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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This portable 2 cycle gas engine generator is ideal for camping, tailgating, hunting, etc.. Cummins Power Generation has completed a second phase of development on its lean-burn gas (LBG) generator set product line at 50 Hz. Primary applications for the new products include prime, peaking, and combined heat and power (CHP) as well as continuous operation in island mode and standby power. The new generator sets feature Black Start capability – the ability to bring the generator set quickly into operation without relying on an external electricity source such as the grid.
Details of the entire Cummins Power Generation range of lean-burn gas generator sets is available in the latest brochure available for download in PDF format. The new product line marks the debut of a 2 MWe variant, alongside the improved 1,540 kWe and 1,750 kWe models, and targets remote locations by offering exceptional transient performance and improved fuel capability.

Their robust load handling attributes and capability of running on pipeline and low methane number fuels down to 43MN make them ideal for remote locations where grid power is unavailable, such as mining and oil and gas fields, or where grid power is unreliable or inaccessible. Black Start capability frees the generator set from grid dependency and allows its deployment in the remotest areas. This means they deliver improved transient performance with quicker recovery to rated voltage and frequency during start-up and as loads fluctuate. The new product line is also capable of running in high altitude and high ambient temperature environments with minimal derate.
The advance is facilitated by a complete redesign of the generator sets’ turbo layout using technology only available from Cummins Turbo Technologies. It now comes from the factory with a number of warning decals installed on the gas tank and elsewhere that the older one did not have. Out of an excess of caution, I also drilled a pin-hole in the gas cap to prevent vacuum lock and fuel starvation as a few have reported having experienced.

Ideally, the owner will create an open, but weather-proof, shelter for the generator that will serve to block direct noise and reflect it away from your location. I hoped I could clean up the voltage spikes by plugging in an APC UPS [battery back up power supply for computers, etc] and it remained on battery and wouldn't allow this generator to power it up due to the voltage constantly varying wildly.
I will use this generator ONLY to power incandescent light bulbs and possibly small power tools.

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