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Anyone else following the story of Marks and Spencer cash deductions from customer's credit cards on a 'walk-by' basis ?
Not sure how much of a choice you have about getting one of these cards, flap 5, for it seems that everyone is going to be rolling them out (in the UK and US, at least) so before long you won't have the option of not being issued with one. I recently replaced my current account card (in the UK) and wasn't told or asked about the contactless element now available. The card was simply supplied with it embedded and the first I knew about it was on reading the leaflet that was in the envelope. Someone I know had to almost strong-arm their worldwide bank to get the un-contactless cards over several days of effort, with many staff completely unaware that this was possible. I don't see how the minor benefit of contactless cards outweighs the potential security problems. I now have a shield of kitchen foil stuck inside the little plastic envelope of my wallet that holds my credit card - and I don't even have an RFID card -yet ! I didn't know mine was contactless until I noticed a bus trip that should have debited my Oyster Card had done the credit card instead. This all makes me wonder, do the people who design such things belong to, or test them in, the real world? I now have a shield of kitchen foil stuck inside the little plastic envelope of my wallet that holds my credit card - and I don't even have an RFID card -yet ! It has 7 pockets for cards, and I have 9 in there currently, with 2 pockets carrying 2 cards each.
It has the advantage of making my wallet thinner and easier to sit on, and it means if I lose my wallet, I don't lose all my cards.
I love it when I show it to people, and they wail about how they just bought one off some TV advertising promotion, for $49.99 (with free delivery of course ). Interesting that when alleged US Spy Fogle in Moscow was caught he had in his possession RFID shielded cases for his cards. It's September 1st, 1859, and the Earth looks more or less like something out of an apocalyptic movie or Sci-Fi novel. EMPs Do Bad ThingsAn electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a sudden burst of electromagnetic radiation that usually comes from explosions, solar flares, and fluctuating magnetic fields.
In January, another huge CME caused problems with air traffic control, satellites, and high-precision GPS.These images from EMP Cover's Attack Simulator show how big the blast radius of medium-sized and multi-megaton attacks would be. What Is a Faraday Cage?The Faraday cage was invented in 1836 by English scientist Michael Faraday. In computer forensics, a Faraday cage called a screen room is used when investigators need to analyze electronic components in an environment with no electromagnetic interference.

DIY Faraday CagesIf a Carrington or huge nuclear attack happened, you wouldn't have much use for your electronics without power or an Internet connection. You can test the effectiveness of your homebrew faraday cages by putting a cell phone inside them and calling it. Licence fees: A licence fee will be charged for any media (low or high resolution) used in your project.
There's something to be said about internet banking when the 'highly trained' staff are so lacking. MasterCard NZ, who emphatically denied the possibility, no, niet, nein, non, negative, totally impossible and a scaremongering gimmick, and also proclaimed that the RFID chips were safer than the heretofore magnetic stripe, which he said can be easily copied and scammed.
There's plenty articles out there that say that even wrapping the card up completely in foil will not actually block the RFID but will merely weaken the signal so it can still be read no matter what.
I can still remember buying sixpenny (5c) icecreams when I was a kid, that now cost $4.00!! All communications have failed, it's so bright outside at midnight that people are getting up and making breakfast, and people all over the world are seeing auroras. EMPs can cause voltage surges that damage electronic equipment, vehicle engines, or even the entire power grid if it's strong enough. But the types of solar storms that just damage your expensive stuff and mess up communications for a few days are much more likely to happen, so a Faraday cage is a good thing to have. This will only remove your device from blacklisted in order to be used again with t-mobile compatible companies. This material is used in petroleum processing, aerospace applications and RFID protected wallets. The solar storm that produced the electromagnetic pulse and caused all this mayhem is known as the Carrington Event, and storms like it happen about about once every century.It's been 153 years. It's relatively simple to build, and it can be as large as a room or as small as a wallet or a pouch for your iPhone.
Plus, anything electronic in it (including RFID chips) can't get a signal or be tracked, so it also takes care of those pesky listening devices.Let's start simple.
I always just thought it would take out the power grid and anything running on that grid at the time. Seems the Carrington event made a bunch of telegraphs spark and catch fire, but they didn't exactly have any wireless gadgets back then. The material doesn't stretch, rip or stain which means that it is virtually indestructible. You can make a Faraday wallet with just some aluminum foil and duct tape, or add protection to the one you already have.

When used in a wallet, the steel creates a Faraday cage, a shield that blocks out external electrical fields, which means no access for anyone trying to steal personal data. Scientists have studied both natural and man-made EMPs (the things we do in the name of knowledge) since the first nuclear weapons testings in the 1940s. It also blocks signals, so a phone or credit card can't be tracked by RFID or GPS when it's inside. A booster bag, which is a shopping bag lined with aluminum foil that's used to shoplift items with RFID tags, is a Faraday cage. And the worst part is that we're totally unprepared.If another Carrington level event happened today, it could kill as much as two-thirds of our population because we depend so much on electricity for survival.
A person inside a strong Faraday cage or suit can be hit with 500,000 volts of electricity and can even shoot lightning from their fingers.
Brian Green made this awesome, yet stylish iPhone pouch with some aluminum backed Cuben Fiber and Velcro.
Most of us would die of starvation and disease, and there would be no civilization left to speak of. From space.So what happens when it's closer?The K ProjectThe Soviet Union conducted a series of nuclear tests called The K Project.
The last few were called Soviet Test 184 and used weapons much smaller than in Starfish Prime, but they detonated them over a populated area in Kazakhstan where the Earth's magnetic field was also greater. This pouch could also easily be made to fit other smartphones, or you could make a bigger one for your laptop or gaming console.Want something you can throw all your gear in at once? This EMP was so strong that the electric current it produced caused a fire in a power plant in Karaganda.Geomagnetic and Solar StormsOn March 9, 1989, a solar storm sent a million-mile-wide coronal mass ejection (CME) flying towards the Earth.
Jed Daniels made this DIY Faraday Cage with a few things you can get at any hardware store: a few lengths of wood, aluminum screen, copper wire, and a hinge to attach the lid. It hit three days later, knocking out the power for 6 million Americans and Canadians for nine hours and making the Northern Lights visible all the way down in Texas.In 2005, the solar storm in the video below sent an X-class flare, the strongest kind, into space. It didn't affect Earth, but it was the biggest since 1989, and the proton storm that it caused would have been bad news if anyone had been walking around on the moon that day.

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