an absolute must! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
This 16-piece kit includes the Gerber Mini-Multi Tool and will help you survive hostile environments. Kiki StillettoNovember 20, 2011 at 4:05 PMDude if they would only sell them as a set they would make so much more money. The Bear Grylls Ultimate Serrated Knife emerged from the experience of two different entities; Gerber and Bear Grylls. Gerber 31-000751 Bear Grylls Survival series ultimate knife is designed to offer various solutions within any type of environment.
Gerber Bear Grylls Paracord KnifeBear Grylls newest tool, the paracord wrapped fixed blade. It's a worthwhile upgrade to the basic kit, with additional options for shelter, food, repairs, etc. I had some iodine tablets and put them in a baggie, put it with my kit, and boom, problem solved.
The whistle is not needed because the one on the zipper is better, and the mini flashlight SUCKS. I have not had to use them, but I know from all my gerber products I own it will serve me well when needed. They were featured on an episode of AMC's The Walking Dead as a zombie killing kit and have created a little buzz from this. The lanyard cord helps the user keep track of the knife while the emergency whistle is useful in attracting attention when in danger or possibly lost.

Its 4.5-inch drop-point blade is built to offer versatility admired by hunters, adventurers and backpackers.
Good, light-weight stuff to take along for planned use, as well as unplanned survival needs. This is hands down one of the most convenient and useful kits out there, whether you're in dire need of help, or are just pretending to be Bear.
The one with my kit came with a gnarled up screw that just fell out after opening it and ive never seen it work, no matter what I do.
However you can found poles by using informations in priorities of survival, included in kit.
The tools that make up the set look high quality with simple designs and they are relatively inexpensive. I write a blog called the girls guide to the Apocalypse and I have to tell ya, There is not alot of stuff out there for women to handle. On the other hand, Bear Grylls has outstanding experience in adventure and outdoor survival techniques.
This Ultimate knife is designed with a comfortable and rubberized grip with adequate texture to prevent slippage.
Each item in the package is designed thoughtfully with excellent features that can keep a smart adventure in the wilderness alive.
That is to say when the logo is covered the knife can be rwn easily but a lefty but not as easily by a righty. I added an MRE heater pouch (minus the heater card) for a water bag and a couple of water purificaton tablets. In spite of you are sometimes missin' some things, it doesnt change final feeling of this kit. Its always good to be prepared for the Apocalypse and zombie attacks and these will keep you one step closer to survival. Additional features of the sheath include a fire starter and a diamond sharpener that enhances on-the-go sharpening.

The knife’s overall durability and excellent edge retention are made possible due to two major reasons. Its intricate design is loaded with interesting innovations not found in other fixed blade knifes. The fish hooks are decent enough to survive, and most other items are great, I LOVE the multi tool.
Furthermore, the handle base is integrated with a stainless steel pommel that is useful for hammering or pounding.
Moreover, the “Priorities of Survival” guide helps users in checking their instincts against the experience – based advice from experts. Knife Features:Sheath allows you to carry knife while the tip is pointing either up or down. I see this pack as being easier than what you would have to do without it but just about anyone can live with just a good knife, hatchet, and being well dressed. Ill be ditching the light for a compass, and ive tied the lame whistle to the ferro rod (why not, help ive burned myself! The paracord wrapped around the handle can be removed and used for survival purposes and emergencies.
Bear Grylls Priorities of Survical Pocket Guide is included with purchase of this item and is also backed by the Gerber Gear lifetime warranty. If you're hungry you can make a trap by chopping wood, you can make a fire starter out of wood..
They are also expanding their Bear Grylls branded collections and have a great sharpening solution called the Downrange sharpener coming soon. Gerber makes a great variety of camping gear, multitools, and knives that are functional and collectible.

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