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Dave here, I’m going to do a wide range of jobs and write a basic guide of the best and easiest way to do it, kind of a Learn To or how to kind.
Vehicle registration plates to all motorised vehicles and trailers are legal requirement and serve many purposes not least to identify the vehicle.
In the UK the registration plate has to conform to specific requirements in size, shape, colour and style of lettering. From 1963 the number of registered vehicles had risen to such an extent that the then current three letter and three number combinations had run out and a letter following the combination beginning with A was added as a suffix, eventually becoming a prefix. From September 2001, a new system of number plates was introduced which continued with the age identifier on the plate in the form of the last two digits of the year, 09 for 2009 if issued between March and August, or else has 50 added for example 59 for September 2009 if issued between September and February the following year.
Would appreciate any input in this matter, or tell me where I might be able to find this information. Whether you're trying to track down a bad driver or someone who keeps leaving their car outside your house, you can often find out who they are and how to contact them from their license plate number and a simple Google search.
If that doesn't work, Brandon also notes that there are a few other options available to you. Using these techniques is a small invasion of a person's privacy, so make sure you have a good reason for doing so before you start identifying license plates left and right.
There was a country in Europe (can't remember which one) that published everyone's license plate and owner info as public information. Do you know that you can actually perform a license plate search to find out the owner of any cars? In the US, a privately owned website that helps people to find out the owner of any vehicles is
There are times where we need to find out the owner of a car, for example, a suspicious car is parked in your neighborhood for a long time or you saw someone texting while driving or drive crazily in your town.
Most governments require a registration plate to be attached to both the front and rear of a vehicle, but with some such as motor cycles they only require one, usually attached to the rear.  Information about the registered vehicle is kept on a national database, in the Britain this is the DVLA, which relates this registration plate number to information such as the make, model, colour, year of manufacture, and if the vehicle has a valid road worthiness certificate (MOT), insurance details and the name and address of the registered owner or keeper of the vehicle.

Vehicles manufactured prior to 1972 had registration plates which were white, grey or silver characters on a black background; this style of registration plate is no longer legal on vehicles built prior to 1 January 1973. This letter became an “age identifier” allowing the buyer of a second hand vehicle to know the age of the vehicle without having to look it up.
I am after information about the various ways in which number plates in the UK are affixed to the vehicles. An old trick I use to use back in the day was searching Government Smog check sites for the plate.
While it's unlikely you'll be able to get the information covertly, you can use a Request for Record Information (INF 70) form to identify a car owner. That was supposed to make you think twice about driving like an asshole or doing anything else stupid while driving. TLO (the LEO version) is what I used to locate the person who hit Nick B's girlfriend with his vehicle and fled the scene. Tracing any license plate numbers is no longer something hard with advance technology we have today.
DVLA is a government-owned website that consists of millions of vehicles information in their database. Other than owner’s identity, you can also search for vehicle history reports, criminal records, court records, vital records, traffic tickets, driving records, suspended license and anything that is related to a vehicle. If a car hit you or your vehicle and run off, you should go to a nearest police station and log a report.
Although there are many reverse license plate searches online, the best way is still go to the local police station, department of motor vehicles, or local government authorities. All vehicles manufactured after 1 January 1973 must display number plates of reflex-reflecting material, white at the front and yellow at the rear, with black characters. I am particularly interested in the number of screws used, the placement of the screws on each number plate.

Not only would they say if the car passed or not, often the website would list the smog shop that serviced the car or VIN # of the car.
Additionally, some states (like my home state of Minnesota allow you to go to a simple database site and pay a small fee.
The tag was registered to the guy's girlfriend, and by searching her name, it gave me the name of all her immediate relatives, including her mother (who had a different last name). In addition, characters on number plates purchased from 1 September 2001 must use a mandatory typeface and conform to set specifications as to width, height, stroke, spacing, and margins.
This includes government issued number plates, personalised plates and heritage listed plates if any. This allows number plate recognition systems to “read” the plate to ascertain if the vehicle complies with all legal requirements such as insurance, vehicle excise duty (VED) and MOT certificate. The mother in turn gave the daughter's address (which police did not otherwise have direct knowledge of). A free search is good enough to tell you who own the car by the searching license plate number or the registration number. Officers located the vehicle at that address and found the driver, who later turned himself in upon realizing he had been found by police. License plate lookup services can be very useful especially if you are involved in a hit-and-run accident.

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