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I personally pack 3 MRE's that have been field stripped, as well as a can of tuna and lobster meat. When it comes to supplementing food and water, you can buy food specifically made to be emergency food, or you can even just add a couple more liters of water per person, and a jar or two of peanut butter.  But whether you’re adding peanut butter or food designed for emergencies, always check the expiration dates! Finally, remember that a BOB with a rating of 1.5 stars is still better than no BOB at all! Recommended Supplementation:  We recommend that you add additional food and water to this BOB.
Rating: Another recommended pre-packed BOB that comes with a nice variety of items that comes close to fulfilling most of your needs. Recommended Supplementation:  Added food and water as well as the inclusion of a hearty blade. Recommended Supplementation:  The addition of a tool and knife would greatly further this pack, as well as an extension of the initial water offerings. Rating: This two person pack by Zippmo is a relatively affordable BOB that contains numerous items to help you survive an emergency or disaster in an urban environment. Rating: Here we have another BOB by Zippmo, except this 72hr pack is meant for four individuals.
Rating: This deluxe survival kit by wise is meant to sustain one individual for 2 weeks, or two people for 1 week. Cons: This survival kit comes in a 27 lbs rolling duffel bag and not a back pack, which may make it more difficult to handle over the course of a week or two.
Recommended Supplementation: To help this BOB out, consider adding more water, a few home items like toothbrushes, a BIC lighter, and a wire saw. Recommended Supplementation:  More food and water, a knife, a fire starter, a lighter, and if for use in a car, some road flares. Cons:  There is not enough food or water, and there is very little equipment to assist you in an emergency. Recommended Supplementation:  More food and water, a knife, a multi-tool, a fire starter, a lighter, and if for use in a car, some road flares.

Rating: It should be noted that this BOB has NO food or water!  It does have some basic supplies that would be useful in a disaster or emergency. Pros:  Has basic equipment that would be useful, such as a poncho, first aid kit, flashlight, hygiene kit, signaling mirror, and work gloves. Recommended Supplementation:  Some food and water, a knife, a multi-tool, a fire starter, and a lighter.
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This kit should contain eating utensils, a cup or small pot, and a stove of some sort. For these recommendations we have listed the BOBs we feel are best, for a number of price ranges.  There are other bug-out bags that are in these price ranges, but we did not feel that they were as good as those listed. For a three day BOB It includes only 2.5 liters of water and 1 bottle of water purification tabs. Much like the pack we previously reviewed, this bag comes with many similar items except multiplied to help further a larger group. This pack also contains a sufficient supply of food including a couple of MRE’s and several fortified bars. With the addition of a good knife, multi-tool, extra water, a water filtration system, and a first-aid kit this bag would have been very tough to beat for the price.
Also glad to see that the bag includes a hand crank radio as well as a hand squeeze rechargeable flashlight. Initially the contents of this bag look quite attractive simply because the description of the food included, but once we delve deeper how does it stack up?
Also the tantalizing food offered within this kit requires the addition of water therefore cutting short your initial water supplies.

Packing some quick and easy meals will help comfort you in an already bad situation and give you energy. As far as rations are concerned, this bag comes with 6 food bars that are listed at 400 calories each. Canister stoves are quick and efficient, and will work in even the harshest of weather conditions.
While basements from Tornado Alley to the Ring of Fire hold stockpiles of emergency supplies, she found bug-out bags truly explore the unique psyches of their owners.The project began with people she knew, then expanded through Craigslist. Dark thoughts aside, her interest in bug-out bags flows from her fascination with cultures on the fringes of society. In a dirty bomb,nuclear reactor meltdown or military strike that hits a hundred or so milesaway can be prepared for by keeping a few months or more stock of food (FreezeDried Is Best), water, duct tape for the windows, doors and ventilation ventsas well as medications.
To protect your family and survival supplies arm yourself with at least a 12 gauge shot gun along with a 38 or 357-magnum handgunwith 1000 rounds for each gun you own. Keep enough of the natural radiation detox mineral calledZeolite to help REMOVE any radiation and heavy metals that does get into thebody because some exposure is likely to occur and you don’t want radiationsickness or worse! Get enough Zeolite to detox the entire family and know howmuch you will need to take to do a proper detox.
Do not mistake Zeolite forPotassium iodide or iodine that can only protect the thyroid gland for 24 hoursand must be taken before being exposed to radiation. Zeolite will actuallyremove both radiation and heavy metals after you are exposed to it and since it’sa natural mineral it will store for many years to have when you need it!

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