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Prima Power installed my Cummins Onan 20k generator in time for the last 10 hours power outage.
Hello Patrick, You set up our farm with a Prima Power Systems generator a few years ago, you may remember us. High quality products and friendly service is why we choose to work with Prima Power Systems. The enhanced enclosure with noise absorbing duct, over-sized muffler, extra-long air cleaner hose and quiet cooling fan all add up to super quiet generator performance, even at full load. Harold was very thorough with all the different generator selections available and the install of my unit is neat, tidy and straight as an arrow.

If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Your installation process and continued service checks guaranteed a no-hassle 3 days for us.
It was business as usual and we didn't skip a beat during one of the worst power outages that I can remember.
When you are raising a crop, maintaining power is priority #1 and your product didn't fail us. We have wood-fired boilers that heat water and then we have pumps that circulate the heated water through the greenhouses.

We lose power here about three times a year, sometimes for days, so we can’t afford to be without standby power.

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