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Note that it is also possible to laminate the wire mesh under a custom angle to prevent moiré effect on for example monitors or LCD displays. FM : Flying mesh (Single window) Wire mesh fixed onto one side of a glass or plastic window.
CO : Copper bushbar (Single window) Wire mesh fixed onto one side of a glass or plastic window. TC : Tinned copper bushbar (Single window) Wire mesh fixed onto one side of a glass or plastic window. TC : Tinned copper bushbar (Stepped window) Wire mesh fixed between two glass or plastic windows. SB : Silver bushbar (Single window) Wire mesh fixed onto one side of a glass or plastic window. FM : with aluminum frame (Single window) Wire mesh fixed onto one side of a glass or plastic window. FM : with aluminum frame (Stepped window) Wire mesh fixed between two glass or plastic windows.
NO : No contact edge (Single window) Wire mesh fixed onto one side of a glass or plastic window. NO : No contact edge (Stepped window) Wire mesh fixed between two glass or plastic windows. To create EMI shielded Windows from existing Windows or to meet clean room conditions, we also have the following foils in our assortment. Worldwide leading manufacturer of EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI(radiofrequency interference) shielding solutions. Keep up to date with the latest developments in Holland Shielding Systems BV by signing up for our newsletter. The basic principle for protection of an installation against the risk of lightning strikes is to prevent the disturbing energy from reaching sensitive equipment.
Two protection systems are used to eliminate or limit overvoltages: they are known as the building protection system (for the outside of buildings) and the electrical installation protection system (for the inside of buildings).
The role of the building protection system is to protect it against direct lightning strokes.
When the lightning current flows in a conductor, if potential differences appear between it and the frames connected to earth that are located in the vicinity, the latter can cause destructive flashovers. As a consequence, the building protection system does not protect the electrical installation: it is therefore compulsory to provide for an electrical installation protection system. 50% of the lightning current discharged by the building protection system rises back into the earthing networks of the electrical installation (see Fig. The procedure to protect the electrical and electronic systems of a building is as follows. Identify the electrical and electronic systems and their respective points of entry into the building. Assess the risk of lightning strike according to the geographic location, type of power supply, lightning strike density, etc. Install an additional SPD in each subdistribution board located in the vicinity of sensitive equipment (see Fig.
Surge Protection Devices (SPD) are used for electric power supply networks, telephone networks, and communication and automatic control buses. The Surge Protection Device (SPD) is a component of the electrical installation protection system.This device is connected in parallel on the power supply circuit of the loads that it has to protect (see Fig. PrincipleSPD is designed to limit transient overvoltages of atmospheric origin and divert current waves to earth, so as to limit the amplitude of this overvoltage to a value that is not hazardous for the electrical installation and electric switchgear and controlgear.
The Type 1 SPD is recommended in the specific case of service-sector and industrial buildings, protected by a lightning protection system or a meshed cage.It protects electrical installations against direct lightning strokes. Very different devices, from both a technological and usage viewpoint, are designated by this term.
Steellong is a Chinese designer,manufacturer and distributor of wire mesh and wire mesh finished products. Monolithic Domes are constructed following a method that requires a tough, inflatable Airform, steel-reinforced concrete and a polyurethane foam insulation.
Our domes can be designed to fit any architectural need: homes, cabins, churches, schools, gymnasiums, arenas and stadiums, bulk storages, landlord dwellings and various other privately or publicly owned facilities.

Monolithic Domes meet FEMA standards for providing near-absolute protection and have a proven ability to survive tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, most manmade disasters, fire, termites and rot.
Beginning in 1970, Monolithic Domes have been built and are in use in virtually every American state and in Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.
Foundation — The Monolithic Dome starts as a concrete ring foundation, reinforced with steel rebar. Airform — An Airform – fabricated to the proper shape and size – is placed on the ring base. Steel rebar — Steel reinforcing rebar is attached to the foam using a specially engineered layout of hoop (horizontal) and vertical steel rebar.
Shotcrete — Shotcrete – a special spray mix of concrete – is applied to the interior surface of the dome. Monolithic Domes are constructed following a patented method that requires a tough, inflatable Airform, steel-reinforced concrete and a polyurethane foam insulation. All manner of products, goods or items can be safely maintained in a Monolithic Dome bulk storage: grains, fruits, vegetables, meats, coal, fertilizer, pesticides, etc. Monolithic Domes have obvious qualities that become apparent to most people as soon as they learn about the materials and technology used in the dome’s construction.
Besides Monolithic Domes, we have developed the technology to build two types of EcoShells. Being the coinventor of the dome and the founder of the Monolithic Dome Institute has given David B. A Monolithic Dome is the ideal structure for any sport facility: school gymnasium, indoor football or hockey stadium, mega-arena, rodeo arena, skating rink, etc. If you visited the Morrisetts’ new Monolithic Dome home in Anchorage, Alaska and asked, “Is everybody happy?” you would probably get an enthusiastic “yes” from the three humans and an affirmative bark from their dog. For your dream dome-home, our library includes floor plans in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. A Monolithic Dome Workshop is a combination of hands-on training and classroom instruction.
YAMHILL, OREGON — Residents of Yamhill-Carlton School District approved a $14.2 million bond to fund major repairs and build a new Monolithic Dome gymnasium. The EMI-shielded mesh-foil windows can be provided with a silver bush bar, a electrical conductive gasket or can be supplied with a frame for easy mounting. A lack of available light should not be a concern, since an average pair of sunglasses allows less than 9% light to come through. The entire window clamped in an aluminum frame for easy mounting in shielded rooms and faraday cages. To protect the conductive layer, you can apply a transparent film or use the adhesive side on top. Please realize that by the extreme caution act in production these products can be several times more expensive.
They are used to protect special structures: rocket launching areas, military applications and protection of high-voltage overhead lines (see Fig. Installed in each electrical switchboard, it prevents the spread of overvoltages in the electrical installations and protects the loads. This current must always be greater than the prospective short-circuit current at the point of installation. Most importantly, a Monolithic Dome uses about 50% less energy for heating and cooling than a same-size, conventionally constructed building. In terms of energy consumption, durability, disaster resistance and maintenance, Monolithic Domes perform well in any climate, even extremely hot or cold ones. Vertical steel bars embedded in the ring later attached to the steel reinforcing of the dome itself. Using blower fans, it is inflated and the Airform creates the shape of the structure to be completed. Entrance into the air-structure is made through a double door airlock which keeps the air-pressure inside at a constant level. The steel rebar is embedded in the concrete and when about three inches of shotcrete is applied, the Monolithic Dome is finished. In the construction of an EcoShell I, concrete is layered onto the exterior of an inflated Airform.

Your Monolithic Dome home can be everything you need and everything you want in the home of your dreams. South the opportunity to not only fine tune the building process, but to create a company whose main mission is to make available Monolithic Dome technology to all the world. It can consist of one or several domes, that can be built at one time or in economically manageable phases. These domes all have a diameter (width) of 12 feet, but their total length and interior space depends on the model. South has been saying that since mid-2000 when the company first began planning the building of an experimental complex of dome rentals.
The reason is simple: the Morrisetts — David, who is 42 and a computer programmer, April, who is 39 and an office manager for a vending machine company, Joshua, their almost-4-year-old son, and Chewbacca their dog— all love their new dome home. That size-range includes small, cozy cottages, as well as spacious and spectacular castle-like domains and everything in between. Equal time is given to studying dome construction principles in a classroom setting and to applying those principles by actually building a Monolithic Dome. This extraordinary home — which sits on approximately 3 acres — was constructed in 1978 by the current, original owners. The state of Oregon will provide an additional $4 million to the district to repair the school’s aging buildings.
All foils, glass and plastic Windows can be made in any shape and size according to a drawing. Moreover, the flow of current through the down-conductors generates induced overvoltages in the electrical installation.
There are also SPDs adaptable to power sockets, but these devices have a low discharge capacity. And they can be constructed on virtually any site: in the mountains, on beaches, even underground or underwater. So in addition to being designed as homes, schools, churches, sports facilities and bulk storages, they can be factories, prisons or jails, fire stations, administrative or business offices, etc. It is the hope of Monolithic to educate the public about Monolithic Domes and to provide professional services to its customers by creating a successful partnership with them through all phases of their dome design, planning and construction. Monolithic’s goal was to provide clean, secure, and — most importantly — affordable housing for low-income individuals. But while sizes and shapes may vary, the benefits of a Monolithic Dome home remain constant. Okay, but just in case you were wondering, we have the answer — a Weather Underground connected weather station.
This type of lightning protection system is used for highly exposed buildings housing very sensitive installations such as computer rooms.
Either type usually is not insulated, but either is about the best, thin shell concrete structure currently available. It not only meets but exceeds FEMA’s requirements for a structure that provides near-absolute protection. In addition to long-range savings, our very green Monolithic Domes provide energy-efficiency, disaster protection and more. When these are gone, we will still be offering custom constructed cabins at regular prices. Oil prices skyrocketed, and many homeowners began to look for alternative energy sources to run their homes.
The voltage protection level chosen must be below the overvoltage withstand capability of the loads. In addition, our staff includes professionals with experience and expertise that can help you design the exact floor plan you want and need.
In the event of lightning strokes, the voltage across the terminals of the SPD generally remains less than Up. Garage has 3 stalls, 2 doors for cars, one with rolling door for bikes used as a screened in porch.

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