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KOR-IT® maintains its' valued and trusted brand name since 1958 by providing quality design, engineering and manufacturing to the concrete drilling industry.
Tags: anchor bolt base, Core Drill, core drill machines, core drills, Core Rig, electric core drill, k-90, Milwaukee Core Drill. The K-90 Milwaukee Core Drill With Anchor Bolt Base has been in production since 1990 and is still made in the USA after all these years. The K-90 has a universal, industry standard drill spindle which will fit any standard core bit. If you are looking for a core drill system with a little more functionality, we encourage you to look at our K-812. Please Note: The S-20 is for 12 volt systems, if you have a 24 volt system please see the D-24 Hydrogen Generator Diesel Kit. All Of Our Kits Includes Easy To Read Instructions With Colorful DiagramsAnd Technical Support If Needed.

The S-20 hydrogen generator kit is a unique design which incorporates stability with forward thinking science. Anti-Vibration Hardware Technology - Can endure any type of punishment that is thrown its way. The chart is based on getting 6 MPG (before HHO) and driving an average of 2,400 miles a week with the cost of fuel at $3.00 a gallon. Even at a modest percentage of 30% MPG increase, which means you went from 6 MPG to 7.8 MPG, your annual savings would be $14,404. Not to mention the extra horsepower you will experience when you add HHO, especially going up hills with a heavy load. Northern Tool + Equipment, Generators, pressure washers, air compressors, power tools, trailers, heaters, stoves, food processing, go karts, and more! In pratica ci consentono di diramare, a partire dalla condotta principale o dal compensatore separatore idraulico, detto anche polmone, a tutto l'impianto domestico, tramite i circolatori che sono allertati dai cronotermostati o dalle centraline.
To support our reliability, KOR-IT® is the only manufacture in our industry including a Lifetime Warranty for our core drill machines. If you are simply looking for a stable Milwaukee core drill the K-90 is a great choice for you. SERIES SF MOTORISIERTE CARATTERISTICHE PRINCIPALI Sono azionate da un motorino elettrico e possono assumere due posizioni di funzionamento a seconda che quest'ultimo sia attivato o no.

It is cost effective and comes with our no hassle 5-Year Warranty on the core drill motor and a no hassle LIFETIME Warranty on the core drill stand. Su richiesta possono essere montati uno o due interruttori ausiliari che vengono azionati durante la commutazione della valvola.
This means you can literally get a lifetime of use out of this tool when purchasing this KOR-IT product. Click here for more information on our warranty.
Please note, for safety reasons, never try to use a vacuum base when drilling horizontally on a wall.
Le valvole sono dotate di una leva esterna per il posizionamento manuale dell'otturatore in posizione centrale.MAIN CHARACTERISTICS These are powered by an electric motor and can assume two operating positions depending on whether the motor is activated or noto One or two auxiliary switches can be instal!ed on request. If your system looses power, the vacuum could loose suction and you’ll end up with broken equipment and possibly an injury. The valves are equipp'fld with an external lever for manual positioning of the shut-off baI!

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