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It is a legal sales agreement, sales contract or a black and white document that evidences the transfer of title from the seller to buyer with all the terms and conditions agreed by both parties.
It is considered as the third important documents to prove the ownership of the car after Vehicle History Report and Log book. It is a useful document for the buyer when applying a new insurance for the vehicle before transfer of ownership.
It also shows subsequent payment, the last payment, method of payment and the payment date.
It is a useful document for buyer or seller to protect themselves should any disputes arise in future. A private seller can avoid the responsibility to provide warranty because most of the used cars are sold “AS IS”.
With so many practical reasons, a vehicle bill of sale is not just a useful document for car deals but also for boat, motorcycle, mobile home, ATV or aircraft.
In old days you may have to create a bill of sale yourself but now you can download it here for free in PDF version and also image version. This is a free service to find a new car with absolutely no obligation, subject to our terms and conditions. Yes, I'd like to receive new vehicle announcements, promotions and incentive offers from auto manufacturers.

It can be printed on normal A4 paper and it only works when both seller and buyer sign it accordingly. This is to prevent buyer from buying a stolen car or a car that does not belong to the seller. The payment method can be bank check, bank draft, cash, personal check or bank-to-bank transfer. Should anything happen before this date the seller is responsible and after this date is the buyer’s responsibility. If a car is still under manufacturer’s warranty, the buyer will have to send the car to the manufacturer instead of the seller. Write the make, model, body type, body color, VIN (Vehicle Identification Numbers), engine number, indicated mileage. Write the total purchase price, down payment, next payment or future payment (if there is any) based on what you agreed. Any unauthorized use, reproduction, distribution, recording or modification of this content is strictly prohibited. A vehicle bill of sale is important for any vehicle sales especially used car between private seller and buyer. Both parties must read the details carefully and voice out if they find something agreed on orally is not written in the contract.

This is not the car I agreed to buy previously.” The seller can also reduce his liability risks and avoid a buyer’s regret.
You can also include some images of the vehicle in the bill of sale for better understanding. For some reasons, the manufacturer year and registered year are different, write both years down in the form. Extra things promise by the seller can be written in the “Additional Notes” column in the contract, for instance, “A set of sound system will be given to the seller” or “Free tint will be given”. On the other hand, a buyer can also protect himself if the seller refuses to sell the vehicle to him because there is another higher offer.
Everything agreed between both parties are written in the agreement to avoid a potential lawsuit for breach of an oral agreement.

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