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With this easy-to-use OBD-II diagnostic software, you can communicate with your vehicle's On-Board Diagnostic system and turn your computer or mobile into a highly capable automotive scanner. Find out why the check engine light or Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) is on by reading the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs).
On-Board Diagnostics, or OBD, is a computer-based system built into modern passenger cars that monitors emission related controls and performance of the engine, and detects malfunctions.
OBD diagnostic software communicates with the car and reads the diagnostic information from the car.
To start communicating with your car, you need to have ELM327-based adapter and a OBDII compliant car.
Are you tired of taking your car to the repair shop every time the On-Board computer illuminates the MIL? All modern cars have On-Board computers but communicating with the car's Engine Control Unit has been mystery to many Do-It-Yourself mechanics. By identifying the minor problems before they become major problems can save you a lot of trouble. If you are running or working in small repair shop, using OBD Auto Doctor will benefit you too.
OBD Auto Doctor is capable of reading Stored (MODE 3), Pending (MODE 7) and Permanent (MODE A) Diagnostic Trouble Codes and Freeze Frame of course. Coming soon: OBD Auto Doctor will also generate you a nice detailed Diagnostic Report that you can save (PDF) or print. ECM Chiptuning 2001 V6.3 software is the only one software to view and modify the maps in real time, with graph mode, hex mode and tabellar mode.

The software shows in graphic version all data that are into a eprom, producing a graphic where is possible to know the curves of the maps.
Zooming and of changing range, the software give you the possibility to effect meticulous modification with high precision. The software allows the superimposition of two different files to bear comparison and to paste maps from a file to the other. The software allows the visualization of the spark advance that is in real degree and the visualization of the ratio development. It's possible limit the number of modification with the use of the mouse to the top ratio development, all this for avoid some mistakes. It's possible also delete the modification that you have done if you push a whatever button of your keyboard or if you click with your mouse.
OBD Auto Doctor is a must-have tool for everyone interested in getting to know their cars better.
OBD-II systems provide access to the health information of a vehicle and access to numerous parameters and sensors from the Engine Control Unit (ECU).
Just connect the OBDII adapter to the physical 16-pin OBD connector plug located near the dashboard (typically below the streering wheel), launch the software, and you are ready to go.
For example, by diagnosing a rather low-cost repair such as the replacement of malfunctioning oxygen sensor, OBD Auto Doctor can save you the cost of replacing the expensive catalytic converter later. Get access to the Engine Control Unit to read and monitor engine parameter values in real-time. You can also access Oxygen Sensor Monitoring and On-Board Monitoring Tests in addition to the Readiness Monitors.

With the driver, ECM2001 offers to advance and beginners the possibility to work with car mapping at the best.
For example if a Peugeot 307 is 90cv, with this software and also using a cable (KWP or Galleto) for reading dump ECU calculator you can add more power to this vehicle for example it will be 110Cv,this is called the chiptuning.It includes the software with11500 drivers for several models of ECU. Whether you want to monitor data in real-time or reset "check engine" light, this is the only OBDII software you need! The OBD2 system offers valuable information, including diagnostic trouble codes, when troubleshooting problems. The connection between the interface and the software can use bluetooth, WiFi, serial port or USB connection depending on the type of hardware you have. OBD Auto Doctor can reduce the amount that you spend on the expensive dealer visits significantly. Moreover, by using OBD Auto Doctor you can make sure that your vehicle is ready for the emissions test before taking your car to the inspection. Using the adapter, OBD software can communicate with the car and present the diagnostic information in user friendly way. With OBD Auto Doctor you can read the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and reset the Check Engine Light yourself. For example, by replacing an easy-to-change mass air flow sensor in 15 minutes yourself can save you as much as $200.

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