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If you want to know which company Generator is best for Pakistani generator purchaser then only two names is highlight in mind that is Honda and Hyundai. In Pakistan Electricity load shedding is big problem that is the reason Generator alternative solution is very popular in Pakistan but we cannot deny patrol and Diesel generator is very expensive alternative for people that is the reason Gas generator demand is increase because gas generator expense is very low or reasonable.
According to government of Punjab policy gas generator is illegal activity because due to gas generator usage other house gas pressure is low but this is a reality in Punjab majority generators is working on gas home connection.

Hyundai Company is working in 193 countries included USA, UK, UAE, South Asia and Pakistan.
In Pakistan different cities generator markets sell different generator companies products. Hundai popular product name is Petrol, gas and Diesel Generators, Water pump, Air compressors and Garden Machinery.

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