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Onerous has posted in Where to get refurbished injectors in Diesel Engines (Mondeo Mk3). In this article I'll shed some light on how to test and diagnose a Ford (and Mercury) V-6 ignition coil pack.
The tests are fast and easy and I'll take you thru' the whole process step by step with photos, by explaining the do's and don'ts, and by teaching you some basic working theory all in plain English. This smell is caused by unburned gasoline from the misfiring cylinder overloading the catalytic converter's oxidation process. The differences between both types can be summed up as: Early Design (Type 1) and Late Design Coil Pack (Type 2 -the Late Design Coil Pack is also known as the Series 5 Coil Pack in Ford technical speak).
If you're wondering what these two look like, the photo above is of the early design (type 1) and the illustration below is of the late design (type 2) ignition coil pack.
Also, even tho' many Ford and Mercury models use the exact same coil pack, the type of connector and the color of the wires used vary a lot!

You'll test and diagnose the Ford coil pack on the car or truck with some very basic tools. A car (or truck) Shop Manual (no, not the Owner's Manual) for the specific Ford or Mercury model that you're working on. You DO NOT need a scan tool (Automotive Diagnostic Scanner) to test the Ford coil pack, in case you're wondering why there's no mention of a Scan Tool in the list above.
Since you'll be working around a cranking engine this section can be summed up with the following: use common sense and take all necessary safety precautions. Suite au boom des ventes constate dans la categorie des crossovers urbains, Ford s’est penche sur l’Ecosport pour le rendre plus conforme aux desiderata des clients europeens. Qui dit manque de reprises, dit tentation de monter dans les tours pour extirper le potentiel de l’engin. CONCLUSION En corrigeant certains de ses défauts, le Ford Ecosport devrait trouver son public dans cette nouvelle finition Titanium S.

In other words; as you accelerate the car (or truck) and it starts to move, the engine starts to miss. Both types are tested in the exact same way because their circuits and the cylinders they feed (with spark) are identical! The circuits and their descriptions and more importantly their tests are the same regardless of the color of the wires, or the shape of the connector or the year or the angle, etc. Well, because a scan tool can not do a live performance test on the coil pack like the one this article is gonna' teach you to do.
Je pense m'orienter vers une nouvelle marque afin de trouver un suv type Ecosport, mais homologue pour un attelage.

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