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A Faraday cage is a conductive structure that acts as a shield against electromagnetic energy.
More importantly, you can simply touch the mat with any part of body to dissipate electric field build-up and equalize your potential with ground and reduce static discharge problems. VeilShield is a high performance shielding fabric which is very sheer and easy to see through. To get complete shielding of the electric fields from your computer monitor, you need to also shield the sides and back. Combined with the Spectrum Shield (for the front of the monitor), the Computer Cage completely surrounds the monitor in a protective shield. Simple and easy to plug in, this extension for your i phone gives you and extra three feet of distance from your headset!  It is three feet long, white, and very light weight.
EMP Faraday Bags are designed to protect against damaging EMP current, static discharge, microwave transmission, RFID snooping and moisture damage.
Manufacturer recommends that you “nest” items inside multiple layers of protection (double bagging) for best results.
The Small 8X8″ bag is perfect for your cell phones, ipods, MP3, thumbdrives, GPS and smaller cameras. Large 16×18” bag is perfect for your laptop, gaming systems, radios and extra accessories. This unique apron is constructed using a special cotton based Staticot™ shielding fabric which is a highly effective RF shield, providing 25-40 dB from at least 1 to 10 GHz according to independent test results.
Protect your brain from RF (radio-frequency) pollution with this handsome baseball style hat.
Soft and padded, contours nicely to your face with generous notch for maximum nose comfort.
Because the 3-6-9 signature medallion has nine times the scalar energy, and the added frequencies of Far Infrared Ray, NdFeb magnet, Negative Ion, and Germanium we would expect it to be perhaps the most balanced and effective energy device available.
What could be better than a meter which alerts you with a loud audible alarm when it encounters a field? We are very excited to offer this simple and useful item for anyone who wants to monitor their EMF environment without having to stare at their meter for hour after hour. With these extended ranges, you can detect slow moving static electric and magnetic fields, concealed analog RF transmitters, very weak AC electric fields from wall switches and concealed wiring, and lots of other low frequency EMF sources you might have missed, as well as fine tuning your shielding efforts! Versatile new meter for detecting cell phone radiation, power line EMF, as well as paranormal research.
We have cleared away all the technical baloney to bring you absolutely the simplest, smallest, and finest combination meter to locate EMF hot spots in your home or work environment.

We like this calibrated wideband (800 MHz – 2.5 GHz) RF meter because it has a switch which allows a choice of peak or average indication mode.
A research team at the Academic Medical Center at the University of Amsterdam examined the effects of GPRS and UMTS signals on critical care equipment such as ventilators and pacemakers. On the go, Protective clothing, Scalar wearable protection, Base Ball cap brain protection! HARApad Elite is designed to act as a shield between magnetic field radiation source and the part of your body below the shield.
Use it with static sensitive computer equipment or as a surface for handling static sensitive semi-conductors. Simply drape it over your keyboard, mouse, or any other device and you can still see and operate almost like normal. Connect it to magnetic shielding foil to add e-field shielding capability or use it to attach computer monitor shields, conductive fabric, or conductive painted surfaces to ground.
Especially important in situations where people are positioned near the back or side of computer monitors.
Soft and attractive, it protects your phone like an ordinary phone case, PLUS innovative near field shielding material built-in to one side shields your body while carrying the phone and shields your head while making calls.
This well-made black leather holster has a very effective radiation shield built-in to the back layer.  Durable flap opens at the top and seals securely with magnet. Protect your sensitive electronics (laptops, cellphones, iPads etc), precious memories (flash drives, floppy disks, tape recordings, etc) homeopathic remedies and medications, passports, credit cards and other devices from damage and spying. In addition, the type I materials provide for water vapor-proof protection and attenuation of electromagnetic radiation. Specially designed to shield the head from frequencies from below AM through microwave, including cellular phone frequencies.
Comfortable enough to wear year-round while sleeping, thin enough to be worn under a conventional hat or all on its own. Combines AC magnetic field detection, microwave sensor, and temperature in a very compact design. Completely simplified for the non-technical user, this is the most uncomplicated meter we offer. Just press the button and measure magnetic (EMF) and radiofrequency (microwave) radiation simultaneously! Manufacturers of these devices have set EMF exposure limits, but how is the user to know if his work or home environment is safe?
Simply turn the unit on and it will warn with LED lights and audible alarm if it encounters EMF near the limits for proper and safe operation of implanted devices.

This adds a layer of high-tech radiation shielding material that is incorporated into the pad. Nearly crystal-clear (greater than 80% light transmission!) and only 5 mil thick, and can be easy to cut to size and tape in place to cover your computer monitor screens. The fine mesh allows for easy air circulation and light weight while the conductivity provides excellent shielding.
Because its moisture barrier performance exceeds foil laminates for low Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR), particularly after flexing, whatever you place in the bag and seal properly is going to stay dry also! Provide your brain a quiet place without interference to your mental processes from RF radiation. Feel the cool comfort of Silver against your hot eyelids as you relax in the darkness of your inner world.
Made from very comfortable 90% Rayon and 10% Silver and tested to 90% or better RF attenuation over the frequency range from 800 MHz to 18 GHz. Just turn it on and the meter will tell you about the status of both AC magnetic fields and microwaves in the vicinity with 3 LED lights which indicate “safe-green”, “caution-yellow”, or “warning-red”. Bright colored LED lights come on to inform you if the conditions are “safe”, “caution”, or “warning”. The 3 minute YouTube video at right demonstrates how the sounds from this meter help distinguish different sources of RF (video sound starts after 19 seconds). PaceAlert monitors AC magnetic fields, AC electric fields, and radiofrequencies simultaneously.
This contains the field and reduces heat by increasing dissipation to the environment- and away from your body and the laptop.
Very easy to handle, but not suitable for prolonged skin contact if you have a Nickel allergy.
This gives this unique fabric a truly comfortable, natural feel, durability and washability, but with exceptional reflective characteristics. How about a meter which does all this for AC magnetic fields, AC electric fields, and RF radiation?! Common sources of strong fields include microwave ovens, power tools, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, electric ranges and toaster ovens, electric circuit boxes, welding equipment, etc. Ok, it’s not a Royal wedding “Fascinator” but if you prefer comfortable, practical, effective RF shielding over fashion, this is the hat for you.

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