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August 28, 2012 By admin 1 Comment Some Texans are afraid of the dark, fearing that their power will be disconnected if they try to switch retail electricity providers.
To understand why the lights don’t go out when you switch providers, you must first understand everyone’s role in the market.
Power generation companies create energy through a variety of methods involving coal, natural gas, nuclear, wind, water and solar. Transmission and distribution companies are responsible for maintaining the poles and wires that get electricity to your house. There are five TDSPs within competitive retail areas in Texas: Centerpoint, TNMP, Nueces, Oncor and AEP.
Electric providers sell electricity to the end users (residential and commercial) and handle customer service and billing. Providers don’t physically control when power is turned on at a residence and when it is disconnected, but they do communicate with the other industry players to help facilitate these actions. That said, electric providers are able to request that a customer’s TDSP disconnect service for a variety of reasons that are outlined by the PUC.

If the PUC allowed TDSPs to shut off power every time a customer switched, no one would switch electric providers anymore – defeating the whole purpose of deregulating the market.
While the PUC regulates the entire Texas electric industry, they created a special set of mandates that requires TDSPs to treat all customers and retail electric providers fairly. Bottom line: Your lights don’t go out when you switch electric providers because it’s against the law. Electricity Simplified was created to educate the public about the electricity industry in Texas and provide energy-saving tips and tricks. Virtually all the generators of electricity throughout the world are three-phase synchronous generators.The generator consists of a prime mover and a magnetic field excitor. This is one of the many misconceptions surrounding the electricity industry when legislators decided to deregulate the market in 1999 in favor of a more competitive approach that allows the majority of Texans to choose their electric providers. But not one of those reasons for disconnections has to do with switching electric providers. That means that Centerpoint, TNMP, Nueces, Oncor and AEP can’t choose to shut off your electricity because they don’t like you or your electric provider.

When generators are connected to a single system they must rotate at exactly the same speed, hence the term synchronous generator. Figure 2 – Steel lattice tower cable supports The conductors are attached to porcelain insulator strings which are fixedA to the cross-members of the tower as shown in Figure 2. Loads connectedA between phases are fed at 400 V, and those fed between one phase and neutralA at 230 V. Figure 7 – Three-phase four-wire distribution A three-phase 400 V supply is used for supplying small industrial andA commercial loads such as garages, schools and blocks of flats. Highly specialized for design of LV high power busbar trunking (<6300A) in power substations, buildings and industry fascilities. We publish, we share and we spread the knowledge.You're welcome to read, write and contribute to EEP in any way!

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