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Small enough to travel with so is ideal for travelling or having in your car in case of an emergency. It is a great kit to always keep with you in your car, and it can also make a good promotion item for various purposes. View on Facebook·ShareOmnisurge (Pty) Ltd 2 days ago It appears that the sun is rising earlier and the season is about to change.

View on Facebook·ShareOmnisurge (Pty) Ltd 2 days ago Did you know there is a difference between the terms Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest? By Shirley Fabric Gift Card Box I spray painted the bottom, glued a piece of wall paper border to the top, trimmed around the side of the top with ribbon (to hold down the edges of the wall paper border) and put a bow on the top. I then took a tiny scrap of shiny fabric folded around a piece of batting the for the inside to use the tin as a gift card holder.

By Siris Repair Kit I have made sewing kits from them & kept pins in them, kept my repair kit for my glasses in them.

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