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The Massachusetts Recreational Vehicle Bill of Sale form is used when a person is either buying or selling a recreational vehicle such as Snow Mobile etc., in the state of Massachusetts. Please make sure you follow the steps given below to fill the form, to avoid inconvenience.
After that please make sure you give the complete description of the recreational vehicle which should include the make, model, year, colour, CC’s, engine serial number and the Seventeen digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN #).
You will also see another section which says ‘office use only’, please do not fill that and leave it blank.
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30% dxo labs coupon, promo codes - retailmenot, Discounts average $34 off with a dxo labs promo code or coupon. It is said to be very essential that the sale is recorded or jotted down on the bill of sale for the protection of both the parties and to safeguard their securities.
Along with that you also need to fill in the full name and the mailing address of the seller as well as the buyer.
Most people will tamper with the odometer’s reading in order to get a better price on the vehicle.

You also need to mention what all are you going deliver to the buyer and if that would include the trailer or no. There is information on the purchase price, odometer reading, vehicle identification number, model and also the make of the vehicle in subject. Some of this information is used by the government in tax assessment.With a vehicle bill of sale, you will have little to worry about as far as fraud is concerned. Always ask for a bill of sale or even create one if your state doesn’t necessarily require one during this type of transaction.

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