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Keeping a First Aid Kit on hand is important and not just for when there is a major disaster. You also don't need to purchase anything elaborate but for people who would rather not put a kit together themselves you can easily by one from your local drug store, supermarket, or even online. If you do decide to purchase one, be sure to check it periodically for expired items and restock your kit as you use items.
Prescription medications you take every day such as insulin, heart medicine and asthma inhalers. Prescribed medical supplies such as glucose and blood pressure monitoring equipment and supplies.
Recently I was asked if I could review a deck of Emergency First Aid cards that are sold by NURU.
The deck overall is full of useful information that you would need in order to help someone during a medical emergency. The information is easy to read, well thought out and and covers things like CPR reminders, Heart Attacks, Shock, Monitoring Vital Signs, and Working With EMS.
I must admit, I was a little skeptical at first in how good these cards would be, since stopping to read the cards during an emergency is not really productive. If you do not have any first aid training these cards would best serve you if you read through them and perhaps refer to them if you must, but if you read through them, you should know enough to handle the situation until first responders arrive.
I recommend these cards to have on hand for reference during emergencies and to read at your leisure. WHAT'S INCLUDED:* 30 ultra-thin cards, each fully illustrated* Small, metal management ring to keep your cards together* Unique serial code (to access your deck's content online) Emergency first aid, now.
Leave your Comments below and we will pick one person at random from the comments in this post and we will send you a new sealed deck of the NURU Emergency First Aid cards. You must have your comments in before midnight 12:00 AM PST March 31, 2009 to be considered.
However, before hopping in the car and heading out, there are a few simple tricks you can use to make your next trip a little easier and perhaps cut down on some consternation should anything go awry. It goes without saying everyone should have jumper cables, a spare tire and a jack that can be used to change tires. In 2012, metro Atlanta was caught off guard by an ice storm, and thousands of commuters spent the night in their cars, as they were stranded on the city’s interstates.

If investing in a new tool isn’t in the cards, a heavy-duty flashlight can also smash a window in a pinch. This may be the most obvious suggestion, but it should include some key things: an aerosol flat tire repair, a multi-tool, a tire gauge, a flashlight and road flares.
Also consider keeping some duct tape and rags in the toolbox for the times when a MacGyver-like repair is necessary.
This is a good habit to get into, whether you’re taking a cross-country road trip or just tooling around town.
This one may seem a little odd, but nothing makes a road trip more enjoyable than a portable cooker that can be powered by the car’s cigarette lighter (known today as the 12-volt socket). Consider this one a bit of a history lesson: before GPS came on the scene, there were these books that contained maps of various locations.
News flash: Using GPS for a 12-hour road trip will drain its battery, and there is nothing worse than traveling with a dead device. You may be on a road trip, but you still need to keep the car clean (or at least prevent it from becoming a rolling dumpster). From a lot of basic yet important things that you should always keep in your car, first-aid kit is certainly the one that you may not forget. Other than that, you may not forget to keep some medicines that you usually need based on your own health condition in the first-aid kit. You never know when you or a family member may suffer a burn, cut, or something more severe. I also give my personal thumbs up for a job well done in getting all of the information needed onto just thirty cards, which I am certain was no easy task. As a former First Responder, the last one is my personal favorite that I wish would be taught in every school.
However, the first few cards cover this, and they recommend taking a first aid course, which I also recommend.
At a cost of only $8.00 they are well worth the money and would make a great gift for someone you care about, or even a co-worker. Well, not just disasters really, but to help people like you, owners, executives and managers of businesses prepare for disasters and emergencies.
If a motorist is trapped, he or she can use one end of the hammer to smash the window and the other side to cut the seat belt.

Drive long enough and any motorist, no matter how seasoned, will inevitably find himself in a situation where a change of clothes is needed.
For the real gourmets out there, meals can be prepared in advance and cooked while driving down the highway. To ensure plenty of power so you can Snapchat along the way, be sure to pack extra phone chargers — at least one for each device. While many toll authorities are moving toward passes that automatically pay tolls, they also still accept change. Placing this kit in your car does not mean you hope that someday you will get involved in an accident or get injured because of something happens in your journey. These can be started from the most basic one, such as bandage, iodine, instant cold compress, antiseptic wipes, and other items needed to treat wound.
For example, if you are suffering from asthma, it is so sure that you really understand about your condition and you really know about what kind of medication that you always provide just in case of you get an asthma attack. Having the proper first aid supplies on hand and in order will help to keep you calm and better enable you to help an injured person. They also suggest reading the cards while waiting in line, or on the bus and other such places. Little tricks that take just a few minutes to prepare could go a long way if they are ever needed. Also consider a USB battery pack that can be used to recharge a phone when no outlet is available.
Other than that, you may also need some other stuff like aspirin or some kind of medication that is perfect to be used to treat various types of disease or heal problem before getting further treatment when hospital or other health center is finally found.
Placing the kit means getting ready for any possible things that may happen to you while driving or when you are quite far away from home. To make your kit complete, you may also slip a list of local hospitals numbers and also first-aid instruction booklets that you may get quite easily right now. When you already have everything inside your car, it is so sure that every ride will be full of peace in mind.

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