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Among the many details you’ll get after carrying out a text car check is the VIN or Chassis number. The colour or registration plate of the car can be changed, but the VIN will always stay the same. The DVLA has launched a new site where you can easily check any car’s MOT and tax expiry date.
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The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has extended the validity of codes generated by its online driving licence information sharing system to 21 days, following complaints from industry that the previous, 72-hour window of validity was not long enough for employers’ checking purposes.
The online system was introduced as a means of recording driving endorsements following the abolition of the paper counterpart licence (pictured, right) in June. As of 10 July, the employer has 21 days from generation of the code to perform the necessary checks before expiration. Ian Gallagher, the Freight Transport Association’s lead on DVLA, said: “Common sense has prevailed and DVLA has listened to what we have been saying about the new online system not being fit for purpose. FTA, which had long been calling for bulk checking functionality prior to the system’s launch, says that many fleet operators are now using paid-for third-party services, because the DVLA system requires additional time and resources to check each record individually. If you are hiring a vehicle from us which is covered by our insurance and you fail to produce a valid code when you arrive to collect the vehicle, we can assist you in obtaining a code, but this will incur a non-refundable flat-rate fee of ?5 +VAT which will be added to the cost of your vehicle hire.  You will also need to know your National Insurance number, otherwise you will be unable to request a code. If you fail to produce your physical driving licence at vehicle collection, we will be unable to hire you a vehicle.
The DVLA has released the following video on their YouTube channel to help explain the process, which we’ve also explained with the aid of diagrams below. To visit the DVLA website for more information on the changes to driving licences and the abolition of the paper counterpart, click here. Maun Motors is a family business, but is one of the largest independent commercial vehicle rental operators in the UK, with a huge fleet of over 800 vehicles of a wide variety of types, including many hard-to-find specialist vehicles.

It also provides information such as the vehicles date of first registration, year of manufacture, CO2 emissions, vehicle colour & MOT due date.
Following a recent announcement that DVLA will be cancelling their text reminder service, we would like to inform customers who have an MOT with us that providing we have your mobile number in our database then we will send you an MOT due reminder shortly before your MOT is due ABSOLUTELY FREE and NO SUBSCRIPTION IS REQUIRED! A fixed penalty notice is usually the method dealt with by police which costs the driver £60. Having a valid MOT test certificate doesn't necessarily mean the vehicle is road worthy.
3 penalty points for each offence, for example 3 points for defective brakes, 3 points per illegal tyre, 3 penalty points for defective steering are placed on the drivers licence. Other than the initial fine and court costs, the financial burden is increased for a further 4 years - the duration in which the penalty point last on a drivers licence.
All UK registered vehicles along with road tax, insurance and Ministry Of Transport test (MOT) test status are now kept on computer databases. The Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) maintain their own computer databases as well as using others. A vehicle that does not have a valid MOT test certificate has its registration details automatically passed onto the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) of police vehicles.
This enables police patrols to pull you over with ease and additionally, static cameras may also catch a vehicle driving without a valid MOT test certificate. If you want to make sure the VIN is consistent with the DVLA’s details, all you have to to do is text the VIN to 78888, the same number you used to carry out the original search.
Therefore, verifying the VIN using a text car check is the best way to make sure the car you are buying is authentic. The VIN will then be verified by checking it against the information held by the DVLA on the car. It allows drivers to generate a code which can be passed to employers and other parties such as vehicle hire firms, allowing them time-limited access to the driver’s records in order to confirm their eligibility to drive.

We specialise in Crane Lorry rentals, as well as vans, other lorries & trucks and minibuses. Using the new free online tax checker you can check any vehicle against the DVLA database to ensure it has been taxed.
If you have a tax disc with any months left to run after this date, then it can be removed from the vehicle and destroyed. Failure to pay, or repeat offenders will receive a court summons where the fine will escalate and will include court costs. Using a vehicle in a dangerous condition, for example defective brakes, illegal tyres, defective steering, can land a driver with significantly higher fines and points on their licence. If fortunate not to lose the licence due to exceeding 12 penalty points, the added points will certainly increase vehicle insurance premiums. Their systems automatically check each month the status of each vehicle, which includes validity of MOT test certificates. Just enter the registration number (number plate) and the vehicle make to find out information about the car’s MOT and tax expiry date for free. This includes customers with a Northern Ireland address, however they will still need to display their MoT disc.
No points are issued on a drivers licence although a fine is imposed by court of up to a maximum of £1000.

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