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If this vehicle has been sold and you are the new owner, sign up to become a member (or if you're already a member, make sure you are signed in) and ask the current owner to click the "Transfer Vehicle" button from this car's page. It moved to the black horizontal bar above, hover your mouse or tap on a Label to open the navigation menu. Saphon, out of Tunisia, is interested in finding partners to mass-produce and market their unique wind energy device, based on their own Zero Blade technology."The Zero-Blade Technology is largely inspired from the sailboat and is likely to increase the efficiency of the current wind power conversion devices.
Use the CARFAX search as one important tool, along with a vehicle inspection and test drive, to make a better decision about your next used car.

An average wind turbine captures only 30 to 40%, while the Saphon turbine is said to be 2.3 times more efficient. Additionally, the cost is expected to be 45% less than a conventional turbine, mostly due to the fact that there are no blades, no hub, and no gearbox on the units.PHOTO: Impressive Beast! World's Longest Wind Turbine Rotor Blade Measures 246 Feet!The Saphon Zero Blade technology is different in other ways as well, most significantly being storage of energy. Most of the kinetic energy can be stored (via a hydraulic accumulator) or converted to electricity with a hydraulic motor and generator."We've developed several prototypes.

We did the testing and this second one is twice as efficient as a three blade turbine and in terms of manufacturing is at least 50 percent cheaper." - Hassine Labaied The company is now looking for manufacturing partners to bring the turbine to market, and once that happens, they expect to be shipping out units anywhere from 18 to 24 months afterward.

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