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As part of the continuing Achieving the Dream project, a number of Columbus State faculty and staff members will facilitate discussions about current gaps in our students’ success.
The Shared Governance Policy Council and four standing committees have elected their 2012-2013 leadership teams.
Darrell Minor will represent the Office of Academic Affairs Committee co-chairs, and Karen Muir will represent the Office of Academic Affairs.
Approximately 100 proctors are needed to pick up, administer and return surveys to the designated office. Both Columbus State basketball teams have briefly cracked Top-20 national junior college rankings as they aim for end-of-season tourneys. Columbus State hosted the 2013 Future Cities Ohio Regional Competition for the second year in a row January 19 in the Conference Center.
Sponsors this year included Columbus State, CH2M Hill, PPG Industries, Xylem, The Ohio Environmental Education Fund, AIA Columbus, AutoTools, the Ohio EPA, and M-E Companies. Mark your calendars for January 25, 2014 for the next Future Cities Ohio Regional Competition at Columbus State! MindLeaders online training courses are available to all current Columbus State employees, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Food production requires water and energy, the extraction of water requires energy, and energy production requires water. The lack of sound local and global governance poses a larger risk than we may anticipate today. Climate change, in the shape of torrential rains, has also affected our country; we are one of the few countries facing a chronic food emergency today. Economists forecast that global demand for energy will increase by 40% by 2030, and that this energy will draw heavily on freshwater resources. We need good business and we need to understand the difference between dependency on others and self reliance. Climate change and the growing water scarcity are the main long-term existential threats to Pakistan and the region. Immediate focus is required on the development and conservation of energy, agriculture and infrastructure. The article serves as a stern warning which if not heeded will result first in complete break down of an already deteriorating basic humanity, civics, law and order and secondly also antagonize our country’s relationships within the region.
The writer has done a good job highlighting a crisis in the making, now we need urgent solutions and their implementation.
The NGOs, if not all but most, recently,are another black hole in the system unfortunately. The remote locations where the oil fields have been found through out Pakistan, are not being watched let alone account for. Zeeshan writes about the benefits of Globalization as well as its flaws due to unequal distribution among the countries of the world.
Demographic challenges, fiscal pressure on advanced economies poses a greater danger on the stability on such economies. Zeeshan mentions food production crisis as another issue due to the water and energy crisis.
Zeeshan suggests of securing our water resources and building more dams are a sensible way to handle such issues of poverty and famine. Due to our illiteracy and lack of community sense we are unable to understand the need to stop wastage of water urgently.
As the drastically rising demand comes from fresh water resources and fossil fuel like coal, Zeeshan highlights the need to efficiently develop our Thar Coal Reserve.
Lastly he points out that if we do not take adequate measures quickly we will suffer badly and have adverse effects on our GDP.
When dolphins are 'rescued' in various countries, the car given seems to be ill-considered.
BAOBAB Travel has recently become the first UK-based Africa travel specialist to have a portfolio of South African itineraries certified as Fair Trade Tourism (FTT) travel packages. The deodorant story progresses with a natural solution that has no aluminium or other ''contaminant'' to cause you any allergies or discomfort. There are various issues involved in the long-term change in the distribution of weather patterns that is known as climate change. Biodiversity can be defined as a measure of the comparative diversity among organisms present in a particular ecosystem, biome or planet.
The conservation movement aims to protect natural resources such as animal and plant species and their habitats.
Underwater coral reefs are created when corals, which are colonies of tiny living animals, secrete calcium carbonate. Pollution, human population growth, our quest for natural resources and agricultural land is devastating forests worldwide. An ecosystem is an integrated biological environment that consists of all of the species that live in a particular habitat. Issues exist regarding the generation and use of energy, including the environmental impact of energy sources such as fossil fuels, nuclear power, wind power, solar power and biomass. Environmental health is an area of public health that concerns the health effects on humans of aspects of the natural and built environment.
Environmental organisations aim to analyse, monitor or protect the environment in case of its degradation or misuse, or to lobby on environmental issues.
Food and water security can be defined as the availability to a population of a sufficient quantity and quality of nutritious food and potable water. Genetic engineering involves the deliberate and somewhat unnatural manipulation by humans of an organism’s genetic structure. Habitat loss and degradation involve a natural habitat being rendered functionally unable to support a present species. Is hydraulic fracturing an energy revolution and solution to our increasing energy needs or a potentially serious environmental issue that will cause more problems than it solves? Mass extinction can be defined as a sudden decrease in the total number of species in a comparatively short time period. Natural disasters are disasters caused by natural hazards such as floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides or tornados. Decreasing pH levels in the oceans caused by increased carbon dioxide levels are making oceans more acidic.
Pollution is the process by which harmful substances or products are introduced into the natural environment.
Recycling can be defined as making used or waste materials suitable for reuse by processing them into new products. Renewable energy is energy that is derived from naturally replenished, or renewable, natural resources such as wind, rain, ocean tides or sunlight (renewables). There are various issues associated with the management of waste, including in its processing, collection, transport, disposal, recycling and monitoring.
Information about the largest animal that has ever lived, the magnificent blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) - including photos and video of blue whales swimming in the wild. Information and facts about the komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) - includes some fabulous photos of the komodo in the wild, a close up of the venomous mouth and video of how the komodo hunts and kills prey much larger than itself. Information about the whale shark (Rhincodon typus) - includes some excellent photos and video of whale sharks swimming in the wild. Information about the sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) - including facts, some photos showing how they dive and video of sperm whales swimming.
Information about the largest of the dolphin species, the killer whale (Orca or Orcinus orca) - including photos of a killer whales swimming and breaching in the wild.
Information about the humpback whale species (Megaptera novaeangliae) - including some excellent photos of a humpback breaching, several feeding whales, a mother and calf swimming in the wild plus a video of humpback feeding behaviour. Information and facts about the manta ray (Manta birostris) - including photos of mantas swimming and feeding. The Earth Times aims to provide you with current environmental news coverage and green blogs to give you the background information needed to better understand what can sometimes be enormously complicated and controversial environmental issues.
Our encyclopaedia or guide to environmental issues and to some extent environmental concerns, is a relatively new addition to the site that we hope will give you the knowledge to understand these global environmental issues in the rapidly changing world around you. Written to be understandable, without the need to hold a degree in climate change science on the effects of global warming, biology or ecology, The Earth Times Encyclopaedia tries to make sense of these environmental problems, conservation topics and environmental issues that more and more people are becoming engaged and familiar with as they try to make a difference to our planet.
From untangling climate change to helping you find an environmental organization you can be happy supporting we do hope you find The Earth Times Encyclopaedia on environmental issues a useful resource to highlight environmental sustainability for a greener life.

We will be constantly adding to the contents of the encyclopaedia and hope it will complement our environment news when covering any issue relating to nature and the environment.
We have the chance to counter new viral and ancient parasitic disease with rapid diagnostic technologies. When a great, immoveable pollution source is faced by an increasingly smaller butterfly population, what is going to happen? The Australian spiders seem as distinct as the rest of their flora and fauna, with colour the distinguishing mark in this case.
When our children ask what 2016 was like, what will we tell them about the likely hottest year that has ever been recorded.? Off New England lie the settlement grounds of many large lobsters, closely related to the Northern European species.
We regard the most impressive living things as large animals, such as extinct giants, but to consider the life and influence of great trees or the efficiency of a spectacular army ant raid, killing everything in its path, canA’t be disregarded. The move to exploit rainforest and peatland with no motive other than profit is finally being stopped. An important step for many countries now is relieving the strain on health services from the heavy but invisible pollution, not only from our cars but actually drawn into our vehicles. The existence of a water loving species in the middle of a great desert shocked early explorers and has that effect still. While Knorr soups strive hardest among Unilever companies, the rest of us must become aware of sustainable food production.
In between having food, you may drink some quantity of water, this will not have any effect, but avoid drinking more water. After 1 or 2 hr gap, after your food, drink more water without fail, even if you are not feeling thirsty. Its ironical that, people now a days have started drinking cool drinks( Pepsi, coco cola, Mirinda, 7Up, Fanta ), hot drinks(alcoholic), wine more than water, by paying money.
Jeff Richard- son, associate professor of biological and physical sciences, has found Ohio’s oldest known fossilsa€”850 million years olda€”which also happen to be visible only by microscope!
Catch up with Coach Pat Carlisle and Coach Joel Renner in this video produced earlier this week.
The competition celebrates National Engineers Week, and this year's theme for the young teams to study was Storm Water Runoff. Their efforts include writing an essay, using SIMM 4 software to design a city of the future, building scale models with moving parts using less than $100 of recycled materials, and presenting the final project to industry members at this competition. Additional sponsors presented more than a dozen specialty awards from Sustainability and Design, to Most Holistic City.
Current Columbus State employees can access the online courses using a Novell username and password from any campus computer or from your home computer. Postal Service has changed the regulations for the design of Business Reply Mail envelopes.
Food prices are highly sensitive to energy costs – which indirectly affect the GDP of a country. Country risk at the individual level varies due to conflict of interests, differing norms and values, scarcity of resources and war.
Food prices are highly sensitive to energy costs – which indirectly affect the GDP of a country as high costs of processing, irrigation, fertiliser and transportation affect production and lead to lower exports. The lack of energy security, lower agriculture yields and higher cost of relief goods is leading us towards unrest and uncertainty. Our reservoirs need to be secure and more dams need to be constructed faster, as draught and famine are fast turning into a possibility. For example, countries that produce meat require up to 20,000 litres of water for every kilogramme of meat produced, compared to at least 1,200 litres to produce a kilogram of grain. Over 75% of global demand for energy from 2012-2030, will be dependant on fossil fuels – predominantly coal.
Bad governance is a major issue in Pakistan, eating up business and politics and leading us to ruins. For example, Shuja Nawaz, the author of Crossed Swords says that his grandfather, his uncle and his cousin have all been deployed in Waziristan by the British and later Pakistani governments in the last century and a half.
Also the risk of war and nuclear proliferation between countries looms behind this scenario. This will facilitate in creating jobs, mobilization of resources and income and prosperity of our nation. Lack of water in the body can lead to problems such as burn in the urinary tract, dull skin, weak muscles, illness, constipation, etc.
These include man made climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, ozone depletion, efficient energy use, fossil fuels and their phase-out in favour of renewable energy sources. However, biodiversity can also be described as the quantity of an environment’s species, genes and ecosystems. Conservation is a fairly broad term and can be almost interchangeable with the idea of environmentalism or the environmental movement as a whole - it is safe to assume that all environmentalists want to conserve the natural environment. Despite being found in waters that provide hardly any nutrients, coral reefs are among the world’s most diverse, albeit fragile ecosystems, being particularly sensitive to water temperature. The most serious deforestation issue is tropical rainforest decimation with loss of habitat and biodiversity. Desertification can occur as a result of both destructive use of the land by humans and variations in climate, with possible causes including drought, deforestation and overgrazing. It also includes the non-living, physical components and processes of that environment that the organisms are affected by and interact with, including air, sunlight, soil and water. This could be due to insufficient numbers of that species remaining in order to reproduce enough offspring to ensure its survival, while changing predation or environmental parameters can also pose a threat to particular organisms. Related major energy issues include national energy policies, reliance on foreign energy sources and poorer countries’ energy needs. These include energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, planning for the impacts of climate change, environmental permitting, the threat to businesses and their critical infrastructure from rising sea levels and flooding and water regulations.
Environmental disasters caused by industrial activity, agriculture, pollution or the depletion of natural resources can have a significant impact on a region’s biodiversity, agriculture and economy, often leading to the deaths of animals and plants. Issues in environmental health include indoor and outdoor air quality, food safety, noise pollution control, safe drinking water and housing. Environmental organisations can be charities, trusts, governmental or non-governmental, and may operate on a local, regional, national or global basis. It is often unseasonal, and can come in such forms as heat waves, cold waves, floods, wildfires, cyclones or tornadoes, with a given event being determined as extreme on the basis of its climatological distribution.
The long-term sustainability of present levels of fishing has been questioned in recent years due to issues like overfishing, bycatch, fishing discards due to Government quotas and guidelines, climate change, marine pollution and fish farming. To be food-secure and water-secure means living neither in hunger or thirst, nor in fear of starvation or severe dehydration. This modification results in changes in the affected organism’s characteristics, with one of the most controversial and best-known applications of genetic engineering being genetically modified food. These consequences may become unmanageable if action for dealing with global warming continues to be delayed. This process leads to a reduction in biodiversity due to the tendency for the species for which a given site was a natural habitat to be displaced or destroyed. Hydrofracking has been linked to earthquakes and water supply contamination but what exactly is the process involved with fracking and shale gas extraction? There have been five mass extinction events in the last 540 million years that involved the deaths of more than half of all animal species.
Although nuclear energy provides environmental benefits, for example in the form of zero carbon dioxide emissions and no notable nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxides or particulates, its spent fuel is radioactive and can still cause environmental damage. Along with smaller seas, oceans make up the continuous body of water that is known as the World Ocean. There are holes in this essential barrier, one above the Arctic and the other above the Antarctic caused by human activity polluting the atmosphere. Pollution, which can come in the form of chemical substances or energy such as heat, noise or light, causes disorder and instability to ecosystems.
Rainforests are referred to as such if they receive a minimum normal annual rainfall of 1750-2000 mm (68-78 inches), and are generally found close to the sea or in the mountainous regions that receive the most rain.
Compared to virgin production, recycling allows for a reduction in energy usage, air pollution, water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
Sources of renewable energy, which is also referred to as soft energy, include both traditional and new renewables such as geothermal, modern biomass and biofuels.

Major waste issues include rubbish collections, the use of plastic carrier bags, the amount of waste sent to landfill, electronic or e-waste and the management of hazardous or toxic waste. Sadly, the blue whale is classified as endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Komodo dragons are currently classified as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Sperm whales are currently classified as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. There is currently insufficient data to classify the killer whale on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. The humpback is classified as a species of least concern on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. One of the biggest carnivores on land and a formidable predator, the tiger can leap up to 10m. Currently classified as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, mantas are facing increasing danger by demand for their fins and gill rakers from Asia. This depletes the adult fish population and does not leave enough fish to breed and restock their numbers so that they can be sustainable. If you do have any suggestions on environment related topics you would like to see added, we would love to hear from you. LetA’s grab the chance to win this battle against disease, even when we lose against the latest mutations of the deadly viruses. Despite their tiny size, these males manage to get noticed by the girls with their fabulous blue scales which amplify reflected light and never fade! Here he presents a vision of how his company may progress in the so-called circular economy.
As the Atlantic warms, it could be that fewer young settle so more protection is almost certainly essential if any are to survive.
Here is the ongoing story, as we look at how all nations try to live up to the promise of ParisA’ COP21! Maybe we have to have seen these species, or be taught about those that are extinct, to be able to appreciate how significant they have been Just hope they survive long enough for us to be able to see at least some natural wonders like these. Indonesia has needed to act on mining, forestry and agriculture for decades, and finally the ball is rolling.
Memory, migration and magnificent skills serve the Namibian elephant well, as they probably have for other, long-dead elephant populations in the severest African climates. Strangely, one European nation buys the most sustainable agricultural products, but doesnA’t seem to realise any taste difference! Many may suggest to have less food, to be active and to perform better, but I think this is OK for people of age more than 50 – 60. People think that, they should drink water only when they feel thirsty, but its not true always. It helps remove toxic content from our blood, it helps remove excess heat from our body, it helps us maintain our health and beauty, drinking more water can cure pimples and rashes, its a best medicine for inactive people. The national event provides a glimpse into the future of engineering, design, and execution.
The 2013 winner was the team from Heritage Middle School in Westerville, who will be going on to the National Competition in Washington D.C.
Associate Professor Dean Bortz conducted guided campus tours and also served as a final round judge, where the top five schools had a final opportunity to present in front of all the competitors and their families. Business is surrounded by issues of disparity and equity, both at national and international levels.
World bodies like the UN and G20 have yet to endorse a decision to combat global risk effectively.
This threatens our masses, our government and our business as 70 % of our country’s production is dependent on our agricultural sector. We do not realise the need for secure water resources due to illiteracy and lack of community awareness. The Thar coal reserves need to be developed rapidly, as this is the only way to ensure job security, resource mobilisation, income and prosperity for the population. Pakistan faces risks ahead as its next big war will not be over power or money – it will be over food, water or energy.
American withdrawal from the region will eventually calm the situation in Waziristan, and the rest of the country.
What Pakistan needs are major 1960s style investments for a second Green Revolution to avoid the specter of mass starvation and political upheaval it will bring. IF teh Taliban are not under control, the investments will not come in and even existing projects will be destroyed – just as they are destroying schools and blowing up Sui gas line al the time. Think tanks should be created to propose on a micro level small practical solutions implementable house to house, village to village and city to city. The expectation of foreign & national aid and actually devouring of the funds have been key-motivating factor for the local government bodies. He points out the challenges which government and population will have to face which lead to ambiguity and turmoil. Question is who will be interested in a country which is politically weak and where the market is volatile? It is true that this is the time to realize and act upon the existing problems of energy and water independently instead of relying on other nations to do it. As the body is mostly composed of fluids especially water, it is important to have plenty of water and fluids to stay hydrated.
They could even end up in commercial aquarium shows, but they certainly rarely make it back to the sea. See below for our guide to the environmental issues associated with oceans and the marine life who inhabit them. We can see the result in the US and Europe quite soon, if his resource revolution technologies continue to be successful. The threats still involve large numbers of deaths from malaria and the almost total resistance to antibiotics in some places. Drinking more water while having food is not recommended, as the acids generated in your digestive system get diluted by water and the digestion process will not go smoothly.
In busy lifestyle of many people, they just forget to drink water or avoid it just to save some time. And people who are taking lot of so called English Medicines should drink more water orelse you will be a permanent guest to your Doctor.
Sue McLaren, enrollment specialist, and adjunct faculty Doug Shrake, also assisted with volunteer work and judging. We are surrounded by demographic challenges, and there is huge fiscal pressure on advanced economies, leading to a higher risk of social stability within emerging economies. On a macro level large scale long term projects should be initiated and budgeted involving creation of dams, alternate sources of energy and research to produce more viable seeds and crops. Belonging to Hyderabad, I personally saw the attempts by a group of the local government who envied the other villages & towns of the country that were flood-struck. And teenagers mainly need to eat sufficiently, orelse you may have to face some problems in your older age. Paul Boaz and his crew at the Columbus State Conference Center once again outdid themselves to host the event. There is a prevalent risk of war and the possibility of renewed nuclear proliferation between states. Furthermore, we have to ensure fast-tracked building of dams between now and 2015, a failure to do so may lead us to bankruptcy, as people will lose faith in the nation’s ability to sustain itself and business will suffer colossal damages.
They made attempts to damage the river Indus bank but were halted by their rivals, in Hyderabad.
You can have milk shake, buttermilk as healthy and tasty fluid.Include these items in your diet as these foods hydrates the body.

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