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AREVA completes first major component decontamination in France – Aug 30, 2013– Paris, France  (Techreleased) – AREVA has successfully decontaminated the major components of the Chooz A nuclear power plant located in Northern France. The decontamination was carried out successfully thanks to the combination of two AREVA techniques, the CORD UV® and the AMDA®.
Compared to alternative solutions, AREVA’s decontamination technology produces a very low volume of radioactive waste, which is also managed by Andra.

This operation is based on the progressive introduction of chemical substances into the primary circuit which circulate in there over several days, until the end of the process.
Once the process is completed, the used chemicals are decomposed to carbon dioxide and water, leaving behind no additional waste.
For over 35 years, this proven, efficient, and economical solution has enabled AREVA to decontaminate the components of more than 30 nuclear power plants worldwide, including in Germany, Japan, China, and the United States,” declared Philippe Samama, Executive Vice President for the Installed Base Business Unit.

Through this process, AREVA significantly reduced the degree of the components’ radioactivity so that they could be classified as “very low level waste.” Following their decontamination, these components were transported to a National Radioactive Waste Management Agency (Andra) facility, in order to be stored there.

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