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Jack White is an American musician and producer who found fame as frontman of alternative rock band The White Stripes.
Real name John Anthony Gillis was born in Detroit, Michigan and is the youngest of ten siblings. So after a four week gap between gigs we are back in the swing of things at the hallowed venue, Hammersmith Odeon. Jack White is sure to melt your face off with his his thrashing guitar and raw energy on stage.
Although Jack toured with two entirely different bands on his last tour, one made up of all females (the Peacocks), and one made up of all males (the Buzzards), his tour this summer is a collaboration of the two (along with some new faces). Jack likes to keep it real on stage by not dedicating himself to any particular setlist, but instead calling out which song to play next on a whim. One of the other things I really love about seeing Jack live is his interplay with the crowd. The best part about seeing Jack again and again is that Jack and his band play all of your favorite White Stripes, Dead Weather, Raconteurs, and his solo work a little differently every time. The Jack White show in Frankfurt was the best concert I saw in recent years, definitely one of the "most-rocking shows" ever!! This was my first time seeing Jack White perform live, and let me tell you, he was fantastic! I love that before jack white took the stage, an envoy asked the crowd to put their phones away & be in the moment. His earliest musical influences came from his brothers and he began playing drums at the age of sixteen after finding an old discarded kit in his attic.
It was only by chance that White began to play the drums yet after the couple branded themselves The White Stripes they scored their first live gig just two months later. Jack enjoyed huge successes with the White Stripes, winning a handful of Grammy awards, critical acclaim for their revolutionary sounds and numerous sell out worldwide tours along with a prestigious headline slot at the 2005 Glastonbury Festival. Jack White is an eccentric, mysterious artist who has kept the music at the heart of everything he has done.
It was the scene of my first ever gig, Whitesnake in 1981 and indeed 18 of next 25 gigs I ever went to were here. This keeps things fresh as neither him nor his band know what song is coming next until it is time to play it (although there does seem to be a rotating list of songs you can count on hearing!).
I like how chatty he is with the crowd, and he doesn't just run down the same old spiel every time.
Ever since the White Stripes, has he been behind the drums, producing artists or hammering his guitar, the man has lived for and through music. It felt just like you were witnessing a jam between incredible musicians, including sensational drummer and pianist.

He continues his never ending crusade to bring a highly entertaining and satisfying rock show to his audience. Police have confirmed that 7 people were injured by the shooter, and one victim, a man in his 20a€?s, was killed. I was told that at my 60th birthday party in November 2013 I revel in the fact that as a 60-year-old woman, I feel free to say things that normally a much younger me would never have . Chevy food truck with brand new interior, plumbing, electrical, diamond plated floors, LED interior lighting, 6-burner stove, fryer, 2 refrigeration units, hood and ventilation, fire suppression system, lots of storage space, shelving, propane tank and generator…. He began listening to iconic artists such as The Doors and Led Zepplin at an incredibly young age before finding a love of blues and 1960s rock in his teenage years which would go on to inspire the sounds for The White Stripes. It may have changed its name many times in the past 30 years but it will still be Hammy O to me. Jack's level of energy is always matched by the crowd, so if the crowd is amped, he will rock the roof off.
From The White Stripes to his current project, through The Raconteurs, everything Jack White has done is reviewed and corrected, Nashville Tennessee Style (yeah, that means violin and slide guitar on Seven Nation Army). I would definitely go see him again but in a small venue or make sure I get tickets for the front!
He met future collaborator and wife Megan White in a restaurant that she worked in when he was a senior at college, they began a courtship and quickly married. His performance covered many popular White Stripes songs to the Dead Weather, and both Blunderbuss, and Lazaretto Albums. Jack had an amazing band supporting him, and it was enjoyable seeing the band perform alongside him with such passion. Thursday and found one man, later identified as Baker, on the floor dead of an apparent gunshot wound, said Ron Cameron, chief criminal sheriff’s deputy. Deputies learned that a birthday party attended Scooby-Doo was never known as being particularly tough or courageous, but a costume of his likeness just might have saved a young man from real harm. Each song was extended by Jack falling in love with multiple guitars, and getting lost in a stream of riffs that blended into other songs.
A three hour set spanning his entire discography, including a surprise reunion with his Dead Weather mates, and bookended by White Stripes cuts (some very deep), delighted the packed house. The greatest moment for me was when the curtains opened to reveal the Raconteurs had come to play together just for Nashville. Les Brown was attending a frienda€™s birthday party dressed identified as 40-year-old Sharron you can always organise traditional games such as blind man’s bluff, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and musical chairs. There were moments where the guitar jams didn't seem like they would ever end (no complaints) and then he would quickly switch to parts of another song and go back to the original one he was playing.
He also revamped a couple of songs like 'Missing Pieces' such that they sounded completely different and it was so cool to experience!

Cath Harrop is already thinking ahead to her son Freddie’s birthday party in July when he turns five. The crowd first exploded as a figure began to rustle the pale blue curtain obscuring the stage, only to be greeted by a request to keep their cell phones holstered and enjoy the performance as it was meant to be enjoyed: live.
He took us through his music timeline and added some surprise songs as well and even a little hip hop. There's some different instrumentation in a couple songs that makes going to the live show so worth it.
Now, the man who brought not only fame but dignity to his country, has been sacked from his job.
I dunno but have always felt that he’s a man on the edge and that’s probably what makes him so interesting creatively much like Ryan Adams and Conor Oberst. Tonight he chose the male band to play with and they were all in sync with Jacks electric generosity. With his children looking on from the side of the stage, White energetically and raucously bounded across the stage, at times standing on the drumset, at other times recklessly knocking down cymbals and microphones as the cacophony of his guitar solos overtook him.
Despite the raucous nature of the performance, the finer points were not lost on the crowd, as the band worked in riffs from Led Zeppelin, covers from Beck and Hank Williams, and dedications to some of Detroit's musical greats. You can definitely hear the Zeppelin influence, but he pulls it off without appearing as if he's ripping it off.
The result is no less an assault on the soul than on the senses, as White's emotion is amplified by his precise yet remarkably improvisational performance. It was refreshing to only see a number of phones capturing footage (I guess they didn't hear the message) but overall everyone was left wowed! Indeed a lot of the songs especially the new ones are delivered in a real punchy staccato style, the lyrics spat out in a Rage against the Machine mode which for this young listener aint a bad thing.
Tickets were hard to come by for this show, and the music fans who managed to secure them were handsomely rewarded. It’s an energetic show and Jack does his best rock god impressions that don’t look cheesy or contrived. He’s obviously enjoying this and makes some barbed comments about Glastonbury and distance to the audience.

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