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Tapes are fitted to both the roof and walls of the building to form a Faraday Cage, thereby providing a designated route for the current to travel to ground. In the case of steel-structured buildings, the framework can be utilised as the Faraday Cage and relevant stanchions are then earthed at base, as specified in BSEN 62305.
We design, install, inspect, maintain and test all types of lightning protection equipment and systems.
Lightning Air Terminals are designed to provide protection to structures against physical damage from lightning strikes. It is a non electronic construction that has been designed to create an upward propagating streamer earlier than conventional air terminals or other objects on the earth. It is an electronic circuit based early streamer emitting air terminal with an advance time deltaT, determining a protection radius for each protection level.

They are critically placed on a structure and connected to a lightning conductor and earthing system to safely receive a strike, safely conduct the lightning current to the earthing system and safely dissipate it in the earth.
Protec ESE does this by collecting and storing ground charge during the initial phase of a thunderstorm development and emits strong and consistent upwards streamers to intercept leaders. It is equipped with insulation system protector, stepped electrostatic charge accumulator, upward streamer electronic generator and multiple spark-gap. These are metal rods installed over a structure as preferred points for a lightning strike. Various technologies are now available for air terminals that allows a lightning protection system to be designed for regular shielding, proactive interception of lightning strikes at early stages and for reducing the probability of a strike on the lightning protection system. These terminals are connected to a network of horizontal and vertical conductors that are terminated to earthing terminals.

Dhruva Technologies offers a full range of most advanced technologies in lightning air terminals. The network of rods, conductors and earth terminals covers the protected structure in a Faraday Cage.

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