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Biogas with a methane concentration of 50 to 70 per cent is won in biogas plants through the fermentation of natural biomass or rubbish. Heat power plants usually use biomass (wood) that is converted into clean energy and heat thanks to a special combustion technology. The energy cabin presents an ideal, flexible alternative to conventional heat providers, which normally use fossil fuels to produce heat energy. With a juwi energy cabin, you can generate economical, environmentally-friendly heat energy for individual buildings or whole residential estates.
A heating network is necessary to transport heat energy from an energy source to the consumer. The Lego City sets are made up of sub-themes like Airport, Construction, Farm, Fire,Police, Space and Train.
From a parent’s point of view the Lego City theme offers a chance for kids to role play about things they know.
The sets are designed around things that children see in their daily lives, whether in their own particular world or on television.
Role playing with toys familiar to children, allows them to explore social interactions with others in a safe environment.
The Lego City is one of the mainstays of Lego, especially the emergency sets like Police and Fire and there are often sets out each year in these sub-themes.
Lego City sets are wonderful ways to start a collection and we would recommend them as a place to begin if you are unsure of which Lego set to buy your child. An important part of any fully working city an airport in Lego City is a thriving hub of activity. Early versions of the airport had planes made entirely of separate bricks while more recent Lego airports have larger planes made up of solid nose-cones and fixed wings.
While some see this as moving away from Lego construction, it can also be seen as a way of making vehicles like planes more authentic and accurate to their real-life counterparts. Airports often include a plane, terminal, baggage handlers and Lego City tourists in cute Hawaiian shirts.
There is something appealing to young children about chasing after criminals and putting them in jail. Lego has been making police sets for over 30 years and you can almost guarantee there will be a police themed set released each year, with the larger Police Station sets always in production.
Lego City Police sets center around the largest set in the theme which is always the Police Station. Smaller sets are also a part of this sub-theme and can include Police boats, Mobile Police Units, planes, helicopters and motorcycle police. Pretending to be a firefighter is one of the most common role-playing activities for kids when they reach a certain age. As with Lego Police, the Fire sub-theme has been around for some years and started production in the early 1980s. The most recent fire stations are made up of a small office area where fires are called in and managed, a place to sleep for firefighters and a large garage area to house the included firetruck.

Other sets in the Lego Fire sub theme can include a fire truck, fire car, fire boat and a fire helicopter. Materials: Construction, packaging, cleaning chemicals, regular changes according to fashion.
Water Sewerage, Grey water, Garden run-off, Rainwater lost, chemical pollutants from cleaning fluids, cosmetics, disposable batteries, etc. Air and Noise Pollution: Unfiltered Dust Particles ‘Rubbish’ Toxic, nappies, plastics, car fumes, car bodies and parts and spills, Mechanical toys and entertainment, maintenance machines such as mowers etc. LIFESTYLE: competitive, repetitive, consumer driven, entertainment sought from outside immediate community consumer driven, pressure to conform, predictable and controlled input from media and friends, controlled and measured education and limited exposure to the natural world and environment.
In Permaculture we learn to design for physical and cultural changes to the site and the surrounding area promoting durability and natural choices.
Harness and use natural energies (Sun, Wind, Water, Flora and Fauna) dedicate 15% of total space to storage of water (this can be as sub-soil storage, in forests or above ground in shaded ponds.
Community Sharing encouraged by establishment of Meeting places, Eating Houses, Transport, Sports Facilities, Entertainment areas, Play Areas. Water: Less supplied water, Rainwater, localised humidity and condensation, natural cloud seeding. People work: interesting, interactive and diverse, productive, changes according to seasons and evolution of the system. Water Compost toilet, grey water to garden, natural water filter system, poultry, and fish, birds and wildlife access water. LIFESTYLE: interactive with unpredictable natural elements, interest and participation in local community, educational and health conscious.
Committed to making a difference: mentoring, growing and inspiring a better future for all. Its versatility a€“ for example, the possibility of combined heat and power production a€“ makes it so valuably for private customers, municipalities and businesses. The basis of the system is biomass a€“ in other words, slurry, manure, organic waste and fuel crops such as corn. This mixture is burned in combined heat and power plants a€“ one third of produced energy is used as power, two thirds as heat. The basis of the system is biomass a€“ in other words, slurry, manure, organic waste and fuel crops such as corn. Other raw material used for biomass heat power plants are wood chips and wood pellets- biomass heat power plants can also be used for cooling. This solution is especially suited to buildings that are too small to house a boiler, water tank or fuel storage system. The main components of the energy cabin are the boiler, which is used for the CO2-neutral combustion of wood pellets, and the fuel storage system, which includes a worm conveyor to transport the wood pellets into the boiler. The biomass boilers used in juwi's energy cabins are supplied by the Austrian manufacturer KWB. Water is heated up with heat energy transmitted by a heat exchanger and is pumped through that network a€“ usually through steel pipes a€“ heat is provided to the consumer.

Lego City sets feature life in large towns and cities as kids and their parents would experience them. Over the years there have been a number of Lego Airports and all have been popular with kids and adults alike. Other smaller sets are also available as stand-alone sets or to pair with the large airports. It seems to appeal to their strong sense of wrong and right, something they learn about during the early years and is on their minds much of the time whether at home or at school. The station often includes office areas, a jail or overnight lockup cell, wagon for transporting prisoners and a police car.
Every year the company will release more Lego Fire sets, with the major set – the Lego Fire Station, almost always in production. The early sets set the stage for later releases with a large fire station set and a number of smaller sets, a fire car and a fire truck. Materials: local, natural, recycled, organic, and sustainable with minimal packaging and transportation. There is a lot less ‘Rubbish’ because most food and packaging, furniture and clothing is re-used, shared, recycled, composted and then finally mulched.
In addition, bio energy has the best storage capacity and is thus an important supplement to wind and solar power a€“ which are subject to natural fluctuations. The energy cabin can be also efficiently used as a flexible central heating system for new buildings, residential estates and commercial and industrial facilities. Thanks to their compact design and integrated control technology, these boilers are the ideal components for this flexible method of supplying renewable heat energy. The heroic and often selfless nature of a firefighters job is something kids can look up to as an example of the best of human nature. Many of these spaces should be multi-functional.  Choices include preference for biodegradable, durable and re-useable resources. Its charter is to promote and support projects around the world that have a strong permaculture element. It can be used for a number of different applications, primarily the generation of heat and power on-site or feeding an existing natural gas network.
The biogas can be used for a number of different applications, primarily the generation of heat and power on-site of feeding an existing natural gas network. Surplus produce is shared, less pressure on existing farms and forests, Higher real estate value on the property, better community and local environment, safer environment for all especially the children and the elderly.
The residue of the fermentation process can be reused as high-quality farmland fertiliser to help grow plants.

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